The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

Some need to change, others not so much:

Dezh is very combat-oriented, and has pretty impressive science skill, but needs some people skills. She isn’t much better than M or A, really, and hates dealing with people’s emotional crap (dealing with Kate was a nightmare for her and she was one of the ones who was like “I could get more done without interruptions…”), but I think that’ll change a bit when she starts realizing she has the feels for Mason. I doubt she’ll ever become soft, overall–that just isn’t who she is–but she will stop rolling her eyes and getting uncomfortable when someone mentions an emotion other than anger (she’s 70% mind, 30% heart at the moment). The biggest things that need to change with her is her tendency to break rules, her stubbornness (she’s 73% stubborn!) , and her trouble behaving correctly with a team (she’s 65% independent). She’s a pain in the ass, lol.

Nyx is combat-oriented as well, but has more people skills than Dezh, which really isn’t saying much. She’s better than A, at least. Her lowest abilities are in deduction/knowledge. I think she could use more there.

Wolfe is pretty combat-oriented as well, but she has way better people skills than Dezh or Nyx (at 40%, if that tells you how bad the other two are). She’s actually pretty balanced between people, combat, and science… her deduction skills could use some work, too.

Jax is really the most balanced of all of my MCs. She barely had enough combat ability to take out Murphy (I mean, like right on the line). I don’t see her changing much, either. She’ll stay balanced between all of it, because that’s how she is. She’s also the least stubborn and the most team-oriented.


Emma (70+Deduction) is not likely going to say no to learning how to defend herself. I don’t see her being very good at it though. She strikes me as the type to throw a decent punch, but practically break her hand doing so.
Cassandra (People) will probably stay about the same, she’s not big on violence and it would take something drastic for that to change…
Hayden is a fighter. I don’t see her caring to branch out.

Down the slide you mean? Sounds fun! Dunno who Vega is tho.

I don’t think Samir is gonna be changing much. He’s pretty comfortable with himself. With Rin I want her relationship with Rebecca to slowly get better through the games, maybe learn to be more of a team-player with UB


Mm, Zoe’s relationship with Rebecca will improve, but that’s about it. I don’t see her being interested in changing. Emma might get more assertive, though. She kinda needs to if she’s going to be dealing with Morgan.

A bouncy house slide! M’s not allowed on it though–they’re so edgy, they’ll probably ruin it.


I completely forgot that. Dezh has a horrible relationship with Rebecca. I’m hoping that gets better, though it depends on Rebecca’s behavior more than hers. Jax and Wolfe have the best relationships with Rebecca. Nyx’s is… better than Dezh’s, lol.

Henry will probably like Rebecca more as time goes on, but it will be a slow process and dependent on Rebecca. He might learn to fight at some point if that is possible.
Youngest MC (Barry?) could discover how to take things seriously and handle responsibility.
The other two might just get more assertive and learn to enjoy life.

New thread already that was quick
As for my personality I’m planning on my mc being more snarky pragmatic and dam right ruthless to their enemies and above all compassionate and a dear friend to unit bravo as the games go on

Some of them...

Ilya (A)
Ilya will probably work on combat a little in future books, but it will always be a very tertiary concern. She’s very much mental primary, and that’s not going to change any time soon. And since someone else mentioned Rebecca, Ilya’s relationship with her was tense and is definitely not getting better. Ilya’s skills are investigation and tech.

Stephan (N)
Steph’s not really the, uh … changing type. I don’t foresee that changing. His relationship with Rebecca was similarly mediocre, but, unlike Ilya’s, it has improved. I suspect that will continue. Steph’s main skills are combat and investigation.

Auren (M)
Auren’s skillset is unlikely to shift, and her already good relationship with her mother will probably improve or maintain as time goes on. It should be noted that Auren is one of my more combat skilled detectives, anyway, so there’s that. (She’s combat and people).

Tadhg (F)
Tadhg’s skillset is unlikely to change, and his relationship with his mother (abysmal) has only gotten worse (much worse) as time has gone on. He and Auren are the ones who will experience the least change over the course of the books, most likely. He’s science/tech and some people.

Sorry, i meant to write Verda :sweat_smile:

Of course! It’s all fun and games! Hahaha…haha…ha…

You mean A? The master/mistress of ruining stuff?


I thought maybe you were refering to James Vega from Mass Effect 3, who shares a voice actor with The Iron Bull from Dragon Age Inquisition who relates back to Wayhaven because that’s Tina’s Bae.

But, I mean, Verda makes more sense.

Just gonna pull an A and wrap all the side characters up in bubble wrap to keep them safe. That’s totally a normal thing to do and not at all excessive!


You’re not wrong! They’d probably grip it so tightly it tears.


Alexa and Lisbeth would probably concentrate more on the combat aspect especially with what happen with Murphy.

Teresa and Surina will concentrate on improving their deduction and scientific side of things.

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MC: Adam, I got you something.
Adam: What is it, Detective?


Adam: Thanks, I hate it…


I found this and this reminds me a lot of the Murphy fans. XD


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Ha ha, y-yeah, those silly Murphy fans nervously sips soda


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I don’t remember what any of my MCs’ skills are so…maybe.

Lol, my mom’s in Utah doing the LT route again and texting me about the “tasty angst.”



Your mom is really resilient. I can’t do the LT route but doing it again!? :joy:


I’m fairly certain Angstraptor literally feeds on angst so I am not surprised in the slightest, tbh.

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