Top Five Underrated HGs 2021

You may make THREE selections.

  • A Sensei’s Story
  • Academy of Disaster
  • AI – Aftermath
  • Burn(t)
  • Comrade or Czar
  • Critical Mass: The Black Vein
  • Critical Mass: The Bridge
  • Dancing with Demons
  • Diamant Rose
  • Dilemma
  • Divided We Fall
  • Factions: Raids of the Divided
  • First Year Demons
  • Foundation of Nightmares
  • Founders Saga
  • Gambling with Eternity
  • Gangs of Old Camp
  • Imprisoned
  • Marine Raider
  • Missing Wings
  • Mobile Armored Marine: Mission to Far Hope
  • NE by NW Oz
  • Nuclear Powered Toaster
  • One Minute Mysteries
  • Paranoia
  • Path of Light
  • Popcorn, Soda…Murder?
  • President Disaster
  • Saga of Oedipus Rex
  • Scratch
  • Seven Bullets
  • Silent Gear
  • Sons of the Cherry
  • Spacing Out
  • Starship Adventures
  • Sword of the Elements
  • The Ascot
  • The Daily Blackmail
  • The Dryad’s Riddle
  • The Haze Under Windbrooke
  • The Nightmare Maze
  • The Race
  • The Slayer of Evil
  • The Spy and the Labyrinth
  • Tomb of the Khan
  • Treasure of the Forgotten City
  • Twin Flames
  • What Happened Last Night
  • Who Was the Real Robin Hood?
  • Zebulon

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I didn’t vote for The Nightmare Maze, but from what I remember, it’s quite vivid and interesting.


Quite amazed Silent Gear isn’t in top 5


Loving Comrade or Czar so very very much

A big thanks to all my Nuclear Powered Toaster voters! Cracking the top ten in a contest with so many notable titles is a nice surprise.

Interesting how, where the CoG one was very much in flux for the first couple days, here the top 4 sorted itself out quickly and looks unlikely to shift much at this point (and for good reason; I don’t know much about Divided We Fall, but the other three readily deserve some additional acclaim). It’s only that fifth spot that is up in the air, and could go to any one of half a dozen possibilities.


This is one of my all-time favorites; many rare narrative devices and game developmental systems are used in it and many in the community can learn from it.

The author has started another game project in its likeness, but because this community can not have nice things without breaking them, it may never be published.

This game was lucky to be made when it did – in today’s world, it might have suffered the same fate of Alex’s new WiP.


I love Divided We Fall, but I was surprised to see it on this list; I always thought I was very properly rated. What exactly did this community do to ruin it? I’m out of the loop on that.


Going by what I already read I put my votes for Scratch, Divided we Fall and Mobile Armored Marine. I seen some other good old titles on the bottom who maybe deserved more love but for now I have to agree with the current poll results.

About Divide We Fall I have to agree with Eiwynn truly a hidden gem if there was one his mechanic follow the perspective of a war conflict from the view of 4 main characters. From what I remember: A Officer, A Partisan young woman, A Nurse and A Biplane Pilot. (The interesting part is IF any of the characters die the story don’t end you “Jump” to the next one). I highly suggest it.


Just wondering, what are the criteria for inclusion on this list?

My favorite underrated games are… still pretty underrated on this list lol. I think The Spy and the Labyrinth was interesting for trying to do something completely different with choicescript, more of a hypertext story than a typical CS game, and it was rather well-written. I liked The Race in part because I’m an Amazing Race fan, and I enjoyed the puzzles. (I kind of started working on my own amazing race-esque choicescript game but it’s unlikely to ever see the light of day.)

Making less than a certain threshold of all-time gross revenue.


The Race was a big inspiration for the first HG i completed! I’m a huge fan


Divided We Fall does what now? Oh damn, that’s incredible. I’ll put it on my Wishlist. The mind spins.


Saga of Oedipus Rex is my top choice for this (although I might be biased as I was one of the players… But Jacic did such an amazing job at bringing this classic to life, and taking the story forward from the myth… I loved the Egyptian ending!)


I’m saddened to see President disaster near the bottom of the list; it’s one of my favorites


and if the characters survive in the end their fates later on would be worse than death I think. The Allied soldier was the only one that survived in my playthrough and he ended up in a Nazi prison camp lol. A good game still regardless!

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Sons of the cherry could have been something special but there was a problem, which is the whole not making a sequel, me and the others who played it were like come on we wanted to make history and fight the president with magic. It was confusing at first but you will feel as if you can’t feel satisfied until you got the ending you deserved but still nice game I just wished it would have made a sequel and this is also the same for the founders saga but with the getting a job/hunger games interview


Not much is moving here, so I’m going to close this tomorrow around noon EST.


Popcorn, soda, murder? Was probably one of my first games in the genre I played, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart


:thinking: From what I remember Sons of cherry actually got a sequel to the story only it was never made with Choicescript :sweat_smile:. It was made for the storynexus site and was called “The gillingham Problem”

I think that was the last entry in the Waking Cassandra Series. This is just from memory as it was a LONG time ago and even if the story was promising (good) I didn’t finish it because the storynexus site is pretty much online only and have a totally different interface/system from choicescript.
If you’re still interested you could see there if the game page still active (need registration however).

Founders Saga too I agree was a good read but I think THAT story will be forever unconcluded (is kinda the deal with the first releases) I’m actually really gratefull that HG authors nowdays try to keep up and give closure to their stories.