The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Just dropping by to take a wild guess about the girl our detectives bumped into: a harpy. No idea if they exist in the world of Wayhaven or how that would even work, I just got bird vibes because of the feathers lol


Now you say it, I can totally she her as one of the harpies from wow!!


I will be honest if i found out supernaturals were real i would board up my house and hide in there armed to the teeth and never leave.


I work with UB because I have to. But I don’t have to like it. Ultimately as soon as Wayhaven is secure I’m telling them to hit the road and don’t bother with Christmas cards. I’ll become The Grimm of Wayhaven without their help if needed. Saw people talking about Bobby I’d love to (try to) expose the existence of the supernatural to her just to say fuck the Agency. But either she wouldn’t believe me, the proof wouldn’t come out, or the Agency would mind wipe her. But I’d enjoy the backlash from them.


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Yes everyone, please listen to what @Meira_Litch says.

It’s only been a few hours and we’re already 150+ comments in. Most WIPs don’t even reach that in a week, some not at all.
For the sake of convenience let’s please try and keep this topic focused as much as possible on feedback for the game so that we don’t unnecessarily hit the comment limit. That’s what the general discussion thread is for.

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Yay, demo!! May I just say: A. Full stop. <3!!!

a little bug

I did notice this playing through Ava’s route, before the meeting starts:

“I notice her bring his hands together” being the offending phrase.

I’m getting some real Dead Moon Circus vibes from that last scene… Sophia is not going to enjoy this carnival lol


I’m thinking American horror story freak show.

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I hope there’s a scene where someone tries to hypnotize us using our love… Oh your family…oh. your friends…oh… Well crap. You’re just kind of a miserable person huh detective?

" You’re under arrest jackass"


@Seraphinite i have a question! one thing that doesn’t make sense to me, at least, is why the detective didn’t have any contact with the unit in those two months after they left the facility? i thought they’re already part of the team and i just think two months without any kind of contact is just too long and there must be some explanation for that.

other than that, I really loved the demo! M and F laundry fight scene is the best (so far)!


Ooo, Mason’s trouuuuuuble!


Soooooper important question: Is the corner of our desk still smashed up? Because I kind of really hope so.


I mean, depending on the playthrough, it could’ve been repaired with the rest of the station if you chose to stay instead of leaving with Tina to the bar. After getting wrecked by the thralls, A’s damage was minor in comparison.

Edit: I haven’t had my MC stay at the station in a while (he needs to get a pulse of the town, and beer is good), so, yeah, that ↓ more than likely happened.

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Pretty sure even when they fix the station after the thrall attack they left the duct tape on the corner of the desk. (Which kinda makes sense–since it was damage already there, people might’ve noticed if it was suddenly repaired.) If I’m remembering right the detective specifically comments that it wasn’t fixed with the rest of the office after that scene–I guess we don’t know whether the detective got a new desk in the interim between books but for now we’ve got no reason to assume so


It would be funny if we get a new desk and A breaks it again, then mc could choose how to react


I’m seriously just praying for more of A involuntarily breaking things rather than admit any feelings they have for the detective.


@Seraphinite just caught an error

i think you mean imperceptible?

Offended, but not surprised.

I just screamed :open_mouth:. This is so great.

recenly I’ve been replaying trying different routes with different RO’s and different detectives but I can’t wait to continue my main detective’s story, she’s romancing Adam.


My house was repaired but because I chose messy style they fixed it down to the old pizza boxes