The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Kind of didn’t even occur to me to put in an option where the MC would be openly all right with encouraging M to smoke in the office :joy:

I am from the UK, so things are EXTREMELY rigid about that kind of thing here!

So yeah, good thoughts on that!


“Is that Astrid?” Felix asks in the background. I smile catches on my lips at the sound of it. “You need me to go meet her? I can totally go do that—”

A instead of I, :smiley:

And now that I think about it… @spunkycatninja I don’t know if you had the time to edit this chapters, so I don’t know if you guys actually need people pointing this stuff?


Has this been reported?

When talking to N outside the Warehouse. Chpt3 .Observe the first option

Now I’m not the number 1 grammar dady on this earth, that is to say the oldest, best, or biggest example of something. But I suggest Changeing it to a singular noun for more fluidity.

I brush a hand over my hair with a smile and say “I am with you, too.”

i don’t know if it was mentioned before, but this seems a little inconsistent if we ignored M smoking in the first book



I am currently editing chapter 6. I only got it a few days ago. I had the chance to go through Mason’s route only. To be honest, I haven’t even played through as a reader for any of the other routes for this particular chapter, which is something I normally do before I start editing (I tend to catch a lot of pronoun issues and bugs when I do that). It was a miracle and a lot of hard work (and only 3 hours of sleep) that I was able to get M’s done before the release.

So I have:

  • Adam
  • Felix
  • Nate
  • LT
  • Friend

left to go. I’m still editing like I normally do. You guys can find mistakes too. I can’t possibly catch them all. :smile: But just know that I’ll be going over the rest here soon.


*if (n_man = “man”) “It’s not about need, Natey, it’s about want. And I want to be less bored.”
*goto chap4_8v2a
*if (n_man = “man”) “It’s not about need, Natkins, it’s about want. And I want to be less bored.”
*goto chap4_8v2a

i was just loking at the code and i was curios if this two are supossed to be the same.

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If you notice in the game and this demo, the choices some of the time are presented as fragments so that you get a general idea of what is going on. Usually she does this when she wants the emphasis on the action.

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Also for word count. Choices can only be a max of 15 words long, so sometimes grammar has to suffer at times! :smiley:


Aah. A misunderstanding then. Have the courage to forgive me :cry:

Please don’t worry! It’s good to point these things out as I and my readers may not notice some of them :smiley:

But I really do hope people are enjoy the demo and having a good time back in Wayhaven with the vamps! :slight_smile:


It was supposed to be a weekend full of social interactions.

Now, it isn’t. And… I have no regret. Well, time to get to work and enjoy this ride.

See you on the other side. xD


Does each LI have their own little scene with Verda’s kid? Because when I played Adam’s route it was Adam. When I played Nate’s route, it was Nate. But then I played Mason’s route and it was a Nate scene again. Is that just because Mason wouldn’t interact with Cara? Or is it a mistake?

Loving the demo though!

I just had to do this


YAASS It’s heree! (even though not fully but) ITS FRICKIN HEREEEE

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That’s a random scene, so you’ll get one of the four vamps randomly in that moment. Well done on getting them so matched to their route on that, though, lol! :smiley:

@Aleksa100 I input ‘dearest’ as mine, you know, totally just for testing purposes…hehehe ;D


i liked all the routes except for Avas… im still kinda unsatisfied with that route, hope is only me :sweat_smile:

Guys! Even A is Team New Car! :joy:

M’s route was so much more adorable than i expected! F was a cutie too, but i expected that from them. M was surprisingly adorable in both their own route and F’s as well :hugs:

Me in A's route when A still disagrees with mc


Spoiler alert: They don’t…

You mean to tell us you edited the LT route as well? Ouch. That route got even more brutal :disappointed_relieved:


I briefly looked over the LT choices as I was going through Chapter 6. BRUTAL!
I can barely take it, and I haven’t fully played through the last chapter yet with the LT.


when I played with Nate it was Felix though… :thinking: oh, saw it was random, never mind


Heavy breathing intensifys