Tower of Babylon (WIP) - Grammar update [03/07/2019]

Ok caso eu precise, eu aviso obrigado

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Can someone recommend me a post with choicescript tutorial, im kinda stucked in the stats screen part.

Gilgamesh RO pl0x.
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Im sorry what?
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Well, I’m going to have to start stalking another WiP now sighs. Why must you have such a good concept that I can’t resist tracking this WiP too?!

This reminds me of the Markiplier or tiny Tim fan game where you have to battle ghosts on different floors to reach nirvana or something.

I thought of image
though given what the game is based off of it made sense.

I think @Sano meant he wants Gilgamesh, the one from the myth of the Tower of Babylon as a romance option
About the coding stuff, I don’t know much, I’ll try to find something to help

I’ve played Digital Devil Saga. I won’t tell you if you’re right or wrong but hopefully you’re aware that there are multiple endings.


Enkidu as an RO would be cool too and fitting considering we’re going to what is essentially the afterlife.

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who’s the skeleton guy with a skateboard? is it from a game?

He’s from Let It Die.

Let it Die, a free ps4 game. His name’s Uncle Death. The entire plot is going up the tower of barbs with homonculi. You can see where the similarities are. Though there’s no permadeath there :laughing:

Cool, sounds interesting, I’ll check it out and it might give me some ideas, thanks.

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Hi fellas, i haven’t done much progress since the last post (Tower of Babylon (WIP) - Grammar update [03/07/2019]), 'cause i had things to do during this week, however, i’ll show you guys how the stats screen will be in a nutshell.



Gender: Male or Female (no helicopters, sorry)
Appearance: (Hair style and color), (eye color), (race/skin)

Cause of death: (Ex: Watched “Dragonball Evolution”) <— Just kidding, but you get the gist.


      Impulsive: 50%   |   Calculated: 50%

     Berserk: 50%      |   Skill: 50%

      Carefree: 50%    |   Vigilant: 50% 

  Compassionate: 50%   |   Drifter: 50%


Strength: 0%

Agility: 0%

Defense: 0%

Intelligence: 0%

Perception: 0%

Willpower: 0%

Charisma: 0%


Unarmed: 0%

Melee: 0%

Magic: 0%

Stealth: 0%

Archery: 0%

Note: The “PERSONALITY” and “MASTERY” will also influence the “ABILITIES” stats (ex: “Impulsive” will increase “strength” and “willpower”, if you choose “Unarmed Mastery” it will icrease “strength”, “agility”, etc).

Besides this i’m considering putting a stat called “Awakened”, now, you might ask “What does that stat do?”… Go on, ask!!

Now seriously, the “Awakened” it’s something like a contract that you form with a demon (ex: Belzebub) OR an angel (ex: Michael), it will be like a special power that will be gained depending on your personality, this is something that i’m still undecided if i should put it or not.

And so far that’s pretty much all i got, the story is still in progress but it will be done soon, i hope… maybe.

With your support and ideas, i will be able to add or change some stuff in the stats that i didn’t considered it, so don’t forget, critics, opinions, anything you want, please reply.

Thank you all, have a nice day!


I haven’t played it yet but just putting it out there that you’re better off using “finesse” or “panache” in place of “skill”.

EDIT: Also “Ruthless” would be better word for opposite of Compassionate.