Two technical questions

  1. The easier question first: Does anyone know if it is possible to change the phrasing on a two part choice? Example:
    *choice mother father #Mother 1 #Father 1 #Father 2 #Mother 2 #Father 1 #Father 2ends up looking likechoose a mother #Mother 1 #Mother 2 choose a father #Father 1 #Father 2
    I want to know if there is some way to change the ‘choose a(n)…’ part (say to something like) ‘Your mother was…’ (Preferably without having to duplicate the choice functions.)

  2. Is there any documentation on the save function (used in Affairs of the Court), and would the on site saving work with a web hosting service such as (and if not can we use the text dump version)? Also, is the save function included in the newest build of ChoiceScript?