The Wolves of Stormbrook (WIP) (Demo live 10/5)(Update 10/7)

Well, what about sister-in-law? (So, they’re his dead brother’s children.) Would that work better?

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Probably better, and would explain the kids looking like him, yeah? I’m coding backstory now, so I’ll be able to fit in a bit about that :grin:


The second son has my name. Then I get stuck with some lameness like “Malcolm” pfffffffffft. Zachary or bust son. Represent.

Demo is updated 10/7! Short update, because character customization is harder to code than I anticipated. As usual, let me know if I’ve lost a tense or mislaid a pronoun, or if something doesn’t make sense.

Cheers! :smiley:


Wow I love this game already. Great work on it, I can’t wait to read more! :blush:

Question, though: will the player be able to have more choices regarding physical appearance? The male and female options are so different from each other…

I’d rather the kids are adopted, I can handle having to marry a man under pressure of society, but being violated by one? That bothers me :frowning: Oh and on that note… The twins are too young to tell, but if the rumors they generate are anything to go by they are yours as well…huh? Giving birth is kind of a giveaway that they are yours…

idk … having one kid scares the living soul out of me … having 10 like the MC here is terrifying … just saying.


I adore kids :heart: just not enough to have sex with a man :stuck_out_tongue:


@TruMaknae I… think so? Possibly? There’s a bit more stuff to cover before everyone starts dying lol.

@Lizzy + @Eiwynn I’m not one for having kids (or a husband) either, believe me >.< But this lot (k, mostly Zachary and the twins) need to be FC’s bio offspring because a) plot and b) witchery

Re: twins. That’s supposed to be “take after you as well”. It will be fixed in the next update~

… Also there’s definitely gonna be the option to sacrifice hubby to the werewolf, whether or not FC is into him, so there’s that. (… And if I work out how to write and code an actual romance, you’ll have Tracker to look forward to. She’s a babe.)


ooooo Very cool! Please put an option to name our hubby “ParrotWatcher” … I’m sure he’d appreciate being sacrificed by @Lizzy and me then…

On a more serious note - having twins might be really cool. Looking forward to raising twin cubs … errr babes :wink:

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Huh. This is a real interesting tale you’ve got going on, @23Murasaki! I’m pretty darn curious where you plan to take this. I do have a few wonders though… Will it be possible to choose the MC’s first name? I
don’t mind if the surname, background, and family are all set, but being unable to pick something as simple as the first name is a bit… off-putting, I suppose? Maybe. I don’t like set first names. :sweat_smile: I find it difficult to even say “my MC” when the name is set like that.

Goodness. That was hard undeleting this post. I don’t know why I deleted it instead of editing. ANXIETY? Probably!

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here like… super curious as to what the stats might be. You’re killing me, smalls! :joy:


@lithophene Honestly, with the names, it’s a matter of not doubling up accidentally? Because there’s a lot of characters and it tends to throw a reader off when there’s two Zacharys (or two Marys, that one happened multiple times testing my last game) or something like that, you know? But it’s a thing that’s easy to change after the fact. They’re staying Bethanie and Malcolm for demo purposes though, so that I have one fewer variable to worry about lol

And yeah, there should be the option to have Malcolm be gay but have the kids be his– you have to marry Bethanie for reputation’s sake rather than out of love/for your brother, then pick “I prefer men” when the option is prompted ^^

(Rudimentary) stats should be up by the next update, along with relationship meters as soon as I figure out how to make them pretty~


Yeah, I spoke too soon! I tried the other option, heh. It’s a bit on the colder side, but it looks like my suggestion was already in, haha. :sweat_smile:

That’s fine! I mean, I just hope to be able to pick it eventually. I also believe it should be possible to restrict players from giving the MC certain names? I can’t recall where to find that, but I do remember hearing about that!


Well I guess I will just chalk it up to artificial insemination, that makes everything all better :smile:

I do like the fact that there was an option to say that while I said yes to this guy proposing it was just because I couldn’t marry my girlfriend .


I want a newborn child to craft into my own…

Does that sound weird? I hope not :joy:

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Is there any way to get rid of the children?

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Open the carriage door and use your slippered foot to kick them out into the mud and horse droppings. Its what all noble Ladies do anyways when pursued by rabble … :wink:


Don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this yet: 404 error when you tap the “show stats” button, then the only way to get rid of it is to start the game over again. Love the premise and will try again to get farther in than just past the first choice, this time avoiding the stats screen!


Wow. The lesbian route sounds dark. I just had to cover for my brother’s affair…

You do something like:

*if ("$!!{name}" = "ZACHARY")
    That name is in use. Please try another.
    *goto naming

Yeah, it’s easy to fake paternity, maternity not so much :disappointed: