The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

“Okay, honey, first you play Darcy and I’ll play Lizzie, then next time we’ll switch, and then…” (or would N go for Bingley/Jane? Hmmm…)

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Eh, I wouldn’t necessarily say there’s a connection between the two but a new rising faction of supernaturals free from global government oversight is definitely something I’d expect Trappers to atleast hear rumors about. That would definitely be of interest of them. I say draw a wedge between the Agency and the carnival group because in the end it would benefit the Trappers. The Agency would now have a rogue, possibly hostile group of supernaturals to contend with or avoid to prevent further escalations giving the Trappers ample opportunity to take advantage of the chaos and abduct members from both sides since both sides won’t be coordinated enough to mount a viable counter strategy. Anything that aids the Rogue faction would be purely incidental rather than a planned outcome. That’s just me spitballing though, i could be way off the mark honestly

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I’m not bothered by the power fluctuations as much because of a few points. The first case where you mentioned the thralls and being under the effects of dmb could be explained that thralls for all intents and purposes are complete morons lacking any battle sense. Seems like they can only accomplish basic commands which is a disadvantage so while definitely a problem in a horde, it shouldn’t be much trouble to dispatch them as long as you approach it strategically. Add in adrenaline that the Detective and LI (adrenaline going through a vamp must be even more potent) are feeling and they could definitely hold out as long as they did.

Now as for the Trappers, I can see the LI being overwhelmed because these are enemies who aren’t attacking mindlessly and know full well what vampires are capable of. Vampires may have plenty advantages but we’ve seen that they are just as susceptible to pain as anyone else. Pretty much, humans need to use horde tactics to overwhelm a vampire and not give them the opportunity to retaliate.

The biggest caveat though is that UB isn’t allowed to kill anyone. You really think A of all the team wouldn’t paint the walls red with Trapper blood singlehandedlyif killing wasn’t discouraged. Pretty much all of UB could clean house easily if the Agency didn’t mind making a few bodies disappear but being constrained to non lethal methods with a hostage to boot definitely makes things difficult.


Are they not allowed to kill period? Because I thought the ‘no kill’ policy applied to supernaturals only since that was the stipulation from the supernaturals themselves.

I still think that Adam might have killed a trapper on accident. In B2 during the sewer battle, there’s a scene where he flings a chunk of concrete at a trapper when the detective is overwhelmed, and there’s no freakin’ way somebody could survive a such a hulk smash from Adam.

But fantasy is fantasy I suppose, and they probably just have brain damage or something.


I don’t know the human body can be pretty impressive I heard about a guy who got swallowed by a whale and lived, anyone whose parachute didn’t open, there’s a soldier from world war two who should have died a million times over and he kept going back oh and of course Rasputin the real one heh. It’s impressive what adrenaline can do going back to the soldier example allot of soldiers will get shot and just keep going. But you also have a point I mean vampires are not a normal thing people fight against.


Adrenaline is one hell of a drug. It helps numb pain and push the body, even when someone is mortally wounded. But it doesn’t increase the body’s durability.

A cinder block to the head is generally lethal no matter how much adrenaline you got in you lol


Right good point though I’m not just talking adrenaline should have made that more clear I meant more like adrenaline can do allot but we also should give the human body more credit that’s more what I meant.

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yeah but a cinder block thrown by a vampire with enhanced strength


Aye, one of strongest enemies of the early roman republic and one of the most notable kings of hellenic greece got hit by a roof tile thrown by the mother of the dude he was fighting with on the streets of argos.

