Top Five Underrated Hosted Games — 2023

That’s cool just wondering what the criteria was and wondered. Two of my games are definitely in the low bracket, one has placed in this poll before (thanks guys!) and the other isn’t highly rated which is why I wondered if that was an excluding criteria. (It’d be very surprising if they are making more than some of these games on the list.)

Yeah I know, I’ve never been able to work out why Paradox Factor seems to make it onto this list every year.

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I can only think the fact that Paradox Factor is only 30K words and was (maybe still is?) free to play worked against it raking in the cash? It’s also highly experimental in format and has a somewhat preset protagonist and no good endings.


It would make sense if this was based off of royalties instead of sales. TotDH went for $2 for years and Paradox Factor went for $1


Oh yeah I agree, it has multiple strikes against it as to what is considered a “popular CSG” but it’s still on my good HG game list. It’s short, experimental, FTP, has a semi set MC, and is more of a philosophical rather than power fantasy outlook. I’m still surprised it makes it onto this list though given who the author is, how long it’s been around and I thought it got a bit of hype last year to try and get people to try it? But I guess maybe the strikes are enough to keep it here.


Actually, there’s a limit to the number of options in a poll on Discourse.

There’s a whole block of games “below” these that have made less in terms of LTV.

These are the 30 (50?) closest to my arbitrary cut-off.

And some of these are very close ( < $300) from that cut-off.


Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for explaining.

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I get it, thanks for clarifying. The ones that don’t show up here now which used to be included were essentially pushed down by the newcomers that had performed at least a little bit better and thus would make for better stories to be featured in a sale.


That moment when you realise your poorly performing game didn’t perform well enough to be entered into a poorly performing games poll :sweat_smile:

On a more serious note, that makes perfect sense if it’s a $ cut off rather than which games are at the bottom of the list and have more of a justification to be featured in a sale :slight_smile:


Right there with you, my friend. Toaster ain’t ever climbing back into this ring.


For better or worse, the COG Hidden Gem sale does a lot more than the HG one.

I suppose in a year or two, I might start doing an HC one. But I still don’t have a good line of demarcation yet. There’s just not enough out.


I guess because right now the line is the wrestling one and everything else.

It does honestly make sense about CoG doing better. That’s what they always say. HG has the higher highs and the lower lows. And the titles on here, for the most part, are not the higher highs.


The grey painter was amazing. I loved all the characters in it, they felt so real and I loved harper


I loved Raiders of the Icepeak Mountains. That game needs more love!


That’s a damned shame, I really appreciated it. Hope it gets at least a little more attention from this.


Yeahhh, late charge for The Mage’s Adventures :laughing:

Let’s hope it gets some extra attention in a few months when the semi-sequel comes out. :slight_smile:

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Apex was one of my fave games back in the day I have to play it again. I also voted for Kepler:colony super long I hope the second is being worked on. Last but not least was Trial of the demon hunter Sam did a great job with your little side kick and the stuff you could use it was a fun game maybe it will get a revival.


What happened to relics 3 and why was it posted on dashington not hosted? I saw the author say thay choiceofgames owned the first 2 games?

There was some conflict last year that resulted in James Shaw being banned from the forum. He had recently submitted Relics 3 for publication, but withdrew the submission after he was banned and published it elsewhere for free.

CoG doesn’t own his first two games. (They were published by Hosted Games, not CoG, but HG doesn’t own them either.) Shaw does. However, the contracts Shaw signed gave HG exclusive rights to publish and distribute the games, and those contracts are still binding.

Correction: he actually withdrew the game shortly before he was banned.


Cool, thanks for letting me know. Cause i was confused when i saw it on dashington. :stuck_out_tongue: . Do you mind telling me why was he banned?