The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

Well we don’t know what the experiment did other than inject vampire blood into us. We have no idea what it did to our anatomy or our abilities and such, so i think its possible we have some sort of after affect.


That’s definitely possible, but it doesn’t change the fact that we were probably born human

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Thats most likely. But whats interesting is we know basically nothing about Rook. I dont think the agency wants us to really know about Rook either. Which makes me wonder what we don’t know and what the agency does.

So this might be sort of out there, but most of the supernatural’s come from an alternate dimension no? So who’s to say that the rogue leader might not be related that way? Like instead of being directly related to any of the family members that the MC currently has it could be she’s related to an alternate version of the family? Kind of a dumb theory I know, but I thought it might be an interesting line to go down.

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It is not. According to Sera, Rook “stumbled into [the supernatural world] by accident, just as his kid did.”

I don’t think that’s the sort of “alternate” we’re dealing with here. The Echo World appears to be an independent world, just sort of… shunted to the side, dimensionally. There’s no alt-Detective in the Echo World in the same way that there’s no alt-me in the United States.


Fair enough, I just thought it would be worth pointing out, specifically because one would imagine that to be a Leader of “rogue supernatural’s” one would have to be one themselves and that would make the most sense if the leader crossed over rather than was made one in the regular world.

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do we know how many chapters are going to be in book 3?

So far it seems like 21 unless they decide to make a 22nd chapter at the last moment.


Oh, only three more chapters to go then. Of course, we’re not going to be able to play it straight away but still, three to go.

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Progress Report - The Wayhaven Chronicles Book 3 - 9th September 2022

Short one this week as I’m super in the zone on the majorly emotional scene I’m working on!

Chapter 18A is coming excitingly well! I’ve added in a couple of extra choice sets, but they were definitely worth it as I want more opportunity for the MC to make their opinion known in that scene. Especially as it’s such a seriously dramatically intense moment!

Social media days went super smoothly too this week! Had a lot of Mason/Morgan asks this month, so they were fun to answer :smiley:

Loved writing the Patreon scenarios! The Adam/Ava halloween-ish scenario was great fun! It’s nice to see Adam/Ava and the MC kind of just enjoying their time together and forgetting about the drama sometimes, hehe!

I ended up deciding on Mason/Morgan for the love interest PoV of Chapter 6, Book Three for the Unseen Scene this month. So hope you guys enjoy that :wink:

Nai will be away next week, so no reblogs, but there will be Instagram post scheduled as she has some fun things ready to go for those.

I will definitely have finished Chapter 18A tomorrow, so I’ll be starting on version B next week!!

Hope you all have the most amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again soon.


Progress Report - The Wayhaven Chronicles Book 3 - 23rd September 2022

Chapter 18 is done!! Oh yeah!

Though saying that, I think there is actually a bit I want to add to it in rewriting, hehe! :smiley: But I won’t be doing that until I come to edit it, and my focus was on editing earlier chapters after I finished Chapter 18 this week (even though I may also have gotten a little more done towards the opening for Chapter 19 too…)

Along with feeling a major sense of achievement at that and realising just how close I am to the end(!!), I also figured out a MASSIVE moment I wasn’t sure how to write out.

I’d been thinking of how to do said certain moment for a certain character. It’s a pretty major scene that I knew exactly how I wanted it to go for the others, but for this one character nothing was working! I actually just have a big blank hole in Chapter 20 of my plan where I skipped it because I haven’t been able to think of anything.

Then at 2am on Sunday night—WHAM! It comes to me! And it is SO perfect. I love it so much I’m already way too eager to get to that point so as I can write it :smiley:

And seeing as it was apparently the week of awesome ideas, I also had a plot idea that I’m really eager to use. In fact, I’m tempted to change out Book 6’s original plan with this one! But at least I have a good while to think on that before deciding, hehe! :smiley:

And September finally rolled on enough that Mason/Morgan’s PoV scene for Book Three, Chapter 6 posted on Patreon! I was so happy you guys enjoyed it! M’s was one of the ones that I knew exactly how M was feeling and thinking during that intensity, and it was so great to get to share that side of the moment!

So it was a pretty exciting week, and next week should be just the same!

I’ll be working on Chapter 19—19 has a split opening and then variations depending on how you came into this chapter (what options you choose, etc). So there’s a lot of work to it, but it’s the BIG culmination of the story, so I really want it to have that dramatic feeling to it!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday! <3


The Steam page is up for Book 3:


Holy shit, 1.2 million words.

(also, wishlisted)


that doesnt mean shit to someone like me who hate numbers, so dumb it down for me: Is it more then book 1 and 2…double the old ones? Almost double? Triples?

Think fallen hero gonna be bigger though…


B1 is less than half a million words, B2 about 800k, so this makes B3 about as big as both of them combined.


Oh cool! Thanx! man, anyone dreading the release? The whole ‘Dashington is overwhelmed and nobody can play!’ yet everyone is trying regardless and waiting… :rofl:


I play on Steam so I don’t have to caaaaaaaaaaaaare! :smiley:

It’s not cheating if the rule you’re breaking is just a guideline. :stuck_out_tongue:


cheater :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I was maybe mistaken lol I think Dashington only overloads when she releases a demo right? Lol okay, so we are dreading the release of the demo of Book 4! :sweat_smile:


Nice! We might get an update for Book 2 with a save system soon.

Just a gentle reminder to everyone that the release date is an estimate in Steam (see some CoG titles) but I’m optimistic that we will get WC soon!


oh…look at that… I guess I have a new reason to replay the 1 & 2 book for the 15th time.

P.S.: I never replayed/read anything this much in my life before, it is just so good! :black_heart: