Totem Force [Released!]

+1, that would bring more customization options for the MC and is a common anime character cliché

I don’t know if I’ll make it a stat, but I’ll certainly let you act more perverted (or at least flirtatious) in later installments.

Why when kay gets shot and you try to save her from dying, why does the thing from the lab say there will be unknown side effects for spliting it more and more where he or she says t the power will become lesspowerful what’s the deal with that?

there are two next on the first page

@Prof_Chaos @adamthecowdog
Now, now. I’m sure splitting the power won’t have any kind of serious consequences further into the story.


Agreed, though this is Power Rangers/Super Sentai inspired so we should count ourselves lucky we only have to share the power with two other people. Usually it would be five people, including the MC/Lead Ranger. Of course, if this follows the usual course of most Power Rangers/Super Sentai then a rival/enemy ranger will eventually show up, they beat us, we beat them, happens a few more times, and then they eventually join the team.

I personally prefer Kamen Rider to Power Rangers/Super Sentai, as there is no power splitting/sharing depending on the Rider series, I prefer the Rider costume designs over the Super Sentai ones, most other Riders are rival/enemy Riders, and well there are simply less Riders so the cast is smaller, most series only have two, or three Riders.

Oh Power Rangers, I watched the original series growing up in the 90s. The movie had an awesome soundtrack as well. Have to post videos now to spread nostalgia.

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While on the topic of Power Rangers/Super Sentai and Kamen Rider; Who is the main antagonist? I’m certain we haven’t seen them at this point. So will the main antagonist follow the Power Rangers/Super Sentai cliché and be an ancient evil/rival power to Totem, or is it going to be the Kamen Rider cliché where the hero(s) and the villain(s) have the same power for the most part: An example for this game would be if the hero team fought against other people bonded with Totems, or the Totems themselves.

As for clichés of the genre I’d like to see in this game:

General clichés

  • Costume changes when the MC/team powers up, and gets stronger because of something.
  • The team riding around on motorbikes of some kind.
  • A henshin scene, aka a transformation scene of some kind, before fights. Generally the team/protagonist are invincible during this and all attacks are simply deflected. They really can only get hurt while doing this if the plot demands it.
  • A rival/enemy Ranger/Rider who is clearly way cooler and stronger than you when you first meet them (example: the Green Ranger), or is much stronger than you when you first meet them, but is kinda a weirdo (example: Kamen Rider Beast, who puts mayonnaise on all his food, including donuts.).

Power Rangers/Super Sentai clichés

  • Combining all your weapons to make a big gun for a team attack.
  • Doing lots of pointless flips when entering a battle!
  • Giant monster fights!

Kamen Rider clichés

  • A Rider Kick, just replace Rider with whatever the hero team calls themselves, a kick attack of some kind, usually a jump kick, that is used as a finisher attack that causes the enemy to explode.
  • A pre-battle catchphrase; Examples: “Now, it’s showtime!” - Kamen Rider Wizard, “Now, count up your sins!” - Kamen Rider W, “Let’s settle this man-to-man!” - Kamen Rider Fourze.

Oh, the one cliché I forgot of course was posing! Posing is very important in this genre.
Super Sentai

Kamen Riders

Speaking of costume changes, I chose a white dragon. White is mine, they can pick their own color. I would have picked gold but it wasn’t a choice, so white it is.

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I am a blood… eh, I mean red dragon… eh eh eh.


As for the costume/totem I chose was a black skull, and I named the totem Grim. If we’re able to name the team, I’ll probably go with Skull Squadron.

Also the power of friendship is actually important in this genre! But it’s importance does vary depending on the series, and the show. It can either be a huge plot point, or a minor detail that gets a few scenes every couple episodes.

I named my white dragon Bastion, and my MC Morgan Lee. They are the names I used for Hero Fall, now all I need is a butler named Winston. :smile:

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As soon as I saw the skull option, all I could think about was Kamen Rider Skull.

The only way I can think to get your power back is to make your friends bond with different totems, and that could work as a costume change/power up for them.

Be in awe of it’s majesty, grovel at it’s magnificence.


Wow, lots of comments. Thanks!

I should probably mention that the stats work based on cliches: Empathy represents (yes) the power of Friendship, while Will represents the power to overcome obstacles by simply believing you can (although it’s not very useful outside of combat). Posing as a team will thus (temporarily) boost Empathy, while yelling defiance to the heavens will do the same for Will. (At least that’s the intention; I haven’t yet worked out how it will actually happen in battle.)

Unfortunately, no options for butlers. Sorry.


I know, I was just referencing my Hero Fall character.

Empathy is the Kamen Rider Fourze path. :grin:
“Our friendship will take on the universe!” - Kamen Rider Fourze

Will is the Kamen Rider Kabuto path.:smiley:
“I am a man who walks the path of the heavens to rule over everything, Souji Tendou.” - Kamen Rider Kabuto

Also here is a link to the Ranger/Super Sentai wiki if anyone wants to look though it, and here’s a link to the Kamen Rider Wiki.