If a roof tile from a mother could do that to a man like pyrrhus imagine what a cinder block thrown by a fucking vampire would do lmao


I think its really funny that your N-mancer was teh only one who saved Sanja because my N-mancer was the only one who saved their love interest. Choosing Sanja over F hurt more than it should, but my MC was like “It’s my job to protect innocents, and UB knew the risks before taking the mission.” She drives me crazy sometimes, but I always try to play my MCs as in character as possible, and she was insistant. My M-mancer is just convinced that Mason is in invincible, and despite being an incredibly emotional mother-hen type, she wasn’t as bothered as I expected her to be. My A-mancer just refuses to accept failure as an option, and Sanja was the mission. She tends to see policing as a perpetual game of chess that she has to win. (For better or for worse). Although, for her seeing Adam in the hospital was what made her realize that she’s in love with him. My N-mancer is just the type of person that is super logical a rarely shows emotions outside of sarcasm, up until the point that someone he cares about is in trouble then he’s just extremely protective, so saving Nat was the obvious choice for him. (Can’t wait to see how pairing an over-protective combat based MC with overprotective N is going to play out in the future…) Anyway, I just found it interesting that my detectives were opposite from yours. Also love hearing about your MCs, they all seem very interesting.


I totally forgot about A doing that!!! That’s a bad day for that Trapper though my sarcastic, slightly morbid Detective would have been screaming “He needs some milk!!!” while laughing the whole time.


Preach! My M-mancer girl is going to be defiant until the end. No sex without those messy emotional bits first. Kissing? Fine. We can both suffer until he gets it (emotionally at least) XD


Speaking of M-mancing:

"She shifts me closer until our sides are pressed together as we walk. “Around you, Brian, that’s just always a given.”

I’m less shocked by the words and much more by the casual use of my nickname."

The text here refers to the Detective’s name as his nickname. I’m assuming that’s a typo.

Is anyone else really looking forward to the hangout with Tina and Verda? I know lots of people are quite excited about the dinner scenes with them (especially the Verda one for obvious reasons lol), but I haven’t seen anyone mention the hangout you’ll get with them both if you’re on the branch where neither of them knows about the supernatural!

Personally I’m super excited for that scene since I adore the friendship dynamic between these two and my detective, not to mention that the MC hasn’t really had much interaction with both of them together outside of a work environment. I guess at the end of Book Two, at the carnival, sort of counts? But it was a pretty short scene overall, so I’m really looking forward to getting some more opportunities for interaction between them and the MC. It helps me develop and explore the friendship between them and my detective better, which is always a welcome opportunity. I’m hoping it’s something similar to the bar scene from Book One when the detective goes out with Tina! Just something friendly and chill that’s not work related.

I think it’s safe to assume that the detective’s LI will end up tagging along for this hangout, like in the dinner branches, what with the detective needing constant protection and all that lol. BTW, speaking of the MC’s protection, I’m actually surprised they were still allowed to walk around by themselves ANYWHERE after they learnt about the bounty, or that they were allowed to still stay over and sleep by themselves in their apartment. I mean, come on, that’s some rather convenient conditions and a perfect time for a successful kindapping. :rofl: Anyhow, to be back on topic…

As for the LI coming along to this hangout with Tina and Verda, I just wanna say, godspeed to A and M mancers. :rofl: I can already imagine how incredibly awkward this will be with them as LIs, considering their “stellar” social skills and love for humans lmao. I personally can’t complain at all since Nate is my detective’s canon romance and I’ll probably get all I want and hope for out of this scene - more interaction between the MC, Tina and Verda as a friend group, more interaction between my detective and Nate in a more casual setting, plus interaction between Nate, Tina and Verda. It’s rather nice when your LI gets along well with your MC’s friends, isn’t it? :wink: But yeah, I imagine this scene will be really wholesome and fun with N or F as a LI, but A and M mancers better brace themselves for one awkward hangout/dinner. :rofl: I’m cringing just thinking about it lmao.

What are your guys’ opinions on Tina and Verda? What are your MCs relationships with them like - close friends, acquaintances, active dislike? I’ve seen some people say they find Tina annoying, especially after seeing her pushiness about the detective coming to dinner with their LI. And I’ve also seen quite a lot of people say they want to romance Verda! :rofl: I’m curious to hear your guys’ thoughts.


