This Present Wasteland - WIP (Updated!)

“Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish.”
-Marcus Aurelius

The True King lies dying behind you, and you, his knight, have set out on a quest to find the one thing that may yet save him, the Holy Grail, hidden in the mysterious misty lands of the north. Along the way your Honor, your Duty, your Temperance, and your Faith may be tested, as you meet fearsome beasts, mighty warriors, and strange queens. Hope that you find your way, and the way back, before Death finds you.

This Present Wasteland is an heroic fantasy game very loosely based on tales of questing knights, and other stories. Play as a knight given the task of finding the Holy Grail, and navigate strange adventures
and challenges along the way. Find aid or fight those you find, or perhaps even find love. And whatever you do, make sure you can return home again.

Current details about the game (subject to change!)
-Four different personality stats. You can mix or match as you want, but by the end these are going to matter a whole lot!
-The game can feature violence and non-explicit sex on some playthroughs, hence the adult content. There is a more detailed content warning at the start, and if you want more details please let me know.
-Final game will hopefully feature seven (ish) ROs and one poly option between two of the ROs. I say seven-ish because one of the options is having a lover at home, in which case they will only be in the game if you safely return home, although there may be flashbacks to them.
-Thank you for playing and let me know what you think!


Sigh, yet another wip to pin. This was really interesting! I’m curious to read where it will lead :eyes:


Thank you! I’m going to be working a lot on it hopefully under quarantine!


Hmm… has potential.

The Heir suddenly wanting to jump my bones and then declaring their love for my MC was a bit… sudden. The fact that MC can recipicate leaves me scratching my head a little since they’ve only known each other for like… a few hours (mnus the dream). Eh, maybe it was magic or something at work.

A lot of backgrounds for MC. That’s cool. They don’t seem pointless either given MC’s reactions to the challenge. I do worry about having too many, since they can easily leave many feeling very same-y due to the sheer amount of possibilities that can be hair-pulling. Possibly being the firstborn of the King raises a few questions—but then I remember this is a fantasy story. Game of Thrones has made me nitpicky for realism, so I gotta turn it down a couple notches.

So, Christianity is a thing? So, is this a fantasy world with a real religion? I’m not getting mad or anything, just trying to understand the setting. Might want to focus a little on introducing this world a little more. There’s magic, clearly, and seems to be some demonic things (I think). But I don’t understand how this world works. Christians are fine with magic then, considering MC doesn’t bat an eye when told about the Mortal Queen’s favor being magical. Granted, this might just me being a little impatient. Hell, this little bit is probably more than I could ever think of.

I’ll keep an eye on it. Keep in mind, I’m more of a low-fantasy guy, so take a few things I say with a grain of salt.


That’s fair about the Heir. There are stats keeping track of their approval of the MCs actions during and after the banquet, and while it’s always possible to have sex with them, because this section is largely based on the story of the Green Knight, which is all about staying pure and beheadings, the declarations of love are something that is not always accessible, especially if you want to get the Mortal Queen’s favor, and are always something you can refuse.

I’m also going for a heightened sense of reality, which can explain some of the speed love I’m drawing on the story of the Green Knight, yes, as well as going to be using elements of the Fisher King, other Arthurian tales, along with elements of Celtic and Norse myth, so I thought that using Christianity was inescapable. The game takes place in our world, sort of, just in a very heightened version of our world I mean to me evocative of early Medieval myth. Hopefully, later in the game there’s going to be a big opportunity to disavow Christianity, and also potentially convert to Paganism, if the MC been more doubtful.

It is true the backgrounds are a lot, and some of them are going to have more impact than others. Being the heir of the True King willlock you out of some options, but also open others, more so than any other route. The religious background, believing you’re chosen by god, being a commoner, and being on a quest for your lover or betrothed will also have some impact, while doing it out of a sense of duty or honor will probably be more superficial. The idea isn’t really to balance the backgrounds, so much as to provide an interesting roleplaying opportunity. But seriously, thank you for your feedback!


It’s cryptic but very intresting make you wanted to know what happen after playing the game

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I really enjoyed this demo.

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Thank you!

Wow. I have to say, I really love your style!

More please!

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Thank you! Busy working on more, and hope to update soon :slight_smile:

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Updated 4/19! :slight_smile: Added confrontations with the Green Knight, and meeting several new characters.


Very interesting and well written so far. I like the vagueness and mystery that surrounds the whole story and the “straight into the action” beginning. It fits well with the whole “stranger in a strange land” theme.

Thank you! The entire idea behind it is that you, the knight, are traveling beyond the pale, and into the unknown.

Update, 6/15/2020, just uploaded!



Sorry for the inconvenience, but this game is set to private and so it cannot be accessed via the short URL.

You will need to contact the author for a direct link for a private game.



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