Tomas de Reyes in 'Til Death do Us Part (SPOILERS)

Hey has anyone been able to successfully break through Tomas de Reyes’ mind control from the start? You know, the gray-ed out options when he first tries to control you?

It makes me so frustrated because I’ve played through it a billion times thinking that I just need a high enough magic stat- the highest I was able to get up to was 95% and even that wasn’t enough to break it… is it even possible? By this point I’m just curious as to what the perfect stats are for you to be able to even do that.


Are you talking about this part?

“$!{given}!” he says, taking your hand. He speaks softly, but the sound rings in your ears. “The pleasure is all mine!”

Guadalupe de Vargas, Jacinta Fernandez, and Garcia Varitas are all here as well, nodding and smiling.

“I…yes. A pleasure.” You feel strange.

“${given_name},” says Tomás. “Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes and obey me.”

  *selectable_if (false) #“What? What are you doing?”
  *selectable_if (false) #No! I quickly look away from his deep blue eyes. His deep blue eyes.
  #“I…am yours to command.”
  #“Yes, I will do anything you ask of me.”
  #“Yes, Tomás. Yes, I obey you.”

As you can see from the code, the condition is always false, so you can never select those options.

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Wow, that’s a real dirty move.


Oh, I had no idea! I play on the phone so I don’t believe I can look at the code… As MutonElite said, that’s a pretty dirty move of them to pull… :expressionless:

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It’s also a very clever move and really adds to the drama at that point in the story. A brilliant way to demonstrate the strength of Tomás’s mind control.