They call us The Marked - An idea for a CoG


Hey all,

I’m new in regards to the forum. Well, new in the sense that I’m a lurker and don’t speak much, but I’ve been playing CoGs for a long time now and I have had an idea for quite a while now.

I’ve been writing novels and short stories and poetry for about 17 years now and I thought it would be interesting to try my hand at interactive fiction. So I figured I’d throw out my idea and get some opinions on it. I was originally going to use this idea to write a novel, but I thought it would be great for a CoG. Below is a preface, which will give you a good idea of what I’m shooting for. Thoughts and questions welcomed!

They call us The Marked.

It’s said that Satan is roaming the earth and building his army by marking innocent children still in their mother’s wombs and gifting them with the powers of evil that will one day be used to destroy the earth and its inhabitants. It’s bullsh*. We’re not Satan’s evil minions. We’re just people cursed with strange gifts we don’t understand. Most of us are apprehensive about our unique abilities, but it’s no surprise that some embrace their powers and use them to commit crimes. Over the last decade, there have been numerous terrorist attacks all over the United States by The Marked. Because of these attacks, people started to believe the hogwash the religious fed them.*

The government wrongly labeled us all dangerous and unpredictable, forcing the innocent ones into hiding and turning us into fugitives. They formed an organization about five years ago. They call themselves The Collective. They’re a team of ruthless bounty hunters, assassins, and scientists. The most powerful of us are killed on the spot. The less powerful ones are rounded up, taken to their facility, and experimented on. No one knows for sure why they’re experimenting on us, but I have my suspicions. If they can understand us, then maybe they can control us. That thought scares me.

The only way to avoid either fate of death or experiments is to not use our powers. The risk of being exposed is too great. They have surveillance cameras lining every street and inside every establishment. You can’t go anywhere in the city without being monitored. At this rate, they’ll stick them in our houses to constantly monitor everyone. That thought scares me too. If they take over our homes, we’ll have no place to hide. I wish I wasn’t one of them. I want to live a normal life without fear, but I’ll never have that kind of luxury because I am one of The Marked. There’s nothing I can do to change that. But I can fight back. I will fight back.


I changed your title to something more descriptive. Feel free to change it to something else descriptive. We have like a zillion posts that are some iteration of the words idea, choice, game.

You don’t need to asterisk out swear words.

Anyway good luck with your game.


Sounds interesting. I always like the idea of someone destined to be evil trying to be good. Of course, there will surely be the possibility to be evil…


was the Satan (hate typing that name >_<) thing your idea? The only memory I have of that would be when the piece of trash is building up his army when the world topples during revalation,no fetus marking I don’t think, then a group marked similarly with God’s true name go through and defeat them all.


Does everyone have the same set of powers and what powers do we have?


Okay. Thanks. It’s fine.


That’s always a possibility. I’ve always liked the idea of it myself.


That whole bit just came from a thought that powers are bad and are believed to be a mark from the devil, which isn’t really the case, but I could imagine some people might think so, depending on the situation.

Everyone would have different powers. I was thinking it would be interesting to give the player a choice between maybe a half dozen powers. I’ve always loved the idea of having more choice in things like that. The powers could be anything. Maybe the ability to stop time temporarily while still being able to move around and such. Or maybe another person could wield fire powers. There are no limitations here.


Well throughout history, certain people born with special gifts have been depicted as holy as well. Honestly how they used it was based on which side gave it to them. The biggest example I could think of would be a common werewolf which was seen as demonic, versus this one guy who claimed to use the strength of his wolf side to overpower demons. Regardless on how you look at religion, the people and events make great inspiration.


Interesting idea, somewhat supernatural sounding (which is neat as I quite like the series). So we’re just trying to survive right? So does that mean by any means necessary? Not only fighting off the collective, but logically speaking, join up with them to aide their hunt for the others to save your own ass?


The first paragraph reminded me of a similar plot for Supernatural (tv show). Not a bad thing at all, sounds interesting. I’m guessing one of the stats will show how much you’ve exposed yourself to The Collective. So if you end up exposing yourself too much do you end up getting caught and game over? Also, will MC have companions? Like other Marked Ones?