The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

How far in does the demo go? I try to avoid demos to sequels I’m already invested in, but it’s right there, asking to be read :stuck_out_tongue:


6 chapters out of around twenty.


Ah, I see. Thank you.
Perhaps I’ll dabble then once I wrap up my current playthrough.

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M treating you like booty call?

That’s nothing to A mancers getting told by A downright that there’s nothing between them even with all the aggressive h*ndholding and lewd gazing.


Holy crap theres 20??? Omg im so excited ;-;

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Yo seriously? When and how did that happen? Man, I must’ve been playing safe, I have never had that happen to me.

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This line made me laugh :joy:


You mean A saying there’s nothing between you two? in my case in book 2 Ava says that to Nat when the latter tries to talk her into not denying her feelings anymore and the detective just so happened to be eavesdropping and in book 3 if I remember it right when confronted about how you both feel she cuts the detective off and say there’s absolutely nothing.

All the lewd gazing and cheek touching (if your detective is bold) happens in book 3 and no kiss because A fucking chickens out and stops before anything happens and the only time she lets things run its course is in book 2 where they h**ld hands and YOUR detective HAS TO BE THE ONE TO INITIATE or there won’t be no lewd handh*lding and she’ll only stare at you and let her hand brush with yours

Tldr: A route is pure pain.


Yeah I was talking about the “nothing between you two” part. I don’t remember the confrontation scene in book 3, or maybe just missed it idk. I might have to replay… call it masochism but I cant let that angst slip away lmao

In book 3 it’s during the missing kid case, choose to go with A and the two of you investigate together, the part where you wipe dirt off of A’s face and venture in for a kiss and when A doesn’t relent and tries to break away just say “you can’t keep doing this anymore” or something along those lines

And A will hit you with those magic words


People talkin about single LI routes being pain while me playing Love Triangle has me like



there’s some…rumors that A might just break before M tho :wink: def looking forward to that lol


A is pretty good at breaking - desks, plants, hearts… :wink:


Yep, it’s in the demo.

Thankfully, my A-mancer didn’t even try the hand hold. She knows better. In fact, she knows so much better at this point, that she’ll never make a move on him.

Oh, but you get longing looks and “almost” moments of… well, nothing. Yeah, it’s pretty much pain. Honestly, at the end of the demo when A was like “do this for me!” my MC would’ve just laughed at him. “You don’t get to tell me I’m nothing to you, constantly pull away, then demand anything from me. I’ll do as I please!”

That said, I’m not sure which is worse–having the LI tell the MC they are nothing to them and there’s nothing there or being banged like a Salvation Army drum, touched like they’re the most important thing in the world, then told they’re nothing but a sex toy. Talk about conflicting signals. At least A’s are repressed–with M, the signals are right there in the MC’s face, giving them whiplash.

Yeah, I think A will definitely break before M, given certain things that have been said. I’m also guessing that M is back to cold and distant and being a prick to the MC after chapter 6.

Well, Sera did warn us–if we wanted actual romance, we should go with N or F. A and M will take a very long time to get relationships with.

I’m wondering, though. With F and N, it appears the MC can share their feelings first or wait for them to do it. If we have to wait till late in the series before A and M will feel anything (well, in A’s case, they already feel it, they’re just too stubborn to give into it), then will there really be time for the MC to do it first? Or will the MC be forced to do it first if they want a relationship with them before the very end?

Didn’t quite word that right. I also mean that, with N and F, the LI can declare their feelings and the MC can hold out. If A and M wait until near the end of the series, I’m guessing the MC won’t get the chance to hold out like that and will have to give in, which sucks (especially in A’s case, because my MC isn’t going to buy it).

My MC wouldn’t ask Adam to go to Tina’s with her (or anywhere else) but I’d freaking pay to see Tina go off on him for breaking the plant in the MC’s office. And A’s constipated expression while he gets chewed out by a human, lol.


A is ridiculously stubborn, I certainly hope she breaks earlier, I’m pretty confident they’ll be breaking beds and floors as soon as they finally give in and try to relieve themselves of all those pent up sexual tension. All the denying and chickening out will get old real quick.

I’m not much for M tho, their route is way too real, feeling like a piece of meat is something I definitely wouldn’t want to feel.


Playing a sensitive or wistful character with M is like putting your hand on a red hot element that somebody told you is on. All of the pain is self-inflicted, lol. They’re so open about only wanting sex right from the get go that their building feelings are more surprising than anything else, and if it wasn’t scripted, then you would have been shoved off and somebody as willing as Tina would be targeted, haha. I like M, they’re honest.


That’s basically the character I created for M, and I do feel a little guilty about it, M has definitely made her life… ‘interesting’. And will continue to make it interesting for some time to come, apparently.


Interesting is a good word for it, lol!

I stuck an A-type with M, only minus the refusal for physical contact. She started out fine–and was all for a one nighter that would destroy her furniture and knock the walls down in her apartment. When he came back for more, she was confused, but went with it.

When he started being sweet on occasion, she was like, ‘wtf?’ The diner scene, though? That kiss followed by “you’re just a piece of ass” pretty much wrecked her. Followed up with the kiss on the cheek when they’re handing out flyers… she’s just off kilter as hell now, and has totally fallen for him and is refusing to acknowledge it (cue the A level of stubbornness). I’m curious to see where she goes with it, and just how much pain it will cause her. I could see her blurting out that she loves him, then getting pissed off she said it and storming away before he can respond (and avoiding him like the plague as much as humanly possible). I doubt we’ll get that option, but it would be fun to watch. And to see M’s reaction. If that was an option, Sera would probably just have M avoid the MC until the MC came back and begged him to forget about it… until M finally catches the feels themselves, anyway.

This is one reason why I’m convinced A will cave before M does. Because with A, it really is a matter of caving. With M, being “in love” is so antithetical to who M is that it will take forever for them to “realize” that’s what they’re feeling and why they actually give a damn (at times) about the MC outside of having or wanting sex (having said that, unless M is a complete and utter moron, I really don’t see how this “I’m confused” bit can keep going before it becomes nauseatingly ridiculous).


Man, I love being around people who also analyze their own characters to death - and I love games that let us create characters which feed our addiction! :+1:

My own M-mancer is getting more and more confused, because she thought she knew what M wanted, and figured that once she told them, “No, I’m not interested in meaningless sex, maybe we could just get to know each other a little?”, they would lose all interest. But they didn’t. Now she has no idea where the two of them are on the acquaintance-friend-lover spectrum or what the heck to do next. The mixed signals are really mixing her up.



I’ll be stealing lines from you, just wanted you to be aware.