The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

It depends on the game, honestly, and how invested I’m into said game. In the case of Wayhaven, I do end up playing the same type of character; no matter who I romance. The reason for that is I really enamored with the backstory I have for my MC in my head…and it all started with the choice of ‘why become a cop’ and it was like ‘either that or go to jail’.

This neatly ties into someone who is angry at her mother who was never there. Headcanon is that growing up, her mom was basically this figure who might be there, said ‘I love you’ and then was gone. Not matter how much she tried to connect, she saw her mother rebuff her efforts.

Heh, I even made up a few scenes…like showing Farah (her most common RO) a scrapbook of her childhood…and a section of events where her mom was supposed to show up, but never did. Whether it was a school play, or a sports event etc.

One section is blank, and was going to be a vacation that was initially planned, then cut when Mom had something come up with work. There was a reschedule from two week to a week, possibly a road trip. Again, this was canceled. Eventually this would be whittled down to just having a weekend…which never happened. After that, the detective just stopped asking her mom…and started lashing out, as well growing resentment at mom.

Starting with small stuff, gradually working its way up until she inadvertently hurts someone. This, along with some counseling, pushed her in the cop direction…though she still resents her mother.


For games like Wayhaven that I replay chronically, I like playing characters who have a similar personality to their LI, and then the opposite. If it’s on a demo, then I’ll save and card through each option if I’m bored enough.

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I’m the same. Particularly, I have only one MC.

Of course I have tried different archetypes but I prefer to use just one kind of personality.


naw; I only use one MC too! Her personality does slightly vary with diff characters, but it’s still the same person

even if I did start with a diff MC, I end up reverting back to the traits/personality I always use


I have like thirty different MCs that I switch out depending on the RO and whatever character or personality I want to use. I like looking at stories from all sides and seeing any little changes in dialogue or anything like that when you go with, like, a different background or skill, and having a lot of very different MCs helps with that.

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One-MC player, that’s me. If it was possible to form a poly with 3 RO’s, I’d have only 2 saves per book (for Douglas and Bobby’s/Tina and Verda’s routes).


I only have the one detective (and have explored all romances with them) but, like @Ekaterina mentioned, I have two saves based on the Douglas/Bobby split. My detective is much closer to Rebecca in the Bobby variant because they are trying to keep the secret from Bobby to keep his dumb ass safe and so has a more forgiving attitude toward Rebecca about keeping the secret from them for all those years. Whereas in my Douglas variant, the detective is trying really hard to connect with him because they understand what it’s like to not have the relationship with your parent that you wish you had, so not only are they not close with Rebecca (in part because being around Douglas brings all those feelings to the surface) but they are also pretty rude/hostile with the mayor.

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I love your backstory! I definitely didn’t think that much about it for my character.

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totally! my first mc is kinda like me but braver (lmao) and was dumbstruck with Adam (cold and brooding, must be mine). I struggled a lot with my second mc bc I wanted to see how Mason path would be but none of the mc traits I came with really clicked with his personality, until I realised she didn’t have to be bold, something I rarely manage on an mc (I’m terrible at personality building I know) but it turned out great?? the contrast and making Mason confused bc she’s an innocent precious cutie pie?? so yeah. veeeery different mcs. I still have to figure out how to romance Nate and Felix but we’ll get there.


Pairing Mason with a sweet and innocent MC is one of my favorite routes. It just so cute.


I’m kinda half and half. With some RO I play the same MC with slight variations, with others I make one entirely from scratch. It also affects what game I’m playing. If is one with lowkey romance were the approach doesn’t really count or the difference between the MC personality and the RO reactions to it isn’t noticeable in some degree; then I tend to apply the first path. In Wayheaven specifically I have different MCs for each RO. Usually total opossites of their personalities lol.


Pairing Ava with a detective who’s equal parts charming and sarcastic with a penchant for bold flirting is pretty fun too.

Most of the flirting just go overhead and kills the whole charismatic playboy vibe of the detective because the recipient is a stoic emotionally stunted buff vampire lady who’s obvious burried emotional baggage is restricting her capacity to feel things and runs away the moment things get touchy and spicy

it’s painful to read - I meant that in a good way - and I swear to god or whatever sky daddy y’all’s pray to if book 3 ends with nothing but hand holding (again) I will aggressively start writing my own Ava X M.Detective fan fic and sate my frustrated ass


I agree with hand holding on the A route. Slow burn is one thing, but at some point we need to ripe off the bandaid and have a first kiss scene


Come to the dark side. We have headcanon and fixfics.


I play a similar detective on my A route actually, and she’s my favorite of my MCs. She is also extremely sarcastic, and can charm her way out of a paper bag. She’s also almost as stubborn as A is which is pretty funny. But she is a shy flirt rather than a bold one, which I also think is funny. She’s very confirm up until making accidental eye contact with Adam, then it’s just awkward eye contact till they interpreted by some or Adam realizes they’re having a moment.


Someone write this fanfic please XD


Can I romance Bobby? :sweat_smile:

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No, Bobby is not a romance option. You are able to have had a relationship with Bobby in the past and some different kinds of interaction with Bobby, like kissing and having sex (this is possible in book two). However, this will not lead to a relationship with them.

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Wait what? i knew about kissing but when did sleeping with them become an option?

It wasn’t when he goes to your apartment on his “route”? I think?