The Wolves of Stormbrook (WIP) (Demo live 10/5)(Update 10/7)

Hello (again)! If any of you remember me, it’s probably from me getting terribly excited about writing and publishing Academy of Disaster. I’m going to be even more chipper now, because I have another game in the works! :smile:

Um, I can now code properly, promise! So this one is on track to be loads more interactive. And it’s horror/fantasy, you guys seem to like that.

You’d play as one of two main characters, who find themselves in the mysterious town of Stormbrook after fleeing from the Minister’s Men. Stormbrook is a safe haven from their pursuers, but only because something worse than soldiers and corrupt politicians lurks in the shadows. An ancient curse hangs over the town, monsters stalk the streets, and the Minister’s Men are waiting just beyond the border.

Demo link: (Update 10/7)

Up so far: Prologue with character gender, tangential werewolf, character customization, actually getting to Stormbrook, the cute doctor
Next update: context for the Minister’s men(?), less tangential werewolf(?), a stats screen, the actual horror plot oops


Sounds interesting.Can’t wait to read the demo.

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Werewolf games are always at the top of my list :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Wait😆! Is thus a werewolf wip game

It’s mostly a werewolf wip, yes :grin: (The ‘mostly’ is there because I’m the worst at sticking to proper lore so all the werewolfing so far has been rather off-kilter, oops.) I’ll get a demo up by the end of the week, once I’ve gotten character creation sorted properly~


Sounds interesting can’t wait I love werewolves there awesome

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Well, there’s only tangential werewolves in the demo so far, but please let me know what you think! As usual, if you see something wrong, please tell me– it’s either a coding error or something that I thought I wrote but didn’t actually :stuck_out_tongue:


looks interesting so far :smile: and i love to had 4 children XD lol
typo report :

Go where the Minister’s men can follow (is it intentional or you mean Minister’s men can’t follow)

There are lights flickering somewhere ahead. It is probably not you intended destination, but if you were no longer being pursued… you aren’t, are you? (not your intended)

can’t wait to see more (curious with my children fate :grin:)

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Got it! They’ll be fixed in the next update.

And your children’s fate depends on your choices! (eventually. hopefully. if I don’t mess something up.)

Looks good so far. Need to see a bit more to have any larger opinion.

Four children is fine; it’s the wife I’m worried about. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Aside from the horrific straightness of my character, it looks like a very good start. Good luck with the game.


So is the lead wolf some kind of vigilante?

Alas, MC is at least married to an opposite-gender partner. Their actual orientation is up to the player to decide, but crappy societal norms are crappy. :stuck_out_tongue: (… Also I need those kids on hand for plot reasons. I agree, though– poor, poor Bethanie…)

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The lead wolf is… a pretty major character, so you’ll find out more soon!

I suppose it’s out of the question that the MC is their uncle, instead?

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Well, there’s no detailed flashback sex scenes planned or anything, and the kids view MC as their father, so it’s up to the reader’s imagination?


I could have sworn the children saw my MC as their mother - [quote=“23Murasaki, post:16, topic:20912”]
and the kids view MC as their father,

So now I’m confused.

We may be running on different abbreviation systems? Sorry. When you play as a woman you’re (in their eyes) their mom, and when you play as a man you’re (in their eyes) their dad, is the point.


It seemed reasonably clear that the MC was their biological father. Would it not be possible to have an “acting as the guardian for my sister’s children after their father’s death” option (okay, so that’s a bit specific, but you know what I mean)?

I don’t think she can be his sister, plot-wise, but I’ll see what I can finangle?