Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Enjoy her cooking, also she is very attached to the mc


I love her already tbh


Basically waifu material, yes


Umm, that’s not really what @Noah meant. You see, Lena’s cooking is more that “try not to die from eating” type.


One of the 4 apocalyptic cooks of hell


I stand by what I said, she’s pure waifu material

By the way, do the ROs including MC eat both human food and food that is typical for their species to eat?


Well, can’t argue with that.

Most non-humans prefer to eat normal food and the same applies of course for the MC and the ROs.


No argument here.
If she cooks it, the mc will allways eat it and says that it’s delicious


Yep, then in the end Lena always tries to give her best when it comes to cooking and puts a lot of effort into it.


Im still going for Emilia. From start to beginning my favourite


Ah, again great choice. Emilia is also one of my personal favourites for various reasons.


I want the husbandos…the girls are cute, but I don’t want to romance them…


I want all of it, i’ll need it if i want my dysnasty of JRPG boss, i mean, did you see how many JRPG are out each years ? that will require lots of kids to go with the demand

I’m surprised no one made a comment about how the MC would have an easy time to get a costume at halloween, especialy the kitsune


I’m sorry that I don’t talk as much about the male ROs as I do about the others. However, the fact that I don’t talk About them doesn’t mean that I neglect them. I can assure that I put just as much effort into them as I do with the female ROs.


That’s the spirit.

However there is one thing that I would like to ask you. Why excatly “dynasty of JRPG bosses”?

I’m suprised about that as well.

Also, interesting fact. Halloween (or other occasions where you can wear a costume) is extremly popular amongst Non-Humans, because for ones they are able to show their real appearances in public without attracting too much unwanted attention.


Because pretty much all the info you gave us on each race’s power remind me of JRPG bosses or at least the ‘dark rival’ who is evil at first because of darkness shenanigans and then join the partie

that and non human / half human + anime vibe = video game bosses (…or the cute mascot, but we’d need a cute / funny thing to say at the end of each sentence)

especialy the Kitsune and the Dragon, i mean, like half of all JRPG i’v played have a Kyubi as a boss at some point or a humanoid Dragon

(that and i’v been playing way too much Disgaea lately)


Believe me @Fay you weren’t the only one thinking going after Selena


I see, another ally.

Petition to start a cult fanclub for Lena


Can I joyn?


We’re always recruiting, join us