Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I agree grant us the choice to kill


Yeah…you havent mentioned gunslingers that much what have they been up to?


Oh dear, so many questions.

Yes, there will be some consequences, but only kind of. If you go for the rampage path and decide to kill the leader of the group, the D.S.R. would take care of the situation and make sure to repair the created damage, since they are experienced with the handling of situations like that.

Neither Chris nor Emilia would judge you for letting the leader of group suffer for what he did. I’m pretty sure, that Chris would have beat the crap out of the leader for what he planned to do to Mia.

I don’t want to spoil to much, but lets just say, that the rampage path of the Gunslinger contains some time manipulative effects.

Only partially. They are all still quite young during the Prolog, which means that, even if there powers have already awakened, they aren’t as strong as they would be as adults. Chris for example has already awakened their regenerative abilities, but they aren’t completely developed yet.

Yes, the MC knows that they are a non-human and that Chris and Mia are both non-humans as well.


Thank you everyone for your help. Since a lot of you seemed to like the idea to choose the outcome of the Rampage Path, I included a option, which let you choose, to either kill the leader of the group or to let him live at the end of the path.

Regarding the state of the Prolog, I’m almost done. However it might still take a while until I finish it, since I have still some exams to finish. Nevertheless I will do my best to finish it as soon as possible.

Again, thank you for your help and your patience.


As I tell every author, we receive free entertainment. You take your time.


Hello everyone. I have one last bit of Information for you. This will be my last addition for the next few weeks, so I hope you like it.

The new Information is something I haven’t talked about yet. It regards the overall structure of my game and Story. My idea for this part is, that I would like to split the entire story into something like seasons (a little bit like an Anime). Each season would bring a new part of the story and introduce new characters, as well as new antagonists. The seasons would also be connected to each other, which means that a choice that you might have picked in Season one could have an impact on the story in Season three. If the Story isn’t too long, I would also try to put up to two seasons into one book.

The Story which I have planned and noted down until now would contain two Seasons. I have also thought about possible names for the specific Seasons. They might still sound a little bit dull, but nothing is set yet and I still work on the definings. However, I still wanted to share my ideas with you:

Season 1: The crimson Ripper
Season 2: Song of the Sirene

That would be all until now. However, I have still something else for you. I mentioned before, that the Seasons will also introduce new characters and maybe even new romance options.
Because of all of this, I thought I could give you a little foretaste for at least one of the new characters. The following character was on my mind for a relatively long time and I hope like her.

Felicia Ainsworth
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Species: Arachne
Affiliation: Hunter Forces
Occupation: Expert for Infiltration and Interrogation
Height: Human Form: 175 cm / Arachne Form: 198 cm
Appearance: In her “human-form”, she has a slender body with pale skin, short lavender hair which covers the right side of her face and red eyes. However, her appearance changes quite exentsive with her “real-form”. In her “real-form”, she has six pupil-less, monochromatic red eyes and her teeth are all fangs. She has black carapace covering her arms from the shoulders down and gauntlet-like plating on her hands that end in sharpened points. Her fingers are also very long. Though, her most noticeable physical trait in her “real-form” is the lower half of her body which is that of a giant black Spider. Interestingly enough, unlike Centaurs or other non-humans with an animalistic lower body, Felicia has still human buttocks.
Personality: Felicia possesses a very sophisticated and seductive personality. She is extremely mischievious and greatly enjoys provoking others, often displaying an innate talent for saying the right thing at the right time to cause cracks in almost anyone’s composure. From time to time she also displays a pronounced sadistic streak. Felicia greatly enjoys bondage, getting a great kick from tying her victims up in her own webbing, both sexually and non-sexually. She is somewhat obsessive about perfecting her bondage technique and frequently “practices” her skills on other female hunters or her “interrogation victims”. However, even despite her sinister traits, she also possess a quite mature side and can quickly discard her playful attitude and become very serious if the situation calls for it.
Abilities: As a Arachne, Felicia possesses elevated speed and agility, inhuman reflexes as well as the ability to crawl on walls. She is also incredible stealthy. This, combined with her great speed, allows her to vanish almost instantly from any location without anybody noticing, or suddenly appear out of nowhere. She is also capable of spinning very fine silk webs. The silk is said to be stronger than steel and is almost indestructible (if used correctly). Her silk has a wide variety of applications. Aside from using it to tie people up, Felicia can detect its vibrations to listen in on conversations and use it to make her own clothes. Also, due to the fact that she is one of the more monstrous non-humans, she can be quite intimidating to others. Felicia is fully aware of this and actually knows how to make herself as intimidating as possible, to the point where she can make others faint out of pure terror.

Its important to note, that I didn’t came up with her character solely by myself. Similar to Chris, Maria, Celica and Jayce, Felicia is also inspired by an already existing character. In this case, that would be the character Rachnera from the Anime “Monster Musume”.



(Note: Felicia’s appearance would more or less correspond with the shown pictures)

Sorry for the many changes of my posts.




Spiders! Yikes! :fearful::dizzy_face::scream:

They freak me out!


I was originally gonna romance Emilia, but now I’m curious about Felicia :sweat_smile: I’m assuming this character might become a potential RO?


Yes. She is one of the new characters, which I would like to include as a possible new romance option. She would be introduced in the midth of the first season, together with Laurence, Maria and Robert.

Well, maybe you could try to overcome your fear. Don’t forget, Felicia is also partly human.


Hey, a question about the appereance of the half dragon, they don’t have dragon wings? I was playing the demo and they only appear to have scales and a tail… Also, would be more cool if they have dragon horns instead of dragon ears.


No, you have wings as a Half Dragon, they are simply hidden. As a Half Dragon you possess the ability of shape shifting, which means that you can turn your hands into claws and that you can let a pair of Dragon wings grow on your back at will.

As I said in one of my previous posts, the next update will give the Half Dragon MC pointed dragon-like ears and dragon horns.


Oh sorry, misread that post, I though you were only adding dragon ears haha


Dragons… have pointed ears?


Yeah Dragons Are like elfs but with scales and wings


Yes, Dragons have pointed ears, at least a little.

Here is an example for how those ears could look:


Ohhhh, okay, I get it.

For a moment there, I was gonna bleach my brain for imagining dragons with pointy human ears.


She does sound like an interesting character.


I have one last question. Maybe I should have asked this before, but would you like my idea of including Felicia as a new romance option?


Why wouldn’t anyone? It’s your story, if you feel that including her as an RO would make a better story, then go for it!