TOOL: In-game Bug/Typo/Comment System

I found a script that might be useful for people who post WiPs and want to help their beta-testers report bugs, typos, or even comments and suggestions from right inside the game.

It’s called Orphus and can be downloaded from here:

Then follow the instructions to install it in your WiP.

IMPORTANT: In step 5, the code must be installed in the body (not the HTML file’s header). It only has to be put in your game’s index.html file.


Wondering if someone who has used this could give me a hand?

I’ve copied the code into the index file only (Have tried putting it in a few locations that should be in the body area) and also copied the button and file into the folder but the button doesn’t come up when I click the index file to start the story running. Am I doing something wrong?

Sorry for the delay. Can you post your index file’s code (or the url if it’s online somewhere)?