Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Nekomata you say? That’s certainly…interesting. tries his hardest to suppress his nekomimi complex


Interesting. Anything with dragons in it I’m down. But what’s a nekomata?


A nekomata is a cat demon from the japanese yokai mythology.


Okay here



Oh wow! This is my first time seeing a Nekomata in a game!! I can’t wait for the demo!


Alright, here are the detailed informations for the additional ROs.

Laurence Redfield
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Species: Human (formerly) / Dragon
Affiliation: Hunter Forces
Occupation: Leader of Hunter Unit Alpha
Height: 197 cm
Appearance: He has a tall body with a athletic and muscular build and tanned skin. He has short light brown hair, hazel eyes and sports a light beard.
Personality: Laurence is polite and versed young man, with a chivalrous and gentlemanlike nature. He is known for his authoritarian personality and his great leadership qualities. A lot of people see him as a natural born leader, as well as a skilled fighter, which makes him one of the most strongest and respected Hunters within the Hunter Forces. As the leader of the elite unit “Alpha”, a great burden lies on his shoulders in form of expectations and requirements. Laurence always tries to complete missions or assignments in the most effective ways with carefully crafted plans and strategies. His efforts are succesful because, with him as the leader, unit “Alpha” has a success rate of one hundred percent. His main goal is to protect the innocent, humans and non-humans alike, from possible supernatural dangers and threats.
Abilities: As a former soldier, Laurence possesses a wide array of different skills, like high tactical and strategic expertice, excellent handling with firearms and combat weapons as well as high knowlege in different martial arts.

Maria Hawkins
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Species: Nekomata
Affiliation: Hunter Forces
Occupation: Combat Expert
Height: 158 cm
Appearance: She has a athlectic body with light feline outlines and fair skin. She has long golden blonde hair and gold colored eyes. In her “real-form” she sports cat ears, a forked cat tail and her forearms as well as parts of her legs (from her feet up to her knees) are covered in fur. Her fur has the same white color as her hair.
Personality: Maria has a cunning and charismatic personality and possesses a quite playful attitude. She always manage to talk herself out of even the most complicated situation. She is also known for her deliberated nature. She would never go anywhere without a plan in her backhand (or paw). Typical for her kind, she often displays a cat-like behaviour and in some situations she might even show strong affectionated demeanor towards people she likes (just like a cat would).
Abilities: As a Nekomata, Maria possesses a number of natural attributes like enhanced strength, reflexes, agility and heightened senses. She is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and has high experiences in different martial arts. She also shows a great tactical expertise and a high degree of intellect. Maria is able to turn her hands and feet into claws and possesses the ability to shape-shift into a cat-form, in which she can alter her apperance. She can turn herself into a large wildcat or simply into a ordinary house cat. Her natural attributes and abilities will change depending on her chosen form.


Ohhh, I’m so looking forward to play as a half-dragon.

AND THE ROs! I’M ALREADY 100% DOWN FOR LAURENCE OMFG although it’s stereotypical to have a man as the Commander and a woman as the second again.

Chris, Jayce and Emilia sound appealing to me, too, so thumbs up! :smile:


Thank you for your kind words. :blush:


Does he punch boulders?

Plus he is kind of an outlier in visible age.

Autamata Detective

Gender flipped Star wars

Spider woman?

An actor

I give up…

Home alone.

What’s a grey wolf do?


You have to be a little bit more specific with your question. Do you mean what are their powers?

Also Kevins surname was McCallister.


I was trying to ask what are they without getting the obvious answer.

Clearly they just misspelled it on her birth certificate. :blush:


If you pick the Grey Wolf as your species, your character will still have a human-like body, but with some particularities. As a Grey Wolf, your character will have wolf ears, a tail and your forearms as well as a large part of your legs (from your feet up to your knees) will be covered in fur.
Regarding the abilities, as a Grey Wolf you will possess super human strength. You will also be able to create and manipulate ice and you can turn your hands into powerful claws.


I was picturing a werewolf :thinking: I was way off…

Ice, lightning, what do half dragons and kitsune control as magic?


As a kitsune you can create and manipulate fire.

As a half dragon you won’t be able control any element. Instead you can create a powerful aura around you, which will intimidate nearby enemies and weaken them.


Dear God, please help this poor soul…for he cannot choose between his childhood friend or the woman of his dream.


I’m sure you will find a solution for your problem. :grin:


Ooh! I like those abilities!


Maria Hawkins

As in Marian Hawke from Dragon Age?

Also, I have a question about the Duelist/Gunslinger. Since they manifest their weapons from their soul energy, is the weapon choice going to affect your stats heavily, or can you choose which type of weapon without having to worry so much about stats?


Hmm, jumped into the thread, took a look at the ROs, and now comes the big question: Emilia or Tara? Honestly, both of them sound way too endearing to pass up. Can’t wait to see how this thread ends up!


I can’t believe that I am getting attracted to the ROs.