The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



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I just had a thought… I’m not sure if it’s been asked or said before.
But according to what has already been said on Tumblr, if a vampire and human have a child, they will be born human. So… the mutation of the blood, could it be that their father is potentially supernatural? Maybe not a vampire, but something that is ‘generally’ more enticing, like a fairy (True Blood style) or something along those lines. It’s probably not accurate but still found it an intriguing and potential, even if the MC is only a human…


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Human + vamp =gen 1
Gen 1 + different vamp = gen 2
Replicate will it do any thing to “human” offspring…


Might this have something to do with the MCs mother working with Team Bravo? Either as a consequence of it or what prompted it? (I haven’t been keeping up with the Tumblr too much, so I don’t know if it’s been answered.)


Mom: Son, you’re secretly a vampire.
Me: But… I eat a LOT of Garlic Pizza, so… how?


@Seraphinite is pretty evasive when it comes to the father so there might be a probability that the father has either a supernatural or his blood has some mutation as well.

But I am pretty sure Sera confirmed that the MC is thoroughly human.


Okay… Hear me out. What if Murphy is the father? I mean… Maybe the blood thing does have to do with having a vampire parent and he purposely had children so he could use their blood for… something?


Isn’t Murphy is a unknown person until he was attacked? Or are you referring to the one who attacked him?


Oh, yeah, the vampire currently known as Murphy.


On my perspective, he doesn’t looked like Murphy know our MC but it is possible if his transformation cause memory lapses. XD

My bet is the MC’s father worked in the Agency as well. Probably a higher up?


We had a speculation thread up here long ago but yes. Agent Dad was one of the guesses :)) I’d like to imagine he is. Otherwise I’d like antagonist!Dad – who is a sympathetic villain but still a villain


I have no idea how to use this text box thingie, so I’ll go by name but not name… linking… or whatever…

Idnester90 – I did think that and that’s probably where I’ll stay on the matter, but to be honest, this whole “Who is Daddy Dearest?” thing was just a flicker of thought that literally made me stop in my tracks. And I thought maybe I should put it out there… as a far fetched potential, maybe… and as I haven’t read anything substantial regarding him yet. It’s all just guess work that’s probably very, horribly wrong.

resuri08 – Yeah, I’ve read quite a lot about the MC being just human. But just because they are predominantly human, doesn’t mean they can’t have a slight, something, else to them. Even if it never really comes into play, like magic would or something of the like.
– but if human + vampire = human baby, then that might apply to other races too. So even if the father was something more, the MC would still be human. That’s all I was getting at. That maybe the mutation was caused by