The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (Discussion)

I think it might be bugged because if you are into women Falk shouldn’t be hitting on you


weird,I wonder if non-binary is being flagged as bisexual for that even though I specified I was attracted to women. Because when I played non-binary and specified I was attracted to women he definitely kept hitting on me

@E_RedMark lol sounds like your MC is pretty popular

@E_RedMark I’ve done the love triangle twice mostly to see different scenes of Nat and Ava flirting with me. I saw a whole new side of both Ava and Nat. Nat was definitely more aggressive in her attempts to attract
MC’s attentions even at the end when I told her I wasn’t ready to be in a relationship yet she said it was ok if we didn’t go out to dinner we could do whatever I wanted she was just happy to be with me.

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just mah luck lol I got 3 stalker in my game :sweat_smile:

@Alex_Parker_Roberts you add the Love Triangle, and you got one hell of a mess lol My mc gonna end up on Xanax after all of this… :smile:

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I think it may have to do with the relationship flags in book one, but I can’t be one hundred percent sure because in the instance of Falk being attracted to you, there’s also gender flags, and non-binary MCs have a specific flag for that as well.

Here’s the non-binary book one flags:

*if (gender=“non-binary”) #…I might have made a move—I’m only attracted to women.
*set attraction “straight”

*if (gender=“non-binary”) #…I wouldn’t have made a move—I’m only attracted to men.
*set attraction “gay”

*if (gender=“non-binary”) #…I might have made a move—I’m attracted to men and women.
*set attraction “bisexual”

So, if you’re non-binary and straight, Falk’s ‘attracted’ flag might apply to your MC, even though they aren’t female. Like I said, though, I am not completely certain about that.


I did the one-binary play through in book 2 without importing my book 1 play-through, and I selected non-binary attracted to women. Maybe it was just a weird glitch, I may try another non-binary play through starting with book 1 and importing it to book 2 and see what happens with Falk

Also how are you able to view the coding ?


Whether you import a save or not, the attraction flags will be the same. I was just stating that they were from book one because that’s where the initial decision on your preferences is.

Here’s a easy-to-follow guide on accessing the game’s code:


Thanks so much, I’ll have to boot up my computer and access the game through there.
I mostly play through my iPhone and IPad


So what ages are your MC’s?
Mine is generally early 20s to early 30s depending on who i romance and how I roleplay the character.

When I’m romancing Nat only, my MC is generally shy about romance/not very experienced, more introverted, loves to read, either a caring person and wants to help people or is more focused on deduction/knowledge and is either scared/confused about supernaturals or really excited. He is definitely in his early 20s, not very sure of himself.

When I romance Farah he is also pretty young, hyperactive as heck, very excited about supernatural stuff, still a little shy romance wise not much experience but also has a bit more confidence in himself. He also loves to make people laugh and is very witty

With Morgan my MC is older, probably early 30s very forward romance wise with what he wants, more focused on tech and combat.

With Ava he is either still a bit scared about stuff but he gains confidence as he goes, Or he is very confident, he tends to focus more on his combat skills, he also shows how much he cares about Ava and tries to push her to admit her feelings to him. He is probably in his mid 30s

With Ava and Nat triangle he is either confident with both women or focuses on flirting heavily with one and totally clueless that the other one has feelings for him


I generally like play a detective in his mid 20’s, who doesn’t open up well(Thanks to Bobby)


you guys stole all mah like… :sweat_smile:

Personally, I never think of the age of the MC. Cose it really doesn’t matter. Some of the dialogue can make you feel young, some older.

But if I have to put on a number, I say my mc would be between 28-35 .


“I was approached by the leader of the rogues once again before we came here,” he announces.

A strange tension grips me as he says this. “What did she want?”

“She said it was us, but…” His gaze falls over me meaningfully. “I believe she knew I have a draw to you.”

There it is. Lesbian Mc get hit on by Falk… :roll_eyes:


He just forgot to add “as friends.” At the end. Totally innocent, I’m sure.


N-mancer is late 20s (roughly 28-29). Very worried about hitting 30. Used to be lazy as heck (it’s why he took the job) but has matured into a somewhat capable adult. Shy when it comes to romance, it’s been a long time since he’s dated anyone for long, his attempts at dating have gone badly for years. He blames Bobby.

M-mancer is mid 20s. Closed off to most people, dislikes authority figures. Rebellious youth. If you prove you care, and are honest, he’s surprisingly nice. Boldly flirts, but is not looking for anything serious, hasn’t done so after the Bobby incident, and isn’t eager to start now.

F-mancer would be early 20s, only been on the force for a couple of years. Energetic and impulsive, tries to get along with everyone. Struggling to cope with the horrific stuff he’s seeing, had a bit of a breakdown at the end of book 2. Completely ready to dive into the romance, wears his heart on his sleeve.

A-mancer is 34 exactly. Workaholic who’s honestly just very shy. Stubborn too. Ridiculously tall. Could not flirt to save his life.

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I know what ask you’re referring to! It was mentioned at one point that MC might play wingman/wingwoman for Tina. My best guess is that it might be one of the firemen mentioned in book 2. Maybe that Xanthe person, with the dog?


I’m not totally set on it yet, but my favourite MC is mid-to-late 20s, I think probably hovering around the 25 or 26 mark. Still pretty young, but also still within the general presenting age range of UB.


I feel like Tina and F are really perfect for each other (for non Fmancer routes of course).


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Meaningfully =/= longing
being drawn to someone =/= romantic feelings

Just saying - I think it depends on what you read into it but you can be drawn to someone you’re fond off, without being physically or sexually attracted to them.

In regards to my MC’s age - usually mid-end 30’s


Sorry about that, still new to posting in the forums

Also what exactly is double posting ?

Yes I can totally see F and Tina hitting it off

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