The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

Eh, I kinda get why they’d kill Sanja from a strategic standpoint. Basically even if they couldn’t capture the Detective they’ll worsen relations between the Agency and the Maa-alused and possibly alienate the group further. But that kinda goes out the window since they apparently don’t have any lethal to use. A quick poke with a knife or a shot from a gun would have taken care of that. I don’t mind too much and suspend belief since faceless mooks need to be faceless mooks but we’ve already know that they are capable of abducting Agency personnel and enslaving supernaturals. I guess I was hoping for something a bit more sinister or imposing from them. I’m hoping to be surprised in future books


I can think of worse ways to die than getting chomped on by a cute vampire.


Oh believe me, I want this to happen too >:) >:) >:) For science! (and masochism reasons that have nothing to do with wanting my character to get chomped on by her reluctant vampire boyfriend so I can delight in the emotional fall-out from all that… )

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That’s actually a fairly reasonable observation tbh

It feels like the detective has blatant and not so subtle plot armor behind them and their blood is also building up to be a future mcguffin (I can feel it) and also has anyone ever noticed the power fluctuations of chosen love interests? One moment they’re capable of holding the blood enhanced murphy and his thralls while probably debuffed by a bit of dmb and the other they go down and get surprised by what, 2 or 3 trappers that the detective seemed to have no trouble knocking down?

You could say that the love interest was distracted and what not or they were extremely distracted and scared by the dangers that could befall the detective being a field agent which is just really a fancy way of saying they got distracted but come on, y’all know that’s a flimsy excuse. Especially for professional vampires


While I agree with this (UB is shown to be flat out incompetent whenever the plot calls for it, to a degree that is almost laughable), I think the explanation for their weakness in that scene was that the sun hadn’t quite gone down yet.


Do their weakness apply even under the cover of darkness? Because I’m pretty sure in book 2, I recall my detective’s chosen LI ava getting her ass handed to her by a trapper or two in the sanja sewer rescue and the detective is prompted to chose between sanja or her to which sanja was the obvious choice

I mean who’s really in danger anyway, the 900 years old amazon mommy vampire built like tank or the kidnapped fortune teller lady? Also the scene that comes after ava is hospitalised was really nice and kinda sweet, the only time this frigid bitch has virtually shown her true feelings :flushed:


I don’t understand why you always refer to Ava as “mommy” because as far as I understand it means mother.

Does your MC have Oedipus complex?

I am really confused honestly.

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Yep, that happened. And I agree that it’s ridiculous. But, as I said before, I think it will be one of those things that happens whenever the plot dictates even if it makes no sense.

My A-mancer didn’t get it because she couldn’t stand seeing Adam in a position that looked like he was going to die (actually, the only detective I had that chose Sanja over the LI was my N-mancer, who was like, “Okay, if that’s what you want!”). I wish both my A- and M-mancers would’ve chosen differently to get the good scenes, but they do what they do and that was one of those choices where they could’ve gone either way–it was they were saving their LI, consequences be damned. It’s just too bad they get no encouragement like they would have if they had chosen Sanja!

By the way, you are one of the funniest people I’ve ever seen online. Your posts make me laugh–a lot. Your ‘hardware store’ comparison for M nearly killed me. Now that I’ve shared it with my husband, he wants me to write a one-shot fic for M and my detective called “Nut and Bolt.” And I gotta say, I’m damned tempted to do just that…

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I feel like this assumes that there is some connection between the rebels and the trappers. Has that been implied yet in the text? I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being the case in some round about way, but it would be an off moment either way.

Either they have no connection, in which case the Trappers have no motivation for wanting to drive a wedge been the agency and the carnies. Or they do, and they could have killed her at any time in a way that shifts a lot more blame on the agency. Plus does that mean that the trappers were aware that Unit Bravo was on their way and waiting for the moment to all die/get captured just to set it up? Or does that mean that the mooks torturing the oracle were aware/cared enough about their organizations strategic level objectives to carry out the set up on the spot?


Oh god no lmao

I just tend to call lean and solid built females amazon mommies, I can honestly say they’re my type, I’m an amazon chaser type of dude, the kind that loves women capable of kicking ass and chew bubblegum.

It’s really just a mommy dom kink of mine, now I know nat fills the team mom role a lot hence the emphasis on amazon lmao


As an Amazon chaser myself, I get it, wouldn’t call em mommy, but I get it.

Wish we had more tomboys though……


Pretty sure ava could squeeze into tomboy territory, even dresses like one, she’s technically a blue blood lady probably set to marry some norman lord but I assumed she avoided responsibility by pushing herself into service as part of her family’s retinue as a norman knight.

Flashback in book 2 was kinda weird though, it said she wore dented but shiny armor which is most likely intended to be plate armor, plate armor shouldn’t exist in the 1100s, she’d be wearing chainmail instead that covered her entire body and a nasal helmet. I tried to ask the author on tumblr twice but didn’t answer, I’m going to assume she’s not keen on entertaining people pointing out historical inaccuracies which is fine considering this is fiction.

I think she did talk about that on the tumblr about the chain mail but you gotta deep dive but I heard it’s a mess over there as of currently.

:woman_shrugging:t6:Just here for beautiful tomboys, speaking of which I most definitely think Ava and Nat count. I thought Morgan as well but I dunno :thinking:


Why Nat? I was under the impression she was a girly girl.
I’ve only played Ava’s route though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I just missed any signs.


I wholeheartedly blame the fan art, gots me feelings things man……


Yeah, I get more of a ‘prim-and-proper-princess-looking-for-a-lover-to-reenact-Jane-Austen-romance-novels-for-all-of-eternity’ from Nat.


I would very much like to see some tomboy Nat fanart, if you have any on hand.

@Lea_Boucher Let me enjoy my irrational fantasy……You’re probably right but damn you anyhow.

This one by @ 4 sehat 5 sempurna


Personally to me, something about her is tomboyish but that’s me though :heart_eyes:


Well, I’m sold.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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That first scene… sweats heavily in bisexual