The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



I think it’s personally better that the MC be human since that clearly gives the reader the eventual choice as to whether to become a vampire themselves or not.


I think Sera said somewhere that the MC is human and will remain that way. Not completely sure though, my memory is a mess.


As Ninja1 said, Sera confirmed that we will NOT become a vampire. Probably there will be a conversation about it ahead in the books. But our MC will remain human for the 7 books.


Doesn’t mean we can’t give em a hickey…:innocent:


Still haven’t heard anything about the release. Keeping my fingers crossed though! :smiley:

Thanks for sticking with me during this last stretch, everyone, and for the encouraging messages!

As I said in an earlier post, I got some graphics up together for the release, but seeing as I’m not sure when that is now, I’ll just share them over the following week to hopefully help any disappointment if it is delayed (or build excitement if it releases on time!).

I released the first one yesterday on my Tumblr, but didn’t share here as it had blood and needles. (

But starting today, I’ll post the rest here as well as Tumblr once a day until next Wednesday!

The Agency

“There are some supernatural beings who don’t want to comply…”

Hope you enjoy them! (They are actual quotes from the game :wink: ).

I will pop on over the weekend to post the other images, but won’t be around to reply. But I will be back on Monday! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend :slight_smile:


Has been mentioned what other supernatural beings exist? Like, werewolves, mages, zombies, ghosts, etc.
Just curious.


@Curious_Boy – I figured as much but I was really hesitant to try it, just in case I was wrong. Thank you for telling me! ^.^

@Gildarth – Yes, there are other supernatural races. The only other race actually mentoned, at the moment though, are demons.


for more tips about how the forum works, you can always check again your message from jasonstevanhill that you get when you join the forum :grin:


She posted a drawing of an agent who we will meet in book 1 on Tumblr a while ago, 3/11 2017

She looks like a elf, so I guess there will be elves too :slight_smile:

(Not sure if I blurred the picture correctly, the preview shows it blurred, but it’s not after I posted this reply.)


I guess it would still be release next week even though it says “Pending Release”. Just bought “The Great Tournament 2” and it also says and still shows “Pending Release”. I think they’re just being cautious due to what happened to the previous game which was put on hold by google. Good news, then? Heh.


If that’s the case, then I’d say bloody great news


I swear the blood part was not intended in that way


That is great news! I really hope so. :grinning:


That one first said “release date february 8”, right? And that was yesterday. There’s still hope!


Yes. Do not lose hope, my dear. For hope is always just around the corner. In that case my dog named, Hope.


That’s awesome news! I just checked Steam, and it showed up on there too. Hopefully this means Wayhaven will be released on time and also be on steam (my preferred platform).


Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn- No, wait, loyal to Nat, loyal to Nat, loyal to Nat… ok I’m good.


So… 5 days kinda? ^


@Gildarth - Yes, other supernatural beings do exist. Though which ones have yet to be revealed…dundundun :smiley:

Here’s the next aesthetic board for today…

Agent Felix/Farah Hauville

“I always think you’re more fun.”

Hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Ooh… Nice! Looking forward to seeing Adam’s!


Awwwww, I like Farah really, but I think she’s a bit too forward for my MC.

…We can totally be BFF’s who do playful semi-flirting though, right?