The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

Same here. I ended up writing an AU fic (in progress still because it’s frigging long) because of how much I love my M-mancer. Then I recently got distracted and started writing one for my A-mancer because I wanted to see what it would take to push A into admitting his feelings before I’m dead… I have yet to find that trigger, but dammit, I will.

Your poor M-mancer! She must not know what to do, at this point. I’m curious to see what would happen with a MC that won’t have sex with M, but once I find the MC that fits with the LI, I can’t write or play the LI with anyone else. I suppose I could resort to reading code, which is what I do to help other people out or to make guides to help out with choices.

How long do you think your MC can hold out? Until M actually does get serious? If so… yeesh, that’s gonna be a painful road. Then again, my MC is on a painful road, too. I guess that’s just the way it is with M and A. The other two get the sweetness, fluff, and love that shows up before we’re near the end.


Yep, she’s a very serious sort of girl, and also quite patient and thoughful. She’s willing to take it slooooow. My A-mancer gets angry and frustrated for them both.

I haven’t reached the point of fanfic yet, but I may get there. I’m already eyeing some other CoG titles with nefarious fanfic-y intent - we’ll see if Wayhaven gets drawn into the vortex.


:sweat_smile: My M-mancer can and will hold for as long as needed lol; she’s patient enough, and some little nudges along the way wouldn’t hurt- and I’m living for the angst xD

it’ll be more rewarding in the end imo



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Yeah, I freaking hate the angst. Or, at least certain kinds of angst. I don’t think I could stand playing a serious, non-physical sort with M. It’s painful enough reading it with someone who was up for a one night romp. I think the combination of the diner incident, the way M acted when they were handing out flyers (and the scene with Sin), and whatever asshole moment we will get in chapter 7 or 8 (to remind us that M is a jerk), she’s going to make A look less repressed. She will either avoid M as much as possible or she’ll bang and run and just turn to stone when he goes all nice and sweet, since she knows what comes next. It’s like Pavlov’s dog with M—a few times of the hot/sweet/asshole troika and the MC will be prepared for which stage in the cycle M is at.

With A, there’s no avoiding the angst, but pairing him with someone who is a free spirit type who is attracted but “knows” it would never work is about the best I could get–she gets annoyed with him on occasion and will walk away every chance she gets (like at the square, before work), but she doesn’t get hurt until Sera forces her to be hurt, and that seems to be working well enough to avoid the largest amount of angst. I tried the overly bold, cheery MC but she grated on me and it came off as creepy and stalkerish doing that with a guy who makes it clear he’s’ not interested. So free spirit with flashes of temper it is!

I don’t think the N and F fans know how easy they have it. Sure, N is overly protective to the MC and F is kinda clingy but there’s no angst. It’s just all sweetness and light. I had to stick a somewhat crass, kinda decent fighter MC with N because that path was too sweet for me. It’s fun to press his buttons. With F, it’s like a teen romance all the way, and sticking him with an MC that kinda freaks out over things (and is ridiculously lazy) is hilarious because they are both basically useless in a crisis.

I mean, I’m sure those two paths will have angst, since Sera is addicted to it, but it’ll likely be of the variety where N or F and the MC are all supportive of each other and it’s the LI sharing their pain and that kind of thing. Like… a real relationship, whereas A and M get the non-relationship rollercoaster variety angst of the LI being mean/distant/cold/resistant/etc. and all that crap. So yeah, the N and F fans have it ridiculously easy.


Yeah, M route is painful in a more direct way, I said it a while back, I’ll say it again; I don’t think people like being treated like a piece of meat so that incident where haley asks what’s up with the detective and M should be a final straw, at least it was it for me; I don’t think I could handle that much because that specific situation is just way too real for interactive fiction lmao

I’m up for chasing blonde stoic amazon women who breaks and cracks furnitures everytime she’s reminded of her feelings but I don’t think I have that much endurance and heart to handle M’s shenanigans, M treats the detective like a hardware store for the purpose of nutting and bolting or if you want some variety because your M is female then to squirt and desert.


I like M the most but I liked your comment because that last paragraph had me wheezing.




