Two-player 3D game demo: The Dungeon of Lamurloq (first-person POV dungeon crawler)

Hi all! @loudbeat, @plumbeast and I are happy to share our latest demo, The Dungeon of Lamurloq.

With their last dying breath, your best friend told you about the treasure hidden in the perilous Dungeon of Lamurloq. Are you ready to leave all behind you and try your luck?

UPDATE Aug 21: Introducing two-player mode! More details here: Two-player 3D game demo: The Dungeon of Lamurloq (first-person POV dungeon crawler) - #47 by choicehacker

The games features:

  • Immersive, animated graphics by @loudbeat.
  • Secondary theme by @plumbeast.
  • Concept and coding by @choicehacker.
  • Original soundtrack “A Rose in the Ice” by Winter’s End.
  • Highly interactive gameplay (keyboard or touch controlled).
  • Extensive hint system to keep the players motivated.
  • The first 3D game engine (?) developed in Choicescript.
  • Interactive, two-player mode.

Let us have your thoughts, suggestions and comments.

  • Developed in an unmodified CS environment.
  • Every game is fully randomized and different (with fully recursive mapping).
  • If you are willing to wait at rendering, you can play extremely large maps.
Minimal use of *script

I have used very minimal *script, most of which avoidable:

  • Arrays are created programmatically (to avoid a million *create statements), see How to deal with arrays
  • Some style tweaks are done in Javascript (but could be moved to a custom style.css file)
  • Key presses are read with *script. You can use the regular choices if you want.
  • Note there is no magic CSS overlaying or scripting to render the maze!
  • The game won’t run properly on mobile.
  • The graphics won’t work well on a screen-reader. Maybe there is a way to narrate the maze (“There is an opening on the left”) using the alt-text. I would love to have some suggestions.
Possible extensions
  • Well, we need a real story.
  • We could add obstacles, NPCs, traps and more in the maze.

Also, yes, you can :slight_smile: Can I make a 3D game in ChoiceScript?


P noice. The only complaint I have is when you’re facing a wall (such as on a T-cross), the wall images for left/front/right have different tone as if there’s a depth and you can move forward.


For me the images don’t line up properly so I can’t tell what is happening.

Edit: I read through the limitations and found the problem. No worries.

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@Szaal thanks, I’ll look into improving the wall.

@ClaimedMinotaur Are you using a phone? Maybe you can try the option “Desktop site”, which should scale the site to fit your phone’s size.

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Not bad for maze game. The music sends chills down my spine a bit and you get the rush of excitement just by hearing the music. The game quite fun, if you put some enemy in the dungeon maybe the game become more and more challenging. I would recommended the game who enjoy escape game, immersive experience and who appreciate 3D art. Overall, I enjoy it. :+1: :+1:


I’ll try that.

Edit: It allows sound choice, but trying to pick a grid size makes it load endlessly. I’m assuming the issue is still the images rather than the grid choice. I did have some issues with dashingdon being slow and that seems to be happening a lot lately so it’s possible that could be a factor, but I think it’s the images.

I’ll try it on my PC later to see if it works.

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Pretty impressive use of choicescript. I’m assuming you had coding experience before you started doing this choicehacker?

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@OrginHunter Thanks, I’m happy you like it. BTW, I played bass in the song!
@ClaimedMinotaur yes, dashingdon is having issues the last few days.
@Alice-chan yes, I have coded before :slight_smile:

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Nice. Can’t wait to see the improved wall.

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Hi @Szaal. @Loudbeat updated the asset in real time, and I just pushed them. Let me know what you think.



Did you also try the second theme? (Click 7 on the keyboard to enable it) The interesting thing there is that North/South is shaded differently from East/West (but there is no compass).

@ClaimedMinotaur Dashingdon seems back to normal. If the game still looks broken on your phone, could you send me a screenshot? (with and without “Desktop mode”)

The different tone on the wall was definitely my fault, but that straight vertical line, I don’t really see it, I’d probably messed up on some mask or something :thinking:

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Oh, the 1-pixel brighter vertical line on the right? It’s probably part of the right wall. I probably cropped one extra pixel! :slight_smile:

It seems to be working now.

Without Desktop:

With Desktop:

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Um, what sorcery is this, and why (HOW!) is it doing something? Is this a gif?
Screenshot 2020-08-02 at 15.16.57

@loudbeat Yes, the compass is gleaming


It’s called compass, it aligns with the magnetic field around and it is commonly used to determine an approximate direction of the magnetic poles


You can have GIFs in CS?


Yes! I made the frames, but actually I thought it would look worse because there were only 5, but somehow @choicehacker made it look amazing.


Looks great. It’s done so well! @moonfungus


It is known if that feature is supported for publishing? I might want to add some gifs to my book now :thinking:


@Charles_Parkes Cool!

You know, GIFs would make for some great horror moments if we can use them officially in CS :grin: