The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Wait wait. Diving in deep? Where platform it was released? Somehow I can’t find it in


Just follow the links to her games.


Sadly I can’t open it (:з」∠) Is it only available in a certain country?


@Hani_Fina No, it should be available everywhere. I downloaded it from here:

You just pick the format you need and then unzip it. It’s got 6 different endings. Enjoy!

I don’t know why her link isn’t working on her official website. I’ll let her know about it as it didn’t work for me either.


Diving in Deep isn’t actually hosted on her website, another site hosts it.


I know. It’s hosted, but when you click the play button, it just comes up a white page. And if it’s doing it for one person (and for me as well), it could be doing it for others.


It is doing the same for me, my point is that Sera would have to contact those who run the site so they can fix it. She can’t actually do anything herself I don’t think.


Then that’s what she’ll do. :woman_shrugging: I don’t see anything wrong about letting her know. I already text her that she may want to check it out.

Let’s not drag this off topic anymore. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations on finishing book 2 Sera!!! :partying_face:


Just gonna drop a link to preemptively answer any beta testing related questions for the six of you who follow this thread without following the other, lol.

If you have any further questions, I would like kindly request that you direct them to the Discussion thread instead of here so as to keep the continuity of discussion in one thread (this means that any follow up questions erroneously posted here will be moved over there, just a heads up).


Can someone explain what a split scene is? Sorry, haven’t had time to read through all of the posts.

@EarnBoogie i think it’s the scenes where they differ depending on your previous choices. i’m not sure how to explain it better haha

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I’m not sure it’s like general terminology used by everyone, it’s just what I call it so as I can make sense of everything because Wayhaven has quite a lot of variation in Book Two :smiley:

There’s a branch, such as choosing Combat or Research. Then within that branch, say Research, there will be 6 split scenes for each love interest scene and the friend route.

But the other branch will also have those split scenes, just different to account for the different branch choice.

Hope that makes sense! I kind of use it as a sub-division of a branch, lol!


Jeez! Just reading what you typed out gave me a headache! We are seriously thankful for all your hard work, creativity in your story, and we hope you get a well deserved rest and quality time with your sweet lil’ ratties, Sera :smiley: :heart: Can’t wait till it comes out on the HG release line up!


@TheWarsOfStars - Aah, thank you so much <3 The ratties were certainly happy to get so many kisses when I finished, but were more interested in the yoghurt drop that came after, hehehe!

Progress Report

As some of you may have seen yesterday, the base writing for Book Two is now complete!

There is a lot to do still with editing, testing, etc, but this was the biggest task that needed accomplishing. I’m actually hoping things will progress a bit quicker now that’s done! Once the ball gets rolling on this end stuff it’ll just keep picking up speed.

Today I will be editing Chapter 19, and over the weekend I will be beginning more edits as well as starting more intensive playthroughs. Book Two has a lot of branching and variation, so catching all of the different variables is gonna be quite the task!

I also want to put a big shout out to @spunkycatninja this week, who is not only doing edits but is also just a constant and incredible source of support throughout this whole journey. When I started this, I didn’t think I would end up with an incredible friend (and friend s , who I also met through beta-testing last time!) who is funny, warm, amazingly caring, and always there when I need her. Thank you <3

So it’s been a bit of an emotional week (in a good way!), as you might be able to tell, hehe :smiley: But such an amazing week! I’ve been so grateful for all of your excitement and enthusiasm, and it made finishing that task even more wonderful!!

And before I get too sappy, I will wish you all an amazing weekend! I’ll update you again next week :slight_smile:


Congrats! I’d like to help for journey number 3 :upside_down_face:


I have no idea how you do this dude so impressive.


Hey, I’m pretty new to your series. I haven’t finished book one yet but I just wanted to drop by to say that your enthusiasm for writing is really inspiring! I hope that life’s treating you well and that you’re having a nice day :blush:


OH MY!! congrats!!!


i screamed a little bit eeeeeeeeeee