The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

iirc, they actually had weapons that came from the agency, didn’t they? Someone lemme know if I’m misremembering that.

What we have about Trappers is, that they’re

basically humans that banded together as human/supernatural traffickers, mercenaries and black market traders.

They trade in captured supernaturals and agents, as well as information gained from said agents to anyone who offers an acceptable price, human or supernatural.

They’re also slavers, using magical methods to bind supernaturals to their will and do their bidding. Whether they are capable of using some sort of magic or traded for the means is unknown.

Their weapons are variants or replicated versions of agency weapons, though, less refined, more unstable and dangerous.

Also, the last encounter we have with them is not in the sewers, but in front if the agency facility, when they try to abduct the detective via sedative, and Elidor comes to the rescue.

I think that’s all we have at the moment.

Edit: Incorrect. Added the information of the second demo to the list


Seraphinite Games Update 2021


I hope it’s already starting off to be a great one for you all!

This is going to be quite a long update this time :smiley:

So, basically, I need to change up the way I’m doing things. I was freaking out before Christmas because I didn’t have enough time to do everything.

Thankfully, I have Nai on my team now, and wow , I am in serious awe of her organisation skills!

She sat me down calmly at our meeting and figured out everything that needs to be done as well as how to plan it in! She took everything I was anxious about and made it work!!

Things were fine for Book One and even most of Book Two, but I’ve got so much more social media, and other things, as well as Book Three being SO big. Like, the sheer amount of variations, branches and content going into it. You may not get to see it all in a playthrough, but I’m hoping replays will show just how much is going into it!

Now I’m not complaining about this in the slightest! I am so excited about what’s going in this book and that I can put it in there. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted to create in a story! Like, I can’t spoil anything, but there’s so many chapters in this that I am dying to write the variations for!!

But that doesn’t stop the fact that it takes time. More time than I needed for Book One or Two, and I just couldn’t find the time on top of social media and everything else that goes along with this last year.

Yet obviously, I still really wanna talk to you guys :smiley: Getting to interact with you and get excited about what’s coming and share in your enthusiasm keeps me unbelievably motivated!

It’s just now I have a better way of doing it instead of getting so completely overwhelmed.

Nai reminded me that I brought her on board to help ease my tasks, so I need to actually use her for that, hehe :smiley:

So Nai is going to take over the reblogs on Tumblr for me, as well as running my Instagram account. Tuesday and Thursday will still be the days for my pictures, it’s just I will send them to her to post for me, then she’s got so amazing plans on stuff she wants to do with Instagram too!

She already handles Facebook and Twitter for me, so that’s all the same.

I will be cutting down on the amount of asks I do everyday on Tumblr, there will be about 2-3 asks and 2 matchups. But, Nai made yet another fantastic suggestion, so we’re going to get a video up together once a month on Youtube where I answer Tumblr asks or asks from other platforms.

Hopefully that means I have more time to properly answer asks. Last year, I was trying to answer as many asks I could fit into my day, but I wasn’t getting the time to really answer them as I wanted! I’m also just not willing to go through the amount of horrible messages I get anymore, so I need less of that everyday.

That video will probably be released on the last Wednesday of every month. Things might change as we bed in this new schedule.

Patreon will be exactly the same. I’ll still be the main on that one for messages, comments, etc. Though I will be adding a monthly poll to the $5+ tiers…partly because I’m nosey and want to see how you guys play Wayhaven, hehe ;D

Nai also helped me come up with a whole year’s worth of content ideas, and guys…there’s some really good stuff coming, including the long awaited Book One first meeting scene from the LI’s pov, and another Character Q+A!

The weekly updates and update+ will be the same.

Also in even more incredible news, SpunkyCatNinja has officially joined the Seraphinite Games team as editor!! Yay!

I mean, she was already a major part of it, but now it’s proper official!

All of this should hopefully mean that I get to have more time for the thing we’re all really here for…the actual game :smiley: Somewhere we can go away from the world/internet/social media/real life to romance 4 hot vampires and feel like we’re really part of a story and world.

I’m feeling super optimistic about this new plan of action, especially after how much I was freaking out before Christmas!

So here’s to an amazing and productive 2021! <3


Best of luck


um, hello :] i’m new here n i didn’t know where to ask for help so i hope here is okay! although the second demo for book three was released, the other two chapters aren’t appearing? once i finish the second chapter, it says “thank you for playing!” and that’s about it. i did everything i could to try to fix it- i tried to play the demo on my computer to see if it was just my phone, but it still didn’t appear. i restarted my computer, it didn’t work.

is there something wrong with the website, the link or am i doing something wrong? i’m kinda stumped at this point. i would appreciate it if someone could help me! this has been going on for a few days now. but if not, that’s also okay too :] thank you!!


What’s the last scene you have experienced?

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it was the scene where the creature flew back to his leash holder and they asked him if he found the detective.

