The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

Okay. That seems consistent with what I quoted above - is there a discrepancy you’re seeing?

Sorry, I thought you were quoting her 5th of August update since that’s where I found her “sent an email” announcement so I thought you haven’t seen that new one yet. My bad :v:

You know, a strange beauty has occurred, the likes of which only IF can produce. When I first played Wayhaven a few weeks ago I actually disliked all the ROs but they all kind of grew on me in Book Two - M especially, which surprised me because they’re just the worst in Book One lolol. So M was my favorite but then I started thinking more about the MC and the type of person they can be, their relationship with Rebecca, their dynamic/history with Bobby if they’re an ex, how they’ve spent their whole life in this very small town. And I started to think about how lonely the MC could have been during their childhood and how that could probably lead them to seek out some toxic romantic partners or to exhibit self sacrificing behaviors for the few people close to them that they do have.

Somewhere along that line of thinking, by the time I got to this demo, the way I viewed the MC of this series changed completely. And whereas before, I saw F as too much of a friend to the MC, they’ve actually became my absolute favorite route because I could imagine how MC feels genuinely cherished in a romantic relationship for possibly the first time. Like someone super loyal/loving that actually enjoys being with them all the time? And they have so much fun together? And they have something so wholesome/genuine between them that the MC never could have thought even existed? They totally would’ve already loved F, the whole soulmate thing is just the cherry on top. Lol I literally almost made myself cry just thinking about all of this and it was entirely my own headcanon :sob:. Also, not to mention, I think the friendships with all of UB hits a bit harder in the found-family way under this context.

TLDR, F has surprised me - and I feel like the writing has hit a balance between leaving the MC unwritten in some ways but hinting at hidden depths at the same time. All the relationships are tying together so well in Book Three and I’m excited to see where everything goes! And to learn more about the MC :slight_smile:


The Wayhaven Chronicles Progress Report - 19th August 2022

Chapter 17A is done, Chapter 17B opening version 1 is done, and I’m blasting through version 2!!! :smiley:

I’ve also edited a TON for Chapter 9! I think people will really enjoy the small poignant conversation with the love interests after the event…

Things feel very much in a rhythm at the moment. Being in the flow certainly does help keep the momentum at a pace!

I decided to finish off both branches of the chapters (A and B) before moving onto the next. 'Cause they’re both set in the same environment, it means I can make sure to get the same feel for them both instead of coming back and not getting it quite right.

It’s just vastly different things are happening in the two branches! 17A is super emotional at the start with a pretty massive ending-hook, and 17B is just BAM! Right into the intensity with hopefully a major surprise, hehe! :smiley:

But Chapter 17B does have two versions of it to account for different characters in the scene, so I’ve split it into the opening scenes and the end scenes to help me juggle that a bit easier.

I’m really, really hoping I can get Chapter 17 fully finished next week! I didn’t think I would be finishing 17A until tomorrow, so I am well ahead of myself already on that. Because of that, I’m feeling very confident in that goal right now!

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday <3


The Wayhaven Chronicles - Progress Report 2nd September 2022

Chapter 17 is done and Chapter 18 has begun!


Chapter 17 was the start of some seriously intense stuff, and Chapter 18 is not only a continuation of that but bumping up the intensity by quite a few notches, hehe! :smiley:

I’ll be working on Chapter 18A first, which has a very different feel than 18B, though I’m seriously eager to get to both.

Obviously getting 17 finished and 18 started made for an awesome week, but a bunch of other stuff got a move on too!

Got the first of the sensitivity reader reports back for Chapters 1-7, which was awesome! I think one of the best compliments to get is when a professional says they are really enjoying your creation as a piece of storytelling as they work :smiley:

Chapter 11 additions are still ongoing. I added a big scene in for Verda’s branch, which I loved! But it meant I wanted to add something into Tina’s branch scene and the ‘neither know’ branch to balance those. I don’t worry too much about that kind of thing, as I would rather the scene feel right rather than fluffed up just to match, but it was an unexpectedly big thing for Verda’s, so definitely needed something for the others!

It seems like Book Two’s save system still isn’t in, though thinking about it I think it’s possible they’re waiting for the Book Three wishlist page to go up before they do that. I’m gonna try and get a hold of Hosted Games next week to ask if that’s the case, just so we do actually know.

But in the time we’re waiting for that, Nai has been coming up with some awesome stuff for marketing! Marketing really isn’t my strong suit, so I’m really grateful Nai is willing to look into ways of making it more fun, hehe! :smiley:

Next week will be social media days for a couple of days. The next LI PoV scene for Book Three’s moment when the MC is facing the Annunaki will be up on Patreon this month, though I’m not sure who yet. Glad you guys enjoyed Nate/Nat’s point of view for that last month! ;D There will also be an early Halloween-themed Adam/Ava scene too…

Nai starts a seriously cool new series of posts for Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc as well! The first one will be up on the 13th!

