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Brain: she called you cute!!! You know what that means right?
Me: Yeah,thank her and compliment her too
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I know nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually it makes sense, maybe that’s why he is hiding. If purple and red mixed wouldn’t your blood have a more red shade though?


I hope so,it would be cool,a walking Cool Aid



Casually enter the Lands of the Blood-Born Children from the neighboring Kingdom of the Sleeping Ashes

Makes self comfortable and looks at the reactions to the latest topic discussion amusedly before turning attention to @Sophia

Hello, Milady Writer. You seem to be up to your usual mischief. :grin:

Just decided to visit the story about 20 characters to see how things are going.

Now, at the moment, I don’t really have too much of a actual opinion on either Clyde or Alyssa beyond the fact the two are pretty good friends. Alyssa does win a few more points with me because she goes right out of her way to try and help the MC with their sick mother in a way. But I like the friendship with Clyde, especially during the options to either wiggle our arms at him or ignore him, which causes him to come out to grab the MC while loud proclaiming that they’re going to swim naked, making everyone look horrified at them (particularly funny since my MC is a girl).

I’m actually looking forward to discovering what kind of possible fates the characters can potentially face. I’m even more eager to see what causes the MC’s blood to be expose, how we can handle that situation when it arises, and (if both Clyde and Alyssa are present during the moment) how our friends would react to this reveal. I’m especially curious in Clyde’s case in that matter, since he wants to be a knight and I’m more than certain one of the knights’ duties is dealing with Mixed Bloods.


What? I flirt with any woman I meet. :joy:


@Ritter i envy you (20)


For a teenager brain any compliment either is mockery or it will explode your brain,trust me


Hey, I’m still a teen.


[gasps]please tell me how can you do these magical things!!!


Are there more differences to the story if your a male or female like how females have to cut themselves publicly? Right now I’m leaning towards playing a female.


Hey buddy, let’s not envy each other that’s not nice,we can be friends instead!!!


Olá, bonita. :wink:

Yes, I’m learning Portuguese.


Nothing I can think of right now.


Eu admito que em português eu sou um pouco mais articulada! :wink:


Sou fluente :wink:

(I’m kidding. I only know the basics)


It seems I have been summoned (though I already lurking for long).

Anyway have some suggestions(and question (s)):


Is this will be relevant in the next chapter(s)? If not I would recommend to use *temp than *create. It’ll be more manageable that way.

Wait is this in same universe as Kingdoms?

Female MC have this choice before Clyde offer MC to wear his clothes, so I found the identical choice (after Clyde offer) unnecessary.

Can you tell us a bit more about him that not about blood then? Honestly any characters will do.


Maybe I could help you learn some more! :smiley:


What if as a girl character you’d have a period and get caught bleeding purple blood?


Oooh we are talking in foreign languages! !!
My turn. ‘Donde esta la biblioteca?’ ‘De donde vienes?’ ‘Cuanto gatos tu comes?’ @sophia how am i doing?