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What did you say about my problematic husband???

It’s true, though.


Ditto! Too bad the Agency won’t give the detective a nice big SUV to cart the team around in. Then M won’t complain (with good reason) about what a piece of crap the MC’s car is! And F would be happy, too. So would my MCs, who hate that stupid piece of crap car.


Acck, a new thread!

I want the option of killing it for good and replacing it with something that isn’t a clunky piece of crap. :expressionless:

Mainly because at least two of my MCs would go with A to a car show simply because they love doing that, too. And like fast cars.


If your MC could turn in his or her car for a new one which would it be? And what would he or she do with the old piece of crap car?

My MC Lauren would buy herself either a Ford Mustang or a Dodge Challenger. For her old one she’d sell it to a fair so that it can get totaled in a demolition derby lol


You guys are mean, the car is an important character and you’re talking about killing them! I don’t see anyone talking about killing off Tina or Verda or Dougie! and don’t you dare start

I’d rather my MCs keep the car. Samir doesn’t care as long as it can get him around, and Rin would totally keep the car because you can’t drive a motorcycle in cold weather or when its raining! Plus she’ll need it for carting around 4 vampires or friends who are too scared to get on it.


Aaaaaaand this thread is going to reach 10k comments.

Nice to see you all again after being absent. :stuck_out_tongue:


The only one I can see getting a different car would be Hayden. She’d get the fastest red sports car she could afford. The rest would be perfectly happy with their old clunker.

What my MCs would do (collapsed since it's long)

Dezh (M):
She’d get a brand new Mustang Shelby GT350 (in black, without stupid stripes on it!). Barring that, and since the team wouldn’t fit in that, she’d totally go for a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk (goes from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds!). As for her old car, she’d probably beat it to death with a sledgehammer just for the fun of it.

Nyx (A):
Challenger SRT Hellcat. And she’d even let Adam drive it. As for her old car, she’d give it a nice funeral and scrap it for parts.

Wolfe (N):
She’d get a Cadillac ATS-V Coupe. It’s fast, it’s sleek, and N would love it because it’s expensive, lol. She’d donate her old car to some charity or other.

Jax (F):
A Camaro (because she loves Bumblebee from Transformers… yes, that’s her reason). As for her old car, she’d want to burn it and have a bonfire party in its memory.


You are very lucky that my mom is in Utah right now. That is a dangerous place to tread.

And don’t worry, when Sera drops some bomb on us like, the car is the only thing we have left of the Detective’s father, then everyone will regret their disloyalty.


I’m back from the dead lurkers! Hi. What have you guys been up to? :slight_smile:


You guys really blew it up… You really did it.

Impressive. Good job.


Let me explain–no, it’s too long. Let me sum up.

We made fun of N for being bad at technology. We made fun of A for being bad at emotions. We made fun of F for not knowing the difference between dogs and humans. We made fun of M for expressing affection/disinterest with branch-smacking or lack thereof. Charlotte is in love with Murphy. It’s been decided that M plays “Careless Whisper” on the saxophone.

I think that sums it up.


XD Sounds fun. So, who’s next in the roasting seat? Tina for her huge hair? She does get named 'the bobble head’s by M xD

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I’d rather not. She can’t help how her hair is, and I would rather not “roast” someone over their looks. Teasing someone over their quirks is one thing. Bashing on someone over their looks crosses a line.

Let their be an option to get another car…only those that pick it get a bad end. LOL (I jest!) :wink:


I got the impression that it was her hairstyle that was big. Like the woman in Grease 2, y’know?
Edit: Like this
Pfft, what’s this about the car? XD

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I don’t have time to comb back through the game, but I’m pretty sure her hair is naturally poofy and frizzy, like having really curly hair.


This is a picture of Tina, as drawn by Sera:


Thank you. I tried a quick search for that exact pic but couldn’t find it. I’m trying to multi-task right now, so of course that means nothing is getting done. lol

editing to add: Regardless of what we imagine her as, I still don’t advocate bashing on a character due to looks.

So that I don’t kill this thread after we just started, is anyone going to have their detectives change personality-wise or skill-wise over time? For example, if your MC is stellar with technology, would you them have them switch to some combat later on after they “been through stuff?”


Sienna most likely will! Combat and Deduction are her lowest skills at 6% and 0% respectively (really don’t know how I managed to go a complete run without gaining a single deduction point but there’s that) so I plan on her learning how to defend herself more incase of future fights and hopefully learn to connect a few dots. But I don’t know if there’d be any major changes in skills since she’s a tech/science gal. As for personality, I can’t see her changing too much.

As for Blaire, hm, I think he’s pretty solid? So I can’t picture him changing too much. Maybe a boost in combat just because he’d want to spar against UB at some point and try to be more physically active as a whole.

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This is the kind of comment we need against the heathens.

I’m sure they will still be heartless beasts and happily dump the car :roll_eyes:

Oh, and about Tina, Sera actually draw her, so you could have a look at her Tumblr :smiley:

Ok, just saw someone already put it a few posts up. This is what happens when you can’t read comments and just answer something.


Tina is the first to go! Then Doug and lastly Vega! :smiley:

I will not! I will get the feels and probably have my MC keep those dice you hang or some kind of small object like that and then trade the old car for a bigger and better one (maybe one that can hold all of UB and MC for that road trip right outta M’s nightmares?) :wink:

Most of my MCs have around 70 deduction and 70 science and 0 combat skills which makes me more likely to pursue people or combat (depends on MC) as i think 70 will pass most of the stat checks
Some of my MCs had 90-something deduction and 0 combat so i will pursue combat as i have nothing i can add to my deduction

Anyone called?