Phew, a lot going on! :smiley:

Hope you all have the most fabulous weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday! <3


Just remember to take breaks and don’t hurt your hands Or your brain Just relax when you need to


chapter 18? Will the third book be the book with the most chapters so far or I don’t remember the other books having that many chapters?

Here’s a quote from an update she gave about a month ago:
“I’ve broken the plan for the ending chapters into two different versions, which are A and B (so it’s Chapter 17A, Chapter 18A, and Chapter 17B, Chapter 18B, etc, right up until Chapter 19—then Chapter 20 is the ‘aftermath’ chapter, and 21 is the epilogue-type thing!).”
Full Update


So im rereading both book one and book two before book three comes out. I’m on my first rerun through book two and Falk made a comment about how the rougues leader has the same eyes as us. I may be looking a bit to much into this but is it possible we are related?

We don’t know anything about the Detective’s family other than they have elderly grandparents far away, their father is dead and Rebecca is a workaholic.

It’s highly likely to be foreshadowing her as a relative (spoiler for who I assume she could be). I imagine her to be Rook’s sister who happened to become a major antagonist after his sacrifice for supernaturals, and she wants them dead as a price for his loss.


What has me more confused is she knows nothing about us as a person. I would think if rook had a sister than they would somewhat know about us. I also want to point out that they may be our half sister if Rook had another relationship before Rebecca

That’s my guess as well, especially given the comment from Rebecca that the MC has Rook’s eyes. Chances are Rook’s sis has his eyes, too.

Well, Sera said that the MC has no siblings, and I would think that mean’s half siblings as well. Besides, there’s no way Rook wouldn’t have had his other kid as part of his life, which means Rebecca would’ve known about the kid. So I’m thinking no on this.

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Maybe. I like the half-aunt thing.

However, in my version where she is a sister to Rook, the author can easily claim that the detective hasn’t met this character at an age that they can remember her by, and use their meeting as a way to rush memories of the “aunt” when they happen to meet, and could even have a chance to reveal that the aunt (or her people) have popped up in the detectives life unknowingly.

(I have plenty of relatives I don’t know because they’re too shady. Rebecca would do the same for the detective, she’s a distant mum, sure— but she’s protective.)

Remember, this “aunt” is enough of a major antagonist to run a group of Hunters that have apparently never had a leader, so she’s shown capabilities of leading large untrained groups of fighters and being an authority figure enough to keep hold of the leash.

No matter what we assume her role will be, as an author, she has the potential of being written in as an ex-human agent who garnered connections enough to keep being fed information about the detective when she left (the blood results), had the knowledge of how to connect to the leader of a supernatural race, Falk (book 2) and recognises how to lure in Agents (Book 3).

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Also, interestingly, Rook’s sister is “dead.” No info on it.

More info on Rook and his sister as well as other family (I’ll add more links when I have time to… about to be in a stupid meeting…)

Rook’s sister’s death

MC has no siblings

Edited to add:

Leader of the Rogues was never part of the Agency and Rebecca doesn’t know her well

Also interesting… from the third link (the second “More…”), Sera says Rebecca knew the sister in a polite way but never got close. Which is another way of saying Rebecca doesn’t know her well… dun dun dun…


It’s gonna be the paternal great-aunt, isn’t it? Aunt’s dead, so are the paternal grandparents, so we’re running low on blood relations unless somebody is bring the dead back to life, and not in a zombie manner.

Note that Sera says that in the ask about Rook being an orphan (and the grandparents being dead) she had to spend time making sure she was being TECHNICALLY true (which, as we all know, is the best kind of true).

Alternatively, when Falk said the leader has the same eyes as us… he meant IN A JAR! Y’know, like “I got the body of a teenager… in the freezer of my cellar.” :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh man, if it’s the paternal great-aunt, that would be awesome. My action movie mind immediately hops to her being batshit crazy. She killed Rook and Rooksis’s parents. Killed the sister. And will try to kill the MC because she hates her entire freaking family. And, you know, she’s batshit crazy…

Won’t happen but it’d be fun.


Don’t we have confirmation that Rook was killed by supernaturals, though? On the other hand, there IS that big honking scene of Rebeca going “I don’t know specifics because I didn’t want to know”.

Which, by the way, great going Rebecca, knowing about Supernatural rogues is literally your goddamn job. FUCK, why is everyone at the Agency so incredibly bad at their job (totally-not-Fabio nurse excluded, I think)?


Yes, Rook was killed protecting humans from supernaturals. But that’s all we know about it. So crazy aunt could be involved in that, too.

Stupid Rebecca with her “I didn’t want to know!”

Dezh: “Well, I do so I can’t hunt down those responsible and chop them to pieces!”


Is it possible that either Rook and his sister came from the Echo world and were never found, or is it more likely that rook and his sister were birthed from a supernatural and a human? I think Rook might have been some sort of supernatural because of our mutated blood.

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I think it’s safe to say that the detective is full human. We aren’t the only person with the mutation, we’re just the only one who survived being experimented on