The Winter of Witches


You are young, and you haven’t worn the Cold Iron of the Order for very long, but you’ve had the privilege of excellent instruction from a senior member and so you’ve come to learn a few constants about the world.

If there are two hunters, at least one should have a rifle.

No hunter has lost in giving candy to children.

And witches don’t leave Atlantis in winter.

Yet one day you are awoken by an urgent message from one of the villages along the Cliffs of Pearl that look out at the spires of Atlantis. Children have gone missing in the woods at night and there is talk of runes found on the surrounding trees. But it is the dead of winter and the migration from Atlantis isn’t do for several more months when summer comes again.

But the villagers aren’t wrong. In all of your training, everything tells you witches stalk the woods.

Now you need to discover why.

More ore less this is a story meant to fulfill my desire to write more historical-oriented story, but not spend valuable hours writing and developing the story on researching the minutia of various historic cultures. So much like Robert Howard, I decided to put it in a time period so far before documented history that I don’t need to fret about sacrificing a good story in favor of documented facts. Because I can be a stickler for that.

This story’s mythos and other such things will pull from a variety of sources but a large portion of it will be written specifically to the universe. Though as the saying goes, nihil sub sole novum.

That being said I am always open to constructive criticisms, feedback, and input from others. In the short time I’ve been here the community has been nothing but helpful and positive without sugar-coating things. Hence why I’m posting this idea out in the open for all to see and respond to.

Any questions or input that you’d like to send my way but don’t want to post on the board for whatever reason can be sent by private messenger.

The General Plot

  • You, the player, take the role of a new member of a group known as the Order of Cold Iron. Across all of Pangea, few groups command as much respect as the Order.
  • You are tasked, alongside your mentor Senior Lorang, are tasked with heading to the Cliffs of Pearl to investigate why it is that the witches of Atlantis have come inland so early.
  • Investigate the kidnapping of children, occult sacrifices, and the work of demons beyond your world.
  • Potential romances, depending on how the story progresses.
  • Multiple endings based on player choices through the story.
  • The author has cheated history by placing it in a Pangea-era time-period where technology and magic can mesh and meld in all sorts fo interesting ways, and which allows great potential for lore and scene-setting.

The Plan For Testing

  • On a time-table that is, at the moment rather mercurial, as the story is written and coded it will first be read through and rested by very close friends (those I see in person on a fairly regular basis).
  • Once roughly 25-35% percent of the story has been written, coded, proof-read, and edited by the “alpha testers”, an early-access will be provided to the general public.
  • Feedback will be received and put towards corrections and further development of the story.
  • Upon completion the story will be submitted for publication.

Demo / Pre-Reading

  • TBA


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Fair warning. Edited accordingly.


I bursted out laughing when reading this. Not to mention, you spelled privilege wrong.


This sounds great. I love the plot you’re outlining.


It’s sound interesting can’t wait to try it


Don’t see how its related to the story and outlined content, but you are correct. I should probably quit writing these things on such little sleep.


It’s not, I was just pointing out a few things.


Sounds great–but you really, really need a good proofreader. Keep me in mind if this reaches the beta stage; I’m happy to proofread promising Choice of games.


That’s what the (soon-to-be) link is for.