The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

This is what I meant, if it were to happen it would be a choice presented in the epilogue of book 7 but that would be it.


I like that they’ll stay human.


Yay,can’t wait to start…


I like to believe that the detective will turn into a vampire to save the girls then we’ll get to choose whether to stay a vampire or not near the end.

But I guess this trope has been used a lot so :man_shrugging:

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Thar could be cool, but since this is a romance story wouldn’t it be even more romantic knowing that you can very well die protecting UB from what ever there facing. Just think there down and out for the count. As a human what do you do? What can you do? Nothing. But you love them and will do anything to protect said love…even die nothing shows commitment like willing to lay down your life for em. Also the drama would be intense there.


Hi guys! Hope you don’t mind if I geeeeently push this conversation to the Wayhaven discussion thread so we can keep this thread for bugs, demo feedback, sweet sweet weekly updates, and—fingers crossed but don’t quote me!—a call for beta testing later this year. :heart_eyes:


Yeah, imagine dying halfway through book 3 and then having to replay book 1 and 2. I imagine it’s not gonna be taken all that well.


I discovered the first book a month or two ago, and I am really glad that I found it when I did, when you’re nearly finished with the second. Very excited to see where you take the story next.Take your time of course.

p.s, you are the best writer I’ve come across in this whole platform, so kudos


I just realized that when we’re talking about our father with the Team, after choosing “I would’ve done the same thing” Morgan is the only one who doesn’t react to it. My heart can’t handle this :sob:


M would never let anything happen to the detective.


Thank you so much for the care and encouragement guys! It seriously means so much that you’re still with me even though it’s taken this long. It’ll be worth it ;D (And massive thank you to the always incredible @spunkycatninja for posting that progress report for me last week!)

Progress Report

It was a shorter week for me as I took Monday off to rest, which I needed even more than I realised, hehe!

But it certainly helped give me that boost of freshness I was looking for! I want this last chapter to end strongly, not just because it’s the end of the story but because I hope people will also want to come back for Book Three! :smiley:

I managed to get up to the first split scenes based on a branch that was introduced in this book. It’s pretty exciting getting this put into motion ready for later books…

I’m going to work over the weekend as well, as I would really like to get these split scenes finished as there’s plenty more split scenes during this chapter. In fact, you go from this one almost straight into another one after, then there’s the split for LI POVs, then the LI scenes with the MC. So this chapter is a lot of writing.

So yeah, bumping along well on this chapter and just pushing forward now I’m so close to the end!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, and I’ll update you all again next week! :slight_smile:


You’re almost there keep it up :grinning::+1:

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Oh don’t you worry about that. If supernaturals are drawn to our blood then we are drawn to your story.


@Baam I second that. I wish we could pre order the book lol


Psh, come back for book 3? I’d pre order the entire series! You’re doing great! Your writing is only getting better and that includes all ur VN games I own, keep it coming!


Id totally pre order everything too. This is one of the few autors i trust lol.

Can you tell the names please? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The Lady’s choice if I’m not mistaken


Lady’s Choice
Diving in Deep




Seriously just reading when you explain all the split scenes and branch-offs, etc…my head would explode trying to keep track of everything!! I absolutely admire you and your work, Sera. Can’t wait for book 2 since it’s so close, but I also cannot wait to have the complete series!! If only I could time-travel so I could read all the finished product :joy::joy: