ok i have searched this everywhere but i can’t find it… how do u hide a stat

Don’t put it in the stats chart?


if you don’t ever want a stat to appear in the stat chart you leave it out.

But if you want to hide a stat until you want it to show up use *if to hide it.

For example here is a sample of my stat chart for “Unnatural”.

In this case until the player joins the S.R.T. the lower stat chart is hidden.

  text Name
  text Surname
  text Gender
  percent Physical
    Your strength and stamina
  percent Mental
    Your intellect and willpower
  percent Spirit
    Your resistence of the supernatural
  text Awareness
    How observant you are
  text Health_text Condition
    How healthy you are

*if (srt)
    text Unit
      Which S.R.T. unit you are currently in
    text Gun
      What gun you are carrying
    text bullets
      How many bullets you have
    text Ammo
      What type of ammunition you have loaded
    text Partner
      Who your current partner
    percent Rapport
      How well you work as a team
    text Vampire_Lore Vampire Lore
      How much you know about vampires
    text Werewolf_Lore Werewolf Lore
      How much you know about werewolves
    text Zombie_Lore Zombie Lore
      How much you know about zombies
    text Gargoyle_Lore Gargoyle Lore
      How much you know about gargoyles
    text Fae_Lore Fae Lore
      How much you know about the fae

Make a Boolean condition.
Set it as true or false depending on if you want it available later in game and not In the beginning or vice versa.
Go to the stats chart.
Put an *if command regarding the boolean variable. Create the stat chart without the variable in it.
Put an *else command. Create the stat chart with the variable.
There ye go.


thanks for reminding me in my chart above “srt” is a boolean which starts off as false then is set true when the player joins the S.R.T.

ok thnx

how do u make it a boolean noctural_stillness can plz show me the stat chart scene thingy for the game?

i mean the my game file

and i want the stat to have value but the stat is hidden i tied wat u said and it din’t work

Where it says this in mygames.js you put in the stats for your game (instead of using *temp or *create).
stats = {
-randomstat1: false
-,randomstat2: 0
-,randomstat3: “x”
For a boolean use false or true.
Then something like this in the game:
Do you want to see randomstat2?
–*set randomstat1 true
And in the stat chart:
*if randomstat1 true
–percent randomstat2
I think that should be all.


i still don’t get it i didnt post it before cause i wanted to learn how to hide a stat first now that i have learned that i accually understand this

nevermind i got it now it was just a stupid little mistake