Total Diva Life - Beta Test

I am currently working on this game and would like to hear what people think and perhaps get some positive feedback and suggestions.

Total Diva Life – The Beginning

The game is set in the modern day, the entire story is told through the eyes of a teen girl between 18-20. The storyline is basically an origin story to how one girl rises up from relative unknown to superstardom.


How much of the story is already written? And could you give a bit more details? This isn’t a whole lot to go on.

I am almost completely done with the story. Basically the story starts off
with a regular girl finding out about a beauty pageant with both a cash
prize and a potential modelling contract awarded to the winner. The story
centers around how she goes about trying to accomplish her dreams and win
the life changing contest.

So… Are you looking for beta-testers for a closed beta, then, or are you planning on placing a link directly in this thread for an open beta? At this moment there isn’t any information about thaton this thread, despite the title.

This doesn’t sound like a game I would usually play but I’m open to new things I’ll try it.

As @Cecilia_Rosewood said, is it an open beta or privat?

Sounds like fun, I’d like to test it.

@malcaliente101 To put this up as a public beta you’ll need to work with @RETowers (Sean) to get the games files playable and then have it hosted somewhere yourself so people can click a link and play it. I know you guys are in touch but this thread might be a bit premature :slight_smile: