Three Hosted Games Release by today?

So it was post that a potential of Three titles will be released by today ?

_The Kepler Colony: Evacuation by _
_NW by NE Oz: _
A Mummy is not an Antique

I had read about The Kepler Colony, so it will be the first title i check out …

anyone else know something about NW by NE Oz and A Mummy is not an Antique ? :slight_smile:


If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it was under a different name (which escapes me sorry.) I remember reading the demo and thinking it was quite original. It’s set at an antique fair.

They were posting pictures for this on and off. (If you do a search I’d guess they’re still here.) I don’t know if it was ever in public beta on the forums.


The mind’s a wonderful thing, you stop thinking about it and then suddenly you remember :smile:
I think “A mummy is not an antique” might be this one: A Booth at the Antique Show (Finished) - Still looking for a few more BETA testers!


I removed the beta link there; Once it is released, a demo should be available.

Oh sorry, I didn’t even realise that the beta link was still active.

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Will the games still be release on Google Play?

Of course. Only apple is demanding the omnibus format.

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Yeah I’ve looked on the Google play but don’t seem to be out yet :slight_smile: I’ve not heard anything about them so will be intresting to see what they are about!

when are they coming out today?

I have been checking Play Store and have seen nothing. Quite odd.

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I don’t even think they are in steam either…

Sorry, fixed the date. Due to the Apple issue, Dan and I need to coordinate to get the new releases out, and between Dan being busy improving the omnibus, and me handling other tasks, we didn’t. We’ll hopefully be doing so today.