The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (Discussion)

I definitely think there’s more to Nate than meets the eye. So let’s get the facts: he drinks less blood than the others, it’s hard for him to control himself even when he smells it or sees a bloodbag, he doesn’t like to bring up his past and is always very tense about it, he has two tiers and he’s never killed anyone by his own hand but in the vision we can clearly see that he’s just watching, expresionless, while two people tear each other apart in a bloody mess. So I have two theories and they’re not mutually exclusive. 1) he drinks less than the others because blood makes him loose control and he goes berserk; 2) he’s some sort of a telepath and he can influence other people’s actions/make them act like his puppets. So maybe… he drinks less than the others because the more blood he ingests, the harder it gets to supress his psychic abilities?

Ahhh can you imagine that angst when he finally goes over the edge and it’s up to MC to either save him or let him lose himself?? Okay so she’s probably not going to lose him because it’s not that kind of a novel, but I can just feel Nate’s immense guilt when he finally comes back from the edge. What if it makes him or finally breaks him? And what if our MC is the only one who can help him find himself :frowning: I LIVE FOR THAT ANGST PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME.


hello did someone say angst


:joy: :joy: :joy:

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Call the angst police, for god’s sake, call the angst police, we’ve got a loose angst writer here!:joy::joy::joy:


you’ll never catch me alive!!!

so, [twirls hair] @Whitefury92
just how angsty are we talkin’ bout here fren?

you lookin for a happy ending or the kind that crops up every couple of years while you’re washing dishes or something and you just think, “wow i really hate that” and then ignore it and go back to the task at hand


OH my GOD as if the rest of it wasn’t angsty enough. That is definitely the cursed timeline. :joy:

(Also if y’all angst lovers haven’t checked out
Donor definitely do so!)

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Why not have both? :joy: I want some angst followed by a happy ending, I’m not a complete masochist! :lying_face:

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maybe it’s not a telepath thing, he may be really scary when out of control (torturing people and stuff) that they actually had to obey him

apparently i am a masochist bc i seem incapable of writing that. i shall leave you to the others for fic recs in that regard.
in the meantime, i gotta head out. dont everyone set fire to the police department while im gone :v:

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That’s what they all say! :wink:

We live in a dark time, my friend

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checks out the police station we will definitely not try to set fire on the police department. Yeah, totally promise you that stuff


:rotating_light::oncoming_police_car::rotating_light: ello, ello, ello, what’s going on ere then!?


Well I am playing as a gay male and even if he wants to get with me I will either turn him down gently at first, if he keeps at it I will get a bit rough, if he still tries I’ll sick Mason on him lol.

But either way I love Douglas. He’s adorable.

Playing as a female is different, he doesn’t like the male MCs, he just has hero worship. If your playing a female he comes off as a creep.

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I’ll try a female then to see this. I will get back to you when I see it.

It’s especially apparent if you keep rejecting him or tell him to leave.

But is he creepier than Falkes, who traumatizes your UB squeeze at the fair, creeps on your fair photo to spy on you, puts your acquaintance in a coma AND shows up in your apartment, uninvited, twice? IDK.


Haha, I still think Douglas/Bobby are creepier than Falk.

While I don’t necessarily condone his actions, I understand that he is basically from a different world - a different understanding of the world. What he does at he carnival, is what he considers his duty. The photo is a means to get you to stop to interfere with his duty. Your acquaintance … yes, is collateral damage, though maybe not as innocent as believed and as he says “we usually don’t announce ourselves”. It’s a habit - a means by which they live.

So yeah, not saying it’s all ok, but I can see it being less creepy because he abides to different rules/traditions than B/D - who, having grown up with other humans, know that what they are doing is not really acceptable.


He wasn’t doing it to get in your pants.