The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

I have a playlist on Amazon for my MC, each of the romances and even a few songs re: Bobby, Murphy and Douglas ;p

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@Jender You brought that to the next level! :wink: A playlist! That’s so cool! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The two songs I mentioned are by far the most vivid in my head.

Curious, what song have you associated with Murphy?

I had thought of Murphy recently when I was thinking of the opening theme for 7th Guest (The Game). Weirdly, I thought about the closing theme (Skeletons in my Closet) for the Book 2 implied nemesis…

I haven’t associated songs with characters but I’ve been associating actors to some of them…for example, in my mind, Murphy is played by Aidan Gillen … and Adam looks an awful lot like Tom Hardy :smiley:


Possum Kingdom is my main Murphy song. In my head he is played by Brett Gelman. I have cast all of my celeb crushes in UB and Bobby, Doug. :heart: I cast them based more on personality than on the appearances described in the story…so my choices are prob way off everyoneelse’s, but it works for me!


I don’t know how you guys do it…

I just can’t bring actrice in the mix of these characters…as much as I would love to . All the actrices I like…look nothing like the ones I imagined how Unite Bravo look like (Yeah I know they are described…but I forget how they were described…next thing you know…the brain assumed direct control…and here we are…:woman_shrugging: )


Haha yeah, it’s really cute - I love that sharing clothing trope.
Aww, thank you Nightie :blush:


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Absolutely the ends of each romance alone is worth multiple reads. I can not get enough of it. My wife says I’m a tad obsessed lol


OMG!!! That’s so cute! :heart_eyes:


Progress Report

Busy week again this week, though likely to be that way now until I’m finished :smiley:

The multiple split scenes were going smoothly until I came to Felix/Farah’s, then realised theirs needed 2 versions of each. There’s only slight differences in some, bigger in others, but those differences mean a lot as it’s based on a choice made in a much earlier chapter.

So yeah, that slowed me down a bit. But I’m hoping to get F’s done today, then I only have 2 of M’s to go!

Then it’s onto the bulk of Chapter 17 and the friend scene for Adam/Ava.

So not too much to report except I’m gradually ploughing through it! I’m hoping I might be able to finish Chapter 17 by the end of next week…but I’ll have to see how that goes!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, and I’ll update you all again next week! :slight_smile:


Excuse you but im slow as shit XD

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DO YOU REST? AT ALL? Seriously dude starting to worry about you


@AJ_Hammada - Rest will be my reward for finishing Book Two, hehe :smiley:

Progress Report

Amazing week this week! I’d hoped to finish Chapter 17 by the end of this week but ended up finishing it on Wednesday! Which meant I actually started writing Chapter 18 on Thursday! Woohoo!!

Getting to the penultimate chapter feels like a huge leap forward.

There’s actually 3 different versions of Chapter 18, though. But they are really quite straight forward with no major branching in each version, mostly just dialogue and skill choices. So writing them should be easier, if still time consuming.

But I’m hoping to finish all 3 beginning sections today, as well as the common scene they all have over the weekend, and then next week start on the 3 different ends to that chapter.

And I totally forgot to do a monthly round-up last week!

So my August goal was to finish Chapter 16 and possibly start 17, and I aced that one :smiley:

I think we can probably all guess what my wishful goal is for this month…but I’m not 100% sure I can get all the writing finished, as much as I am working hard to get there.

So as a more reachable goal for September, I am hoping to get 18 finished, and the start of 19 begun.

Chapter 19 is the epilogue type chapter, so there’s a lot of different scenes, split scenes, etc to wrap everything up. It’s another biggie to write.

But yeah, I’m so close now I can taste it, hehe :smiley:

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend, and I’ll update you all again next week! :slight_smile:


@Seraphinite keep up the amazing work were all rooting for you here. Just be sure to keep rested ok?


You make us worry. Hope life is treating you well, madam. Just dont get yourself killed over a million lines of code. Take care of yourself and we all are rooting for you


Aah, thank you so much for the kindness and concern, guys! I am pushing hard, but I’m making sure not too burn out too badly and get rest :slight_smile:


The upcoming angst? WE CAN ALL TASTE IT.


Yay its almost here even we can feel it
Keep up the good work and ALL THE BEST for the final stretch


Don’t put that in your mouth! You have no idea where it has been!!


Soooo excited for this, been keeping tabs on everything since book 1 first came out! By the way I think I’ve re-read and redone book 1 about 100 times or more :sweat_smile:. So looking forward to this next book where I can spend the next year doing this 100 more times while waiting for book 3 hahaha. Keep up the fantastic work Sera, and don’t push yourself too hard! We may whine about the wait, but your books will always be worth whatever wait you make us endure :heart_eyes:!!