Tower of Babylon (WIP) - Grammar update [03/07/2019]

I’ve begun work on my new game Tower of Babylon. However it’s my first time working on ChoiceScript or making an hosted game story, so there’s a lot of things that aren’t defined yet and i would like to know opinions from people with experience on this area.

The summary of the story it’s something like this:

Do you know what happens when people die?

That’s a question mankind is trying to solve as long as it exists, however no one from the world of the living knows the true answer that lies ahead.

The only way to find out the truth is by dying, which is what will happen to you (the MC of the story), there you were living you’re ordinary life when something suddenly happens!

An accident, a murder or should i include suicide as a death cause?

Anyway, the point is that you died and the instant it occurs, you’re right in front of an huge tower, you will find out that you died and you’re in purgatory (so you’re a ghost in a nutshell), however if you reach the top of the tower you may go to heaven or you can reincarnate to the world of the living again, BUT the tower has many dangers inside and if you die (again) you will go to hell enjoying free torture service for all eternity (Yikes).

The only to avoid that is to develop abilities that will help you survive in the tower, you will meet allies, enemies, plotwist and if i get inspiration, there shall be le sweet sweet romance.

That’s pretty much from my raw idea, any opinions critics and other inovations for the game will be deply appreciated.

See ya!

Update [31/08]

Hi fellas, i haven’t done much progress since the last post, 'cause i had things to do during this week, however, i’ll show you guys how the stats screen will be in a nutshell.



Gender: Male or Female (no helicopters, sorry)
Appearance: (Hair style and color), (eye color), (race/skin)

Cause of death: (Ex: Watched “Dragonball Evolution”) <— Just kidding, but you get the gist.


  Impulsive: 50%   |   Calculated: 50%

 Berserk: 50%      |   Skill: 50%

  Carefree: 50%    |   Vigilant: 50% 

Compassionate: 50% | Drifter: 50%

Strength: 0%

Agility: 0%

Defense: 0%

Intelligence: 0%

Perception: 0%

Willpower: 0%

Charisma: 0%


Unarmed: 0%

Melee: 0%

Magic: 0%

Stealth: 0%

Archery: 0%

Note: The “PERSONALITY” and “MASTERY” will also influence the “ABILITIES” stats (ex: “Impulsive” will increase “strength” and “willpower”, if you choose “Unarmed Mastery” it will icrease “strength”, “agility”, etc).

Besides this i’m considering putting a stat called “Awakened”, now, you might ask “What does that stat do?”… Go on, ask!!

Now seriously, the “Awakened” it’s something like a contract that you form with a demon (ex: Belzebub) OR an angel (ex: Michael), it will be like a special power that will be gained depending on your personality, this is something that i’m still undecided if i should put it or not.

And so far that’s pretty much all i got, the story is still in progress but it will be done soon, i hope… maybe.

With your support and ideas, i will be able to add or change some stuff in the stats that i didn’t considered it, so don’t forget, critics, opinions, anything you want, please reply.

Thank you all, have a nice day!

Hello, hello! How’s it going everyone?

I need help with something about the choicescript, and to explain i will have to spoil a tiny little bit about the game story, so here’s the thing:

In the game you will have a younger brother or sister (gender to your choice) and you can chose their name, the problem is, how do i put a relationship bar on the stat screen that will show the chosen name of the sibling.

I understand to some of you this may be a super easy task, however i personally am below to amateur when it comes to choicescript, so… Yeah, that’s pretty much it, the story is still on it’s early stages, however i’m planning on putting a demo on the forum (if i figure how to do it), so that you guys can enjoy the beggining and giving your opinions, ideas, critics, etc etc.

Thank you all in advance and prepare to get spooky :wink:

[Update - 06/06/2019]

Ok, SO! This is it…This is FUCKING… IT!

After a gazilion years, I finally had the cojones to grab this project that I started at…*GASP 2 years already?! Jesus Christ, I’m lazy as balls.

Anywho, I finally continued on working on this project again and today I shall upload my first version of this WIP, It’s not much, It’s not even the finished Prologue, however I think a solid and functional “not much”.

If I had to compare this to a boat, this would be the first nail to make the boat (it’s still a huge progress for me ok?)

The reason I have for only updating something now is that, well… I kinda dropped this project and just let it stand there in the dust. Because personally I prefer to read than to write and I’m not a guy with a plan, i’m just winging when I want.

And that’s how I will be in the future, not gonna lie on that, however, I am enjoying writing this, so without further ado…


TA DAAAA! The WIP link at last, yay!

Please read the WIP, tell me your thoughts in the comments, liked or not, grammar mistakes, opinions for the story. I want EVERYTHING!

