Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



sorry if this has already been answered before, but what are the sexualities of the romance options? or will they all be able to be romance by the mc regardless of gender?

also is laurence still a romance option? :eyes:


Hmm :thinking:, yes that would actually quite interesting.

Of course, you will meet other humans during the course of the story, like Edgar or those bullies from the Prolog. Though, as of right now, the only human who is available as a romance option is Laurence.
But who knows. Maybe there will be some interactions with humans who aren’t aware of the existence of non-humans somewhere in the future.

At first, I wanted to make gender-locked romances. However, in the end I decided against it and as it stands now, you will be able to romance all the ROs regardless your gender.

Of course he is still an romance option. I think it would be a shame if I would take out the ex-soldier from the ROs.


Finally, I’m done with my exams, which means, that I can use the next days and weeks to finally finish the last parts of the Prolog and to correct the last few errors. I will do my best, to finish it before the end of the month.

But now something a little bit different. During the last months I have given you various informations about the playable species, the romance options, the skills and the world itself. However, there are still a few things that I haven’t mentioned yet.
One of those things would be the various magical arts, that exist in the world of my game and that are available for your character. In other words, what kind of spells you could learn and use as, for example, a Kitsune or a Raiju.

As several times before, comes now my question. Would you like to hear those informations about the various magical arts, since I haven’t talked about that until now in the slightest way?


i am quite curious about it, so i wold like to know :grin:


Can a Grey Wolf shift into a wolf entirely?


Ok then, here we go.

There exist eight different fields of magic in the world of my game.The eight fields of magic are Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Light, Darkness, Abyss and Stars. All the magical arts like Pyromancy, Clairvoyance or Creation Magic, are assigned to one of the eight fields.

Let’s start with the basic four elements. Those are the most common fields of magic (the following magical arts are only a few examples).

  • Fire: Pyromancy, Explosion magic

  • Earth: Terramancy, Transmutation, Creation magic

  • Water: Hydromancy, Cryomancy, Healing magic, Regeneration magic

  • Air: Aeromancy, Electromancy, Weather Manipulation

Now to the more rarer fields of magic.

  • Light: Telemancy, Light Manipulation, Clairvoyance, Divination, Summoning

  • Darkness: Necromancy, Shadow Manipulation, Curses, Black magic
    Note: The arts of the field of Darkness contain mainly forbidden and dangerous arts.

Lastly, there are Abyss and Stars. They are extremly rare and there is only a handful of people, who are able to use spells from those two fields. Sadly, because of the rareness of those two fields, there isn’t much known about all the available magical arts.

  • Abyss: Spatiomancy (Manipulation of Reality)

  • Stars: Gravity Magic

These are the only available informations about the fields of Abyss and Stars, but who knows. Maybe you will discover both it’s secrets.


I like the sound of that! :grin:


I’m sorry if I disappoint you, but no you can’t shift entirely into a Wolf as a Grey Wolf. Though, later in the story you will get ability to change into a state called Beast Mode. In this state, you take advantage of the beast blood that runs through your veins and release your inner beast. You basically throw all tactics away and rely on the raw strength and unpredictable movements of a wild Wolf (including claws and fangs) to tear your opponents apart. Though you should be careful. It might be a little bit hard to control yourself once you broke the chain that keeps your beastality at bay.


What element is the soulmancer magic? Is it earth or maybe light? I assume Kitsune=fire, half dragon=earth, gray wolf=water and Raiju=air. Also would you be able to learn Light/Darkness and Stars/Abyss?


Soulmancer don’t rely on one of the fields of magic. Their ability to manipulate the spiritual energy of their soul is entirely inherently and only utilizable for Soulmancer and no other species. The same applies for the Grey Wolf, the Raiju, the Kitsune and the Half Dragon. Their skills and abilities are all innately and distinguish for the respective species. They aren’t connected to one of the magical fields. They are basically natural skills. For example, the fire manipulative abilities of a Kitsune are much more advanced and specific than those of a Pyromancer.

Yes, during the course of the story you will get several opportunities to learn different spells from the various fields of magic. However, the kind of spells you will be able to learn depend on your choosen species. For example as a Kitsune you will have it much easier to learn more advanced spells compared to the Duelist. Also as a Kitsune you will have no need to learn Pyromancy or Explosion Magic, since you have those abilities already with your natural fire manipulative abilities.


Fascinating! I’m liking this game more and more!


I plan to be a kitsune. Will that slow down the rate at which I learn water spells due to kitsune seemingly being a fire creature.@brachydiosX


Awesome! Been a while since I last caught up with this thread, it’s nice to see how the progress is going along, especially with the species’ skills and magic affinities.


Well, partly. As a Kitsune you can still learn specific spells from the field of Water without any trouble, like Healing Magic. It would only be difficult for you, if you try learn Hydromancy or Cryomancy orientated spells.


Kk thanks for the quick reply. So hyped for this game btw


Will other agents be against you if you study dark magic? Will you have to keep it a secret from them? Also could you study two conflicting magic elements, like light and dark or fire and water?


They won’t be against you, as long as you only study the fields of darkness. However, this might change when you use one of the dark magical arts. If you want to apply one of the arts of the field of Darkness, you have to act with cautiousness.

You can learn spells from each of the eight Elements, even from the conflicting ones. However you should know, that not all spells and magical arts are available for all species. For example, as a Grey Wolf, a species who is aligned with Ice, you can’t learn Pyromancy orientated spells.

Important Information: If you want to learn or to practice new spells, you must interract with a certain character ingame. This character would be Celica. She will give you a selection of new learnable spells, based on the magical knowledge and experience of your character.


Nice Magic categories, light and darkness sound very interesting, but not at much as the soulmancer


What is the Arkus Corporation?


I knew someone would ask that question.

The Arkus Corporation is a weapons manufacturer and one of the main fractions within my game. Their productline contains Firearms, War Machinery, Bio Weapons and even various Field Medications, which makes them one of the main suppliers of the U.S. Army. However, they don’t only produce normal weapons or machinery. The Arkus Corporation is the global leader for the development and production of so called “Arctech” Technology. “Arctech” Technology is the revolutionary combination of magical artifacts with modern technology. Examples for “Arctech” Technology would be enhanced bullets and firearms, which allow you to harm spiritual beings; special transmitter, which allow you to scan and to track various supernatural beings across the land; or simply various devices which enhance your attributes.
Since the Arkus Corporation is one of the few manufactures, who are able to create “Arctech” Technology, many governments and special instituations, like the D.S.R. or the Hunter Forces, are in need of their services. This need for support gives the Arkus Corporation and especially Director Neumann a lot of influence around the globe.