Treasure Seekers

How do I keep the collar? I try to be mean, silent and trying to sabotage for them and in return they make me a member and removes the collar… What the F (not directed at anyone, its just frustrating)

So, anyone, how do I keep the collar?

The easiest way to do it is to actively impede the crew as much as possible. In the first mission, lie about recognizing the ship, recommend trying to blow the vault door even though you know it won’t work, steal the idol, and choose to talk with the Relikans and actively ensure that the diplomacy goes as bad as possible.

In the future scenes of the game, steal from the crew every chance you get, work with Garce as much as possible, be rude to everyone, etc, etc.

thank you, I finally got to lay through my way.

Would you know how to be a prisoner as well? I wanna check out those dialogues as well

I’m actually not sure. I’ve tried to be a prisoner too, and I’ve never figured it out.

The only time I did it was on accident, and I can’t remember the choices I made that led to that. Sorry!

I played treasure seekers 3 it was good at first but in chapter 2 when I want to use goblet to turn off the smoke it dosen’t work and when I use the help it says go to another but when I go it says this. What is the problem?