Tower of Babylon (WIP) - Grammar update [03/07/2019]

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Hey fellas, i need help with something, here’s the deal. In the game, it’s already possible to choose gender (male or female) to the MC, however how do i do that to another character?

It always show something like this “prologue line 402: Invalid construction, only allowed at the top of startup.txt”.

the values that i used to choose the gender of MC were:

*create gender “male”
*create he “he”
*create him “him”
*create his “his”
*create man “man”
*create sir “sir”
*create mr “Mr.”

and this is for the other character:

*create sibling “brother”
*create sibling_he “he”
*create sibling_him “him”
*create sibling_his “his”
*create sibling_man “boy”

So what do i change, what can i do and can’t do, help would be extremly appreciated, thank you for your time.

Are all the *creates at the top of the startup.txt?

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*create command can be used only at the start of startup file

You could create variables at the start and set them when the person chooses what gender he is

Yes, they are.

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What do you mean specifically? So making the variables on the other txt at the start, just like in the startup.txt?

You problably noticed, but the part where the error occurs is in other scene.

did you put a *create at the top of any other scene? It’ll only work if it’s at the top of startup.txt

Edit: i’m not sure if this’ll work, but try deleting the *creates that cause the error then use *temp, the thing about *temp is that you have to put it at the top of every scene (i think)

*temp variable will be no longer valid if the scene ( I.e. the .txt file ) in which it was created is no longer in use
Ex a temp created in scene1.txt won’t be valid in scene2.txt

It won’t work as you have to specify all the ( permanent ) variables before starting the story. In short you can’t have *create command in any file except startup nor at any other place than the starting of it.

For your code to work do this is startup

*create gender “”
*create he “”
*create him “”
*create his “”
*create man “”
*create sir “”
*create mr "”
*create sibling “”
*create sibling_he “”
*create sibling_him “”
*create sibling_his “”
*create sibling_man “”

And this when reader choose the genders

*set gender “male”
*set he “he”
*set him “him”
*set his “his”
*set man “man”
*set sir “sir”
*set mr “Mr.”

and this is for the other character:

*set sibling “brother”
*set sibling_he “he”
*set sibling_him “him”
*set sibling_his “his”
*set sibling_man “boy”
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I was thinking that they could just do another *temp at the top of scene2, and then scene 3 etc, it may not be the most efficient method, but if it fixes the problem then it’s a win.

Well but the value won’t be transferred as the previous value of temp will be deleted as soon as the scene ends

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Alright folks, already solved the issue, a “*set” was mispelled on the npc gender choice, therefore all the trouble.

Thank you all for the support and help, as a reward i’ll give a quick update on what i got so far:

A couple of more choices to increase the stats and story plot, the MC can choose gender, name, and appearence (mainly skin type, eye color, hairstyle and hair color), so pretty much the basic.

Starting this week i won’t be able to progress very much on the WIP, 'cause college classes, thats why <-- My nemesis!

Anyway, i’ll try improving when i can, see ya fellas!


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Continuing the discussion from Tower of Babylon (WIP):

I’m creating this new topic because my previous one was closed since I gave no signs of life to it after 2 years, but I shall resume things here for newcomers. (I inserted the update in the previous topic as well, just in case)

So this is about a work I started 2 years ago called Tower of Babylon, however, it’s my first time making something like this and it is really just for the fun of it, so my dedication to it may be seen as a bit…Lax. (to say the least)

However after an eternity, I finally have a demo for my work (link below), it’s just the begining of the prologue, so it’s short, but at the very least, it works and already has the basic stats functioning (I suck at coding).

But what is this about anyway? Basically, you (the MC), died and suddenly wakes up in front of some huge ass tower, you’ll find out that you died and gone to purgatory and the only way for you to ressurect or go to heaven is by climbing the tower.

But the tower has many dangers inside, so it won’t be easy, if you fail, you go to hell and you shall be tortured for eternity (yay?).

How to survive? That’s easy! Make allies (and romance them if you want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) from diferent historical time periods, develop skills to be badass and a show-off and reach the top of the Tower to fulfill your wishes!

I shall try to be more pro-active for this work in the future and update with more frequency, however, there will be times where I simply won’t be able too, due to my personal and work life.

That is all for now and as always thank you for all the support so far.

Oh, one last thing, bugs, grammar mistakes, constructive critics and opinions for the WIP, lay it all on me and reply in the comments. Thank you!

To play the demo, go here:


If you’d like to keep the old thread you can always ask an @moderators to open it back up for you, so there aren’t two threads.

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Would you like the old thread opened? Happy to do it, if you like.


I would like to, sure, but wouldn’t that confuse the other users even more?

Not after I work my sorcery!


Well then, who am I to say no to that? I appreciate the help.

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I’m hooked & I’m in love already. Can’t wait for update~

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