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That’s actually the last part of the current demo. :slight_smile:


Still lurking in the shadows and longing the day of book three coming out.


oh really? oh god- i’m so dumb;; so sorry for wasting ur time! thank u! ^^;;


We’ve all done the same at one point.
Generally when you get a list of radio buttons such as, play again, share more games like this, email, etc. etc? Usually means that the game/demo, is done.



This week we really started getting into the swing of our new routine and it’s working really well!

I’ve managed to get so much more writing done than I have in agggges ! It’s really motivating and exciting :smiley:

Though…I did add about 3 extra choice sets that weren’t planned which added extra time, but they are great fun, and they definitely add a lot to the scene! (In one of them you get the option to join in with F’s teasing of A-or not, depending on how you’re MC feels about the moment. It’s a really nice bit where the MC gets to really feel like part of the dynamic of the team! It also gets particularly interesting for the variations to some choices that involve the A romance, the LT romance, or if A is best friend. Though one non-best friend variation of one of the choices also had me chuckling as I was writing :smiley: ).

But I get so involved in writing I forget about the fact I do still need to put aside time for editing. So I’m going to have schedule that in soon. Going straight from Chapter 5 to 6 was awesome, but that editing is a necessity. I’ll probably put about 3 days aside next week to edit and do test playthroughs to make sure I try to catch as many variations as possible. There’s quite a few at the moment on M’s route to make sure to account for the ways you can deal with the aftermath of that bakery scene…

But that depends on where I’m at, as I don’t like to leave off in the middle of a scene, and most scenes now are pretty intense to write. So the editing might have to be put off until the end of January when I reach a good mid-way stopping point on a scene.

I also managed to start looking at The Curse of Creek Edge again! I’m seriously eager to get back to that, and I left it on a good stopping place so I should be able to jump right back in without much flaffing about trying to find where I was.

So yeah, a seriously good week where I’m powering through exactly as I was hoping!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll update you again next week!


I just played this wip again. I can’t wait for next update.

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Progress Update - 22nd January 2021

Another great week where I’m going to praise the new routine yet again! :smiley:

I don’t know how I managed without it before! I’m getting so much more done. I’m still trying to catch up to where I want to be, but that actually seems do-able now that I’m really able to focus more on the writing/creative side of things.

And Nai is doing an AMAZING job at taking over so much social media for me. She has ideas and posts for it I could never even think of! Plus she’s loving get involved with the community!

I’m wondering about adding a scene to Chapter 5, but Chapter 5 has been a bit never-ending, so I’m not sure if I want to. But now I’ve thought about it, it won’t leave my head! Might finish Chapter 6 first and see how I feel then.

But I do still need to get that editing and playtesting done for Chapter 5, so I will be focusing on that next week.

I’m planning to get Chapter 5 over to SpunkyCat in February so as she can start edits, but mostly because I really want her reactions to the stuff in that chapter…It’s always my favourite part of sending over the chapters to her :smiley:

Me and Nai also recorded our first Q&A video for YouTube this week, ready to go out next week. Oh guys, it was AWESOME! It was so nice to have time to really go more in depth to the asks instead of keeping to a time limit. We did get rather excited talking about Wayhaven though, so we talk pretty fast at some points. Just hope you guys will be able to understand it, hehe!

But yeah, Chapter 6 opening is coming along. It’s a pretty intense chapter due to immense amount of variations again, as Chapter 5 was. But it brings into play some skills as well as setting up some very important stuff for the rest of the story. Also it brings in some important moments for a couple of the romances, especially N’s.

Like, Chapter 5 was more about personal stuff, and Chapter 6 is more focused on the action. But both obviously still heavily swing towards on romance and characters, just different themes for it.

It’s gonna be a good ending for the last part of the demo though…hehehehe ;D

Curse of Creek Edge is getting back on its feet too. I’m trying to get back into drawing the love interests so as I’m more prepped for their sprites when I come to do them.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll update you again next week! <3


Are we splitting the teams again? Have one UB tease the other?


The fact that UB weren’t able to catch Eric being a supernatural is interesting to me! I wonder what kind Eric is? I’m guessing one that has somewhat of a human-like lifespan. Not sure how else Eric would have explained away not aging :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes yes yes! Sorry excited

We don’t know all that much about supernatural detection, besides, technically, he could be using some sort of glamour type thing. Or an allusion.
I’m more surprised that he didn’t know that U B were supernatural, when he came to the police station in book 2.
I’m only assuming this, because well, he lets N pick up his eldest child. With the supernatural world being the way it is, unless you know it’s beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’re not hostile, well. Considering how Verta reacted as well.

Does it explicitly state they didn’t know he was? I just figured there was no reason for them to bring up Eric being a supernatural. I’d assume they’d know which ones were around. But it’s not really relevant to point out to MC everytime they pass one. Not unless it was important to a case.

And Eric knows who UB are. He called them Rockstars of the supernatural community. Unless it was stated that UB did not know Eric was supernatural, it’s not too much of a stretch that they did actually know. They keep tabs on the activity in Wayhaven, which probably includes the supernatural citizens. There’s still a lot they don’t tell MC.

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They didn’t know.