The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Im Australian so I keep thinking “WOW IT’S ONLY FOUR DAYS HECK YES” but no it’s five because I have to wait for the 16th instead :cry:


Still six days for me but in an hour, five days to go. :grin:

The anticipation is really killing me. XD I do hope everything goes well.


Awwwww, F is great <3 I can’t wait to see N! In my mind Nate is Chace Crawford :heart_eyes::



other supernatural beings will appear too?
dont tell me…werewolves? xD

and cant wait for a graphic of Ava and Nat >w<


it does seem like other supernatural beings would appear or at least be mentioned. the agent we’ll meet in book 2 looks kinda elven? and in book 1, wasn’t it mentioned that the agency sent a team of demons (who got killed by the villain) before sending A’s team?


Dear Passengers, Please Fasten Your Seatbelts :joy::joy::joy:


Im happy because it comes out on wednesday and im off work on thursday. So i can spend my entire day playing it.


Cool, can’t wait to meet them haha.

You said the MC is only human and will continue like that for the rest of the books, right? I hope we will be like Van Helsing or something like that, human but still badass.


Being like Van Helsing is a good possibility. I mean, we got the mutated blood right? So maybe that would mean we’re in better shape than a normal human, maybe smarter as well? I dunno but I suppose we’ll find out next week or so.


I think Sera also said that the mutation doesn’t give us any special abilities like the kind you are suggesting. I think is quite set that we will be normal humans (with training against supernatural through the books) all the time. No extra anything. Just average Joe :laughing:


Eh I’m okay with it actually. As long as we get to kick some supernatural asses and flirt endlessly with a vampire. Lol


it’s them boys (or how i picture them anyway).


WOW. WOW. WOW. That’s the most beautiful fanart of the boys I’ve seen! :smile:
I don’t even like Mason but I’m in love with YOUR Mason!


@hufflepugg - Uh, like, that’s jaw droppingly amazing! They look so cool and awesome! And their expressions…spot on, hehe :smiley:

Here’s today’s aesthetic board!

Specialist Agent Mason/Morgan

“You look like you have a lot of tension I could help resolve.”

Hope you like it :smiley: I’ll be back proper tomorrow, only popped on to post the image for today!


That jaw line! XD I love guys with strong jaw line… Looking forward to your posts this week Sera!


Nice. Personality wise I think I was always thinking of this certain lady from a certain cop comedy for Morgan and thus appearance…

Cause we all know Rosa takes no s###. Also having just seen her in Cloverfield Paradox I think Gugu Mbatha-Raw would make a good Farah.


Only four more days… (Maybe?) Hang in there you guys, we’re almost to the finish line!


Since the great tournament 2 was released on time there’s still hope


Probably but I wouldn’t hold my breath tbh since Google is already holding up a game that was supposed to be released on the 1st for whatever reason they have but yeah I’d give it a 75% that it’ll be out on the 15th.


Are you sure it’s Google? Past experience it’s been Apple that’s had issues before.