ToxicDreams: Another "Which Idea is More Interesting?"

This is mostly for the CoG contest and two of these I have already been working on, but I don’t want to go to far and never use them. So I wanted to ask the community. Sorry if it’s a lot to read, I wanted to be detailed with this to get the best response . . . I say detailed but one of them is missing a summary.

Zero to Villain (Sci-Fi and Action): No summary cause my brain can’t shoot one out.

Choices: Play as male or female, straight, gay, or bi-sexual – with the opportunity to romance four characters. Play through three different endings and see how they all lead to the same thing.

  • Decide how villainous you will be: ultra or so so.
  • Hone your powers, unlocking both powers and skills as you train more and more.
  • Carry your families name as you build your reputation or watch it crash and burn alongside your name.
  • Discover the tragic difference between villains and heroes, and the reality of life.
  • Will you become notorious for all the wrong reasons? Or someone the government looks to for aid?
  • Four romances from four different walks of life.
  • Discover your inevitable fate, and your choices that lead to it.

Blood and Chaos (Fantasy and Adventure): You were spawned by the gods to bring the end to the world of mortals. A simple task for a deity born from chaos and trickery. But when your father, Hermes, gives you a drop of mortal blood, fate shifts in incredible ways. Retaining all of your godly powers, you are gifted with the ability of free will but is stripped of your purity and memory of your lineage. Alone in a world that fears you upon sight or wishes to break you, you are forced to make your own path, aided only by perplexing dreams and the help of questionable allies. But around each bend are those who wish to deny your life and around every corner is a god who intends on having you fulfill the prophecy they laid out so long ago. With only an ounce of mortal blood in you, you must tip the scales for yourself and choose which consequence you’d rather live through. A decision that was to never be bestowed upon you.

Choices: Play as male or female. With the opportunity to romance three characters. Play through different scenarios, all leading to your final decision.

  • Show those who believe you a demon, that you are more than that. Or have them cower at your appearance? Or have them believe you are a God.
  • Take center seat as the showdowns between the Gods commence.
  • Romance three different characters, all with different intentions.
  • Will you do as the Gods wish or will you stand and fight for something more?
  • Discover your lineage and what you are.
  • Test your powers or fail and face the consequences.

For the Crown (Fantasy and Romance): You are one of the most notorious assassins in the Shadow Lands, and one of the most dedicated followers to Lord Doran. So there is little surprise when you are recruited for an important mission, one that could lead to Doran’s takeover of the entire kingdom. Yet are you ready for your loyalty to be tested, as your task includes you wooing the next in line for the throne, in a competition at that? Will you fall in love with the heir or fulfill your task? Will you achieve your goal and watch a kingdom you hate fall or fall in love with a people not your own? Will the competition get the best of you or will another grab your heart? An heir, a rare assassin, and a maniacal Lord that will stop at nothing to see himself rule all, even by killing those who have proved their loyalty to him.

Choices: Play as male or female, straight, gay, or bi-sexual – with the opportunity to romance three characters or stay single. Play through five different endings, some leading to a happily ever after.

  • Will your words be sharper than your blades? Or will you rely on your powers?
  • Woo an entire kingdom but stay loyal to your own, as well as keeping everyone else happy? Possible? Not so much. Choose your main alliances and watch as they crumble or grow stronger.
  • Choose from three different romances, each leading down a different path and from three different backgrounds.
  • Will you secure the throne for your Lord? Or will your heart tell you to do another? Or will your ambitions and ruthlessness get you killed? Or better yet, a throne of your own?
  • Face against other suitors for the heir’s hand, where failing a competition can lead to more than just a goodbye.

The Sweetest Revenge (Thriller): One would think that a year would resolve all issues, all hatred would be swept aside and forgiveness given. But only time can tell. Three years after graduation your college puts on its first reunion, an invite you take without second thought. Yet when you arrive you learn that no such thing exists, all an act by a mysterious mad man. Now trapped in a house with nine former friends – friendships will be tested, secrets will come to the light, and revenge will be had. Will you be able to figure out who before everyone, including yourself dies? Or will you need not worry about such a thing, for there is blood on your hands as well?

Choices: Play as male or female, through an array of different endings that will affect you and nine other character.

  • Will you take the hint and get revenge? Or do you know the murderers who walk amongst you? Choose your allies, your enemies, cast your doubts.
  • Use words or use your actions to get your point across. Will your charisma lead you to a long life, or will your actions score you a one-way ticket back home?
  • Customize your character as well as the option of customizing nine other ones.
  • Uncover secrets as you fight for your life, not knowing who you can trust.
  • Will you survive and learn who is behind everything or will your life end before a new chapter can even begin?

Thanks to all who comment! Leave any kind of feedback whether criticism on how to make one better or your favorites ranked.

**Also these are kinda rough so they are subject to change, for the best hopefully. Especially the choices though, once I start writing it, the choices should become more detailed and ‘exciting’.


Hero to Villain sounds great, but Blood and Chaos is an amazing concept.

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I like For the Crown the most. It seems like that option allows you to shape your character the most instead of being a purely bad guy. You would have to write a pretty compelling reason for being a nationalist and why our home country is better than others. Maybe the other countries have weird customs and traditions? But, I love the whole double agent thing.

I’m diggin’ on For the Crown mainly because it reminds me a bit of Terry Pratchett’s Pyramids. I also really like the concept of Blood and Chaos, wherein a person whose entire life has been written suddenly gets the ability to choose. Coming to terms with the power of choice would be a great theme to explore.

Blood and Chaos has me very interested!

I really, really, really like the Danganronpa vibes this one gives out.
However, I always like pissing off the Gods, so I’d choose Blood and Chaos.

zero to villain ( if only because I’m a sucker for the superhero/villain genera)
blood and chaos is a close second it might even be first if it had its own world/ mythos and not the Greek one ( I just like games to have their own gods and demons as opposed to established ones but that’s just me)

Zero to Villain sounds great

Eh… I’m not interested in any of them. :pensive:

For the crown sounds like the most interesting but blood and chaos is a close second

My top four

  1. Zero to Villain
  2. Blood & Chaos
  3. For the Crown
  4. The Sweetest Revenge

Yeah, how can I resist this one? :blush:

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Blood and chaos! Although I do like for the crown too.

I like Zero to Villain the most, because there aren’t nearly enough sci-fi games, and playing as a villain, especially a sci-fi villain, is awesome. I also think the idea is more unique and fresh than the other three which have been done quite many times before. The next best is probably Blood and Chaos.

I was actually thinking about changing that from Greek Gods into a classic one, but I’m not sure yet. Thanks for the feedback!

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For the crown sounds good

Blood and Chaos and Zero to Villain are tied at the moment. Uh darnit! :tired_face:

I like the Zero to Villain one most. Ya don’t often get to play as the bad guy.

I’m torn between Zero to Villian and For the Crown. >_<

  • Zero to villain
  • Blood and chaos
  • For the crown
  • The sweetest revenge

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