My F-mancer is a lazy, useless airhead who could probably use a bit of an angst-induced wake-up call, but so far her priorities remain laughing, flirting, and avoiding responsibility. Boy is she a terrible detective.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who paired someone like this with F! It was hard for me to find someone for him that didn’t friendzone him or look at him like a little brother/child. So enter the lazy, practical jokey, “I don’t want to work” detective. I always meant for her to be young and inexperienced, and she was a practical joker from the beginning (and thinks everything is funny), but somehow she turned into the worst detective of my four. And she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, either. :expressionless:

You made me choke. That was hilarious, and entirely accurate! :stuck_out_tongue:

I still like M’s route, and it’s my favorite because I like M and my detective with him, but I had hoped it would be a bit more of them falling into a relationship without admitting it was a relationship (because I’ve seen that happen with two fuck’n’runs before and it’s kind of adorable) and a little less of M vacillating between being nice and being a total dick, because we already have that with A, just minus the physical contact.

But yeah, I can understand your reluctance to play that route. From a certain point of view, the way canon M treats the MC is worse than the way A does–at least A doesn’t treat the MC like they’re nothing but a receptacle… or a juice bar.


This is my M-mancer too XD She was honest and told him ‘no sex unless it means something’ too. I don’t think she realizes there are deeper feelings at this point on his end (even if, naturally, he isn’t aware of them). She considers the two of them very close friends who are attracted to each other. I don’t think she’s realized she’s actually falling for him. They’ve kissed but she tries to mentally keep it as 'we’re just attracted friends, it’s not like we’re a couple." So the diner scene where he says she just wants to see me naked after that kiss hit her a lot harder than she was expecting and confused her…not nearly as much as it confused Mason, but still XD


Hmmm…I think N mancers are going to be in for serious angst. We see the ‘perfect relationship’ facade crack at the end of the demo when if you choose to join the fight despite him wanting you to stay hidden how upset he gets. His overprotectiveness is definitely going to be an issue for detectives who don’t want to hide in a closet and be protected, but more than that I think N’s the most likely to well…lose control and end up trying to eat the detective ^^; Just seeing a bag of their blood in book 1 was enough to make him bolt from the room.


we stan for the fellow bimbo/himbo/thembo detective in this house… :pensive::v:


Dude. N is going to go full evil stepmother the moment something bad happens to the detective and lock them inside of a tower, I swear. But at least it will be decorated wonderfully and stocked with the freshest farmers market foods, and they will probably send flowery love letters written in calligraphy by pigeon.


… … …

My suitcase is already half packed. Will there be a library?


Alright, so I’m a bit a late to this discussion (1,500 posts, holy moly) so forgive me if I’m repeating anything already covered but does anybody else feel like the Trappers are going about this the wrong way? That or they’re extremely incompetent? If the Trappers are as organized and formidable as we’ve been made to believe then you would think that they would be better equipped to deal with the Detective and UB. I know it’s established that guns are typically avoided since it’s more preferable to capture supernaturals alive but going off of my near 10 plus years in law enforcement I say with certainty that there are more than enough less than lethal options available to make the Trappers lives alot easier. There also doesn’t seem to be a lot of coordination or tactics displayed by the group based off of our encounters with them thus far. Only the handler that we’ve seen in the demo so far displays any real sort of competency but we’ve only had a small glimpse at them.


Well, because the Trappers are like Imperial Stormtroopers.


Of course!!! The answer was in front of me all this time lol


:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: These are not the supernaturals you’re looking for.


Eh, I guess I just don’t see that as angst or that it’s causing the perfect relationship facade to crack. Sure, he’s overprotective and annoying, but he backs off some and knows he effed up. My MC with him is combat-focused but not enough to manage in that fight. She got pissy with him, but she also gets his fears because she fears for him, too. The way I see it, it gives them something to argue about, making the relationship more “real” and offsetting the saccharine sweetness of it.

:laughing: I want to see the MC make this comment to him just to get his horrified reaction. “I would never!” Seriously, though, I would actually enjoy this–and this would be angsty. I’m just not overly convinced it will happen.

Yes, but it’s a plot-driven thing. They’re quite stupid, actually, and it’s not just their lack of planning or coordination. I mean, really… what kind of moron thinks it would be a good idea to try to capture the MC on or just outside of the facility as was done in book 2? Why kill a meal ticket (Sanja) just because a bigger meal ticket (MC) arrives? If they had stopped focusing on killing Sanja and focused on getting the vampires out of the picture, they might have succeeded.

But nope, the plot called for the MC to make a choice between Sanja and the LI, so the Trappers made stupid choices and got stupid prizes. I think we may as well get used to stuff like this, where the plot dictates character actions. Sera’s great with characterization–one of the best I’ve ever seen–but will make characters act in… weird or stupid ways to drive the plot just like most authors I’ve seen.