The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)

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Click on the text that reads “BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller WIP (CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT)” and that will take you to the topic your correction post belongs in.

Side note: that looks like a really cool WIP.

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So this post gets back on topic and all: does anyone have a headcanon for how the team would play wingman for the MC + RO of choice


@squarelyblue uh F is wingman extraordinaire obviously. But in all seriousness I think A and/or M would be hesitaint to meddle but they would be dragged along by F and/or N to help the romance.


Seven books? So, much like Guenevere, this is going to be a massive project! I’ve seen this demo and didn’t pay it any mind for a while because I saw that the main character was a detective and this put a lot of preconceived ideas in my head. Detective/mystery style stories or games are not generally my thing but I was bored one day and decided to branch out, and I’m really glad I did. First, I love, love, love, your writing. It’s very clear that you’ve been doing it for a while and, to me at least, it’s very easy to fall into the narrative. Not many COG games get as involved in world and character building as you have in this game. Generally, it can be easy to forget about places or periphery characters when they are not actively in a scene with the PC but you breathed life into Wayhaven for me. I also loved how you could choose what your character’s style is, what their apartment looks like, what they pick up from the bakery, etc. All those little everyday life choices made the PC feel more like a real person and easier to get invested in as a reader.

I also like that the perspective changes from the MC to the vampires because it gives us more insight into them and their dynamic to see how they behave when the PC is not around. And the POV shifts allow us to know things that the PC doesn’t know, which makes certain choices and dialogue options very fun.

All and all I really loved this demo and I cannot wait for the full book to be out! ^.^


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@Kristina_NRE Seraphinite has stated there’s going to be 7 complete books. What we have available is just the demo for Book One, that ends at chapter 6 or 7. Her plans for Book One is 21 complete chapters, but she always says that can fluctuate depending on how the writing goes. So there will DEFINITELY be kiss scenes, though Sera has warned that most of the romances won’t officially “start” until Book Two.

@Seraphinite Oh man, once Wayhaven gets on the Hosted Games queue I’m going to die of anticipation! But I suppose one good thing is that while it’s in queue, nothing is stopping you from getting a head start on Book Two ^-^


You and me both @Rhyske . I minght not post here often but I watch this thread and wait with baited breath that @Seraphinite will pop in and finally said, “It’s in the final production queue” :grin:


let me quote you that , there wont be kisses in book one :wink:


Oh my, the ending is such a cliffhanger, I might die if the next book doesn’t come out soon!:dizzy_face:

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It’s just the end of the demo, not Book One.


oh phew, thanks for telling me that

@Kristina_NRE - Yeah, the others are right. There won’t be any kiss scenes in Book One. I want the romances to build in a natural way, and most of Book One will be for introducing characters, story, and setting up the future books! But, hopefully the slow-burn will be worth it :wink: From what I remember, some of the romances may start up properly in Book Two and things will progress from there!

@Dizzie - It is going to be a pretty big project, yeah! :smiley: But, one I am dedicated to and really motivated to finish! I’m so glad you decided to try out the demo, even more so that you enjoyed it when you didn’t expect to! That’s a pretty major compliment right there, lol.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :slight_smile: I’ll be back to writing today. Managed to finish another of the split scenes on Friday after posting my update, so only 2 to go for Chapter Eleven - then there’s a fun bit to finish off that chapter which I’m looking forward to writing :smiley: So yeah, hopefully I’ll have that chapter finished and be moving onto 12 this week!

Progress really seems to be steaming ahead now :slight_smile: Had someone playtest and check what I have so far and they really enjoyed it (when they got to where I’d stopped writing they were like, ‘Is that it? Isn’t there more yet? Write faster!’ So I’m taking that as a good sign!).


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