Thank you all for your support and until the next update! See ya!


First of all, great concept! I’m actualy looking forward to this wip :slight_smile:

Hmm, I think it depends on how our death will affect our trip in the afterlife. I don’t know if religion/culture is involved in this wip, but certain types of death usually decide for you where you will go. Our death could also be used to shape the character’s personality as well.

Always a plus. :+1:

Overall I’m sold on the idea. It looks like something that can be exciting and fun to read. Plus, exploring the afterlife and fighting against fate is pretty cool. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this!

Reminds me a little of a game called Digital Devil Saga, that I enjoy a lot (BUT FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE I DIDN’T FINISH IT YET SO DON’T CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG :'D) , so i’m sold xD I like this idea.
So, questions and suggestions :blush:

Maybe you could select the cause of your death, but if you want a same cause for every player, I’d suggest you didn’t put suicide as the death cause, it may be a trigger for some people. I think.

What kind of dangers? Monsters? Temptations?

But why? :confused: Does that mean that if a bad person dies and they reach the top of the tower they can just go to heaven despite of every bad action they did when alive? I mean, why Hell? Maybe it’d be better if you just disappeared or maybe condemned to limbo? And, every person that dies goes to that tower? And for “reincarnate”, does that mean lose your memories and be reborn as a fragile baby again?


Maybe a disease? :thinking:

I’d certainly agree with @Nael that it shouldn’t be suicide, though.

Otherwise, it looks like an interesting concept, so good luck with it. :smile:


One day, you’re slipped by a random piece of banana skin and break your neck.
Now, you’re dead.

There you go, your introduction of going ded.


This is one of the most original concepts I’ve seen in a while, and I hope it lives up to it’s promise. :grin:

I agree that suicide shouldn’t be included, even as an option, not only because of potential triggers, but because it would require that MC to have a drastically different mindset than those with other causes of death (murder, accident, illness), which would be difficult to write.

Best of luck! :yum:

Looks pretty cool, you could go deep in philosophy with the project, there’s a lot you could explore.
The whole concept of the callenges in the tower, and what they may entail is pretty enticing to me.
Oh, one question though, is it going to be based in a religion, or many, or none at all?
I think it could get pretty hard to talk about after death without any kind of religion in that conversation.

Thank you very much for the reply, i shall have in mind the suicide issue, still haven’t reached that part yet, because im still learning how to use choicescript and how to add new stuff.

Not to mention the fact that creating characters, dialogues, and plot for the story takes a lot more of your imagination that i thought.

Even so, it’s been an exciting first time making an story by myself, all the possibilities that i can still add makes everything much thrilling.

I´ll do my best to complete this sotry, hopefully i will release a demo of the game when i think it’s solid.

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Thanks for the reply, i played a few games of shin megami tensei (persona, etc) but never heard about Digital Devil Saga, the more you know huh?

About the dangers of the tower i was thinking something like SAO, monster dungeons, get stronger, and fight specific bosses on certain floors of the tower(example: 1st boss - fallen angel Lucifer, pretty cool no?).

In the beginning, when i had this idea, it occured me that maybe the tower should be a battle royal for every ghost to fight each other, perhaps i can still had something like that, but overall fighting monsters and etc seems cooler in my opinion of course.

Yes, i will do some research on the religion area, like myths, legends, saints and angels and other creatures.

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I’d suggest having different challenges on different floors. For example, if you want to use the seven deadly sins (and their associated demons), then Wrath (Satan) would require fighting, while other floors would require different approaches.

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Best. Death. Ever. How about dying from earing a joke and you can’t stop laughing, so you can’t breath…damn thats creepy.

Reminded me of that Monty Python sketch you did :smile:

That’s understandable, it takes a while to remember a good portion of the commands for ChoiceScript. Even now I have a little reference sheet. If you ever need assistance for certain things, they have a lot of information on the forum.

The good thing about having a thread for your wip is that people can help give ideas or invoke inspiration while you’re writing as well as give feedback for what you’ve already written. I don’t have any concerns in this aspect, though. From what I’ve seen it looks as though you’ve got a lot to work with which is great.

Nice, I’m a big fan of the subject, I like to read a lot about different religions, and mostly the impact it had in it’s followers. If you need some help with that part, I’d be happy to lend a hand, although all I’ve read is in portuguese, so it may take a while for me to find the right words in english, but I’ll gladly do it anyway.

Same you’re from Portugal or Brazil?

Everyone who dies with grudges (which will be the case of the MC) will be sent to the tower, independently of being good or bad, it’s pretty much a second chance, but a super risky one.

From Brazil, you?
20 chars

Portugal, haha.
20 chars


Well then, se precisar de ajuda é só falar

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