I’m actually expecting Ava to straight up keep the detective on a leash in future books, this stubborn frigid lady will probably insist on being a guard dog for the detective while denying ever having any feelings for them and say “it’s just her job” like seriously lady, keep telling yourself that despite the obvious sexual tension :roll_eyes:

Really? I find tina just the right amount of annoying and that’s not a bad thing considering she’s very much a genki girl.

Tbh tina seems fun to hang out with ngl, seemingly never ending energy-filled girls like those are hard to keep up with but bring out the best in you if you put up with their antics.


I would have thought petplay was more Morgan’s jam


I meant that figuratively but

I don’t mind being leashed by Ava at all lmao


Friendly reminder that y’all can take your sin over here, lol.

Just make sure that you’re part of the adult readers group!


I like Tina pretty well but the introverted scientist in me will always prefer Verda.

That was something that actually made me kind of upset. If you let Verda continue his research and he discovers The Truth, I get why he’s feeling the way he does, but I do wish there had been another option for the detective’s motivation. The option to let him continue was just about having someone to talk to about the supernatural but for me, it made sense. Verda is a scientist and his own person who can make his own choices and if he wants to pursue research, he has a right to do that, but even more so, we needed a cure. There was no certainty that we could cure the illness, even if we figured out where it came from and what it was. I felt it was wrong to risk those lives by ignoring a keen scientific mind who wanted and was able to help. That choice wasn’t about what the detective, or even Verda wanted. I wish that had been an option. I assume it was too even things out with Tina, who wasn’t going to have that immediate impact, but still. I’m not sure that counts as a spoiler at this point but just in case.


I have been trying to convince some of my friends to play Wayhaven with me for a while now, and I finally got my two best friends and cousin to play the first game! Even I was not prepared for the chaos that would happen.

My first friend that played was really disappointed that Versa wasn’t a RO. And she tried to voice act every single character which was really funny, especially when she got very put out that the MC didn’t know either Kate’s or Morgan’s accent cause she didn’t knowhow to act it, and when she got to Farah, she looked at me and was like “what on earth is an American accent?” ( we both live in America where there are several different accents depending on what part of the country your in), so after a much longer discussion than necessary about what kind of American accent (which I know is clarified book 2, but she wasn’t that far), She just gave up on voice acting all together.

Now my cousin was even funnier to watch play this. I knew I was in over my head when we got to the point where you name your detective as I told her the last option would let her pick her own name. She than looked at me and said “oh that was a mistake.” This began the story of Detective Barthalema McGreenbean. It took our aunt four tries to pronounce Barthelema right. Then when we got to the introduction of UB and Nate introduced himself she didn’t even read the other character introductions before going “That one. That’s who I’m going to marry.” And after the initial office scene when Nate is trying to apologize on behalf of Adam right before she clicked the flirt choice she looked at me and asked “This is talk and dreamy right?” She also could not keep a straight face in any encounter with Bobby, and keep pronouncing his name like he was the villain of some old cartoon. Although I give her bonus points for being the only one brave enough to pick exBobby on the first playthrough.

Now my third friend had been listening to me talk about Wayhaven for months before I finally forced her to play it. When I would tell her about it she would kept scolding me for shooting Adam then when she played she also shot Adam, and I was like “Ha! Now you can’t make fun of me anymore.” And she was like “I didn’t go from shooting him to wanting to marry him in the span of 15minutes.” Which is fair. The funniest part of her run through though was when she met UB for the first , and Felix tried to kiss her hand she started freaking out. She was like “Why is this person touching me? What is going on?” Our other friend texted in the group chat the next day that her reaction to hand kissing was going to live in her head rent free forever.

They all enjoyed it, and two of them said they’ll probably buy it, but watching them play was even more entertaining than playing it myself. I just thought I’d share those reactions in the hopes that it someone laugh as much as it made me laugh.