Trying to create a power list

I’m trying to create a stats section for a list of powers. To show those that have been attained and those that haven’t been.

For example, I want it to look kind like this when you view it:
Healing - Acquired- Can not heal wounds, blah, blah, etc.
Healing Advanced - Can not heal fatal wounds, etc.
Echo - Unknown.

What would be the best method of achieving this screen?

Should I use boolean such as
*create healing true
or use fairmath
*create healing 0

Then for putting it in the stats screen should it look like this?

*temp healing_text ""
*if (healing < 1)
    *set healing_text "Unknown"
    *goto healing
*else (healing = 1)
    *set healing_ text "Can heal wounds quickly and fatal wounds over time, can heal others from non-fatal injuries over time, and can slightly improve durability. 
    *goto healing
*label screen
            text healing_text Healing
        *goto screen

That look correct? That’s using the fairmath way, not even sure how to do it boolean style lol. Hope thats enough info to get what im shooting for.

Fairmath is used to ensure that values never drop below zero or rise above 100. I’m not a fan of using it, I’d rather keep values within limits myself…

You’d need to use *elseif rather than *else in that context. You shouldn’t follow *else with a condition, it’ll never be checked.


If you only want to show text for powers that have been attained and you use a variable to hold the power’s current level, you could use something like…

@{(healing + 1) Unknown|text for level 1|text for level 2| etc}

You use vertical bars to delimit the strings for each ‘level’. Elements start at 1 so we have to add 1 to ‘healing’ since your initial value was zero and that will cause an error.


Can ppl obtain both [healing] and [advanced healing]? Or is it one of them an upgraded version of the other?

Ok this is what I’m gonna try because mine def broke the game.

@Szaal You can,get both if you so choose. It’s like a power tree in which you select branching options.

In that case, you’ll want separate boolean vars for each of the power. IIRC, you’ve got like 5 or 6 powers in your WIP, no?

It’ll be just a matter of checking whether the player has unlocked relevant skill or not.

However, if you’re looking to spice things up by adding a skill lvl-up system, instead of boolean, use simple number (integer). Something like *create healing 0/1/2.

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How would that work for skill checks?

Just as you would with normal boolean. But instead of *if healing, it’ll be *if healing >= 1. This way, you can make interesting fail, ok, success, and big success scenarios for your checks.

Of course if it’s not your thing, you can stick with boolean.