Thief Taker Achievements

I have four achievements left that I just can’t seem to get:

Self-Exile Advocate: You convinced a smuggler to join his true king in exile. (5 points)
Breakout: You managed to escape from prison on your own. (20 points)
Beyond the Veil: An unlikely friend gave you a second chance. (10 points)
Rum Wit: You mastered knowledge of London. (30 points)

Honestly, if I end up in jail, I either get excited by Jack or I die, no matter how high my pugilism or London knowledge stats are. Also, I can get 6 LK, which seems to be enough to master the other stats, but doesn’t work here. I have no idea who the friend is that’s supposed to help me, and, try as I might, I can’t seem to hit the right stats to make convincing the smuggler to join his king an option.

Any help would be appreciated!

For this one you just need a high oratory (4+) and be accepted by Mr King when you offer to assist him (which requires impressing the gang before hand).

There’s two ways of doing this but the easiest is to get really high pugilism.

Currently this one requires a score of 7, which is possible but quite fiddly. I’m going to push a patch to lower it to 6 as I’ve just replayed and it was hard for me.

The friend is Bunyan. The second chance that friend gives you requires you to have a high relation with him and be hanged.

THANK YOU!! I really enjoy this game, but those last four were driving me crazy!

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Does anyone know how to unlock the Bloated Blake achievement?

So far, I’ve discovered that if you chat to Broderick at the ball, you can ask how he got a ticket and he’ll tell you it was in the pocket of a stiff he fished out the river along with Jack’s letter. Then you can move on to Jack and ask him who this thief taker was and he’ll tell you it was a guy called Donald Blake. But this does not unlock the achievement.
I then found out that if you failed to catch Henry Shaver the first time, you can ask him who he fenced Lady Darlington’s brooch to when you investigate him at his cottage and he’ll tell you it was Blake and you can use this to finally get the brooch back as Broderick still has it. But this still doesn’t unlock the achievement.
What else do I need to do? Nia seems the most likely culprit in his death but I haven’t found an option for asking her about it.