The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

Ha! I’ve had this reaction in more than one video game. F was just barely charming enough to make it acceptable. (Divinity: Original Sin 2 was so bad in this department, I got seriously uncomfortable :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

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She came out with her guns blazing and shot you and Adam. That is hilarious! You guys sound like a lively circle.


Progress Report - 30th July 2020

Wow, what a week!

It felt like an intensely focused week this week! Not sure why it was that way, but it felt good :smiley:

I think most of it was inspired by the fact that I finished A’s scene waaay earlier in the week than I anticipated! That was a major boost of motivation! Though there was just one part in there where I had to take a moment ‘cause I was like…


Obviously cause it was A, it was pretty intense :smiley: But it was great to finally bring in these moments…

After A, I got stuck straight into the ending scenes…and completed it! At least 95% anyway. I just have to add in the bits of variation to account for the combat scenes after they’re finished, which shouldn’t take too long. The longest part was adding in variation to the scene so that different team members would speak and ask questions depending on who you had the previous scene with!

There’s a few variations to the opening of the chapter 8 end scene that made me chuckle. N’s particularly, depending on how you choose for the previous research scene to go, really made me smile :smiley:

I think breaking the chapters down into scenes has REALLY been working for me this time around, and definitely something I will continue to do for future books. It makes it much more workable, especially on huge chapters like this. It seems like Chapter 8 (both versions of it) will come in well over 100,000 words once done, probably easing over 150,000, so working in chunks has really helped to make it less overwhelming!

I’m waiting to hear back from some sensitivity readers too. Hoping that’ll be next week. I had thought about having them read chapter by chapter, as some of my other readers do, but one of the sensitivity readers has actually worked on a branching narrative game before, and he suggested waiting until the end so as it’s a cohesive piece and much easier to spot things in. That now seems like the best idea, and not actually something I’d thought of :smiley:

I’ve given them my hopeful goal date for when I want the writing of the book to be done by, so I’m just waiting on them to get back to me on whether they can fit it in at that time, as it will obviously be a very big task! Luckily it’s a while away, so plenty of time to plan it in.

Next week, I’ll be jumping straight into the combat version of Chapter 8 or continuing on with Chapter 7 edits (which I actually have started today! Yay!)…we’ll see how it goes ;D

Hope you all have the most wonderful weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so we’ll talk to you all soon <3


Can’t wait to read the complete book. Love what you have so far, as well as Book 1 and 2. You have a gem here and well, for lack of a better phrase, I love it. Hoping there will be a bit where Ava finally tells the MC she has feelings for him (I’m a straight guy so I’ll be calling the characters by their female names, if that’s ok)


I think all A-mancers are hoping the same thing. (Also I don’t think it matters which name you use. I see people use either the male or female name all the time).


I hope so my dude, she can’t keep denying it. It’ll be super frustrating if she does. We all want that to happen as soon as possible lmao

You don’t have to worry about that but I do feel like majority of the fans seem to play with all male UB characters.

And there’s few straight dudes who play with all female UB characters


I know. Im one of them :joy:


Me too :grin::sunglasses:


as someone who only romances male ROs, that’s true xD

Okay, so I’ve been pondering this since the new demo came out, and I’m really curious what everyone’s detectives were most upset about looking when their neighbor’s bathtub fell through the roof into their bedroom.

For my four detectives it would probably be:

1:a large collection of D&D books
2:scrapbooks with pictures of Took
3:Flat screen TV for playing Xbox in bed
4: laptop kept on the bedside table with all her work files

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From all the romance focused wips that I’ve taken time to read I’ve noticed a staggering amount of people who always pick male ROs or male version of interchangable gender ROs - I mean it do make sense since it’s romance, I’m a sucker for romance but surely that’s not really a rarity right?

As a straight dude I feel like an exotic animal in the world of interactive fiction. I’ve taken time to make a tumblr account - because that’s where IF communities and fanbases seem to be active the most and authors are there taking time entertaining questions from the fans - for the purpose of asking stuff and it only amplifies that feeling.

What about clothing? I had my detective wear stylish fancy clothing but judging how he went to the warehouse barefoot and wet his entire closet must’ve been soaked af

For a charismatic and charming fellow who prides on being stylish with a badge, it must’ve been annoying to have their entire wardrobe ruined in a single event, at least ava got a good look at him tho :flushed:


When I did read that scene I remembered Cleveland falling down :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This place and its games definitely feels a bit like stepping into Wonderland for me, not because I’m a straight dude but because most of my gaming experience through the years has been in the land of AAA RPGs, where straight dudes have traditionally been the majority. Outside the AAA sphere I’ve found a whole different world (thank you, internet!). :open_mouth:

More on topic, has anyone romanced both the male and female versions of one of the Bravos? Are there significant differences?


I’m curious about something. When you guys play different RO paths, are your MC’s dramatically different, or just small adjustments depending on who you’re romancing. I’m the later, and I was wondering about everyone else


I have done both the male and female versions of each route, and there aren’t really any significant differences. There are some small things like Ava will give the detective her scarf in the patrol scene in book 1 while Adam with give the detective his coat, and some small backstory details change like in book 2 Nate says he was in the British Royal Navy while Nat says her family ties to the Navy instead. Just minor details, nothing that really changes the characters or impacts the romance path.

I use a different MC for each route, and they are each their own unique characters with elaborate backstories. (Probably more than necessary). I just find that when I match a character with the RO, it feels wrong to match them with anyone else, plus I tend to play my MCs in character, so I don’t like changing important details like who they are attracted too just because I want to play another route, I’ll just make a new character.


Dramatically different. I tailor each MC into someone who seems especially compatable with their particular RO, and who will create the most interesting (to me) story with that RO. That’s why having lots of appealing ROs in a game makes it so replayable for me - I get to create so many interesting characters to match!


That makes total sense, it’s hard for me to romance different characters in other games, but not these games for some reason

You and me both my friend, I mostly find myself playing both independent and big triple A rpgs as well - the good ones that is, actual role playing games not just those that slap rpg mechanics on it and call it one.

My experience with crpgs and - well any rpgs out there that allows you to build a character from a blank slate - have influenced how I play choice games and interactive fiction in general and I almost always, depending on the book will create a speech/charisma/persuasion player character because it’s implanted in my head that those types of characters will yield the most meaty dialogue which is kinda funny because I don’t think interactive fiction has a mechanic that locks you out of content if you don’t pass a skill check lmao

uhhhh I usually just stick with one RO path until the end and even when I do try out the others, I will be guaranteed to make another speech/charisma/persuasion type character lmao

It’s almost like a reflex at this point.


Very true, and 99% of the time the first character I make in any RPG is exactly that type for exactly that reason. It’s during replays that I tend to branch out.


Tbh, I’m weird cause I only use one MC. Sometimes I feel like his personality makes small changes depending on who he’s romancing (more sarcastic with M, more excitable with F) but he’s usually the same person.