Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Ok, this really start to get silly…………. where can I join?

But seriously now, I’m a little bit surprised with how popular Lena seemed to have become. It might sound a little bit silly, but I always thought the fact that Lena is half snake might make her a Little bit repulsive for some of you. It’s great to know that thats not the case.


I like the weird ones, first will be the snake, then the giant spider and the zombie.


She might be half snake, but her personality is more important, besides I love snakes they are adorable


That just makes her better.


did you ever notice how popular is the lamia you used for her picture ? she was kind of the big waifu a while back (i don’t remember if the dragon girl came after or before her though)

…yes i know way too much about the waifu game


Hey, so

I totally agree with this

Only reason to why I ditched Maria for Lena was because she was a half-snake and tbh I always had a thing for unique & unusual ROs.


We are the same on this, I always go for non-humans ROs, and lamias have a special place in my list, right next to arachnes, so Felicia is for my second route.


This is a m o o d

Ngl I’d definitely romance a gorgon if I had the option to.

Gotta love the snakes


We are kindred souls indeed, we need a basilisk too for the snake waifu group.

Here is one actually


You know what I need? I need Medusa. She’s pure waifu material as long as you don’t look her in the eyes.

There we have it, the iconic snake waifu trio


This may be really good


You know @Fay, I’m pretty sure it’s because of you I dreamed about Medusa last night.

Not sure whether she wanted to be in a video game or webcomic.

I can’t wait to see the races in actions myself (especially the Grey Wolf). I think I shall name my Grey Wolf…Sirius O. Conner. :grin:


Just kill Perseus and seriously piss off Athena to max her affection points lol.


What are you gonna do? :eyes:

J̛͔̭͚͕̯̼̒́̽̊͘ų̹̲̫̗̫̌͊̔̔͢͜͢͞d̶̨̧͉̠̻͈̯̫̑̔̇̄͛̆̐̕͟͜g̬͙̞̞͙̭͑̍͆͆́͗͟ẽ̴̡̡̻̩̟̃̎̀͒ m̛̮͉͎͈̣͕͇̹̳͊̍̈́́͆̕͜ȩ̴̗̖̦̘̍̾̈̍͞?̷̦͍̣͈̗̱̹͈̩́͆̋̓͊̅̎͝ͅ

I’m not surprised tbh.

You’ll always choose wolves as long as you have the option to.

Oh god you brought him into the Ultimata universe asdfgjll

Tbh I’m just gonna name my MC what I usually name my other 200 MCs. rose, i always pick rose.

Hey, at least there won’t be any filler or mysterious babies born out of thin air!

By the way, when did you discover this demo?


Can I be Fay’s waifu? :heart_eyes:


Actually, there are a number of animals I would also choose besides a wolf.

And if we’re talking flying animals, I’d choose a bat or a owl.

And @impeccably-stressed will always choose you too. :grin:

It’s a pretty good place to bring him, I figured. Now who’d he develop romantic feelings for is the big question.

You loved it.

A good while back. I’ve been keeping my eyes on it; I just haven’t commented much yet.

I’m sorry, but @Fay belongs to the Queen of Anguish @impeccably-stressed. :laughing:


Doesn’t mean it can’t be a harem!!!


…True. :thinking:


Bold of you to assume that any of you have a choice.

you sold your soul once you befriended me

I already have my hands on Lena so you cant pick her. What kind of people does he even like? What RO has caught your eye, Nora? Tell me :eyes:

I loved it as much as I loved your old spooky wolf profile pic.

So the only to reason to why you did was because of my love for medusa and the freaky dream you had? I wanna know what happened in that dream.

And who was your first mc when you played this game for the first time?




Y’all what’s going on here


Oh my god you’re right

Holy sh-

Wait wait

I have a strange feeling of Déjà vu

Ah yeah, this post.


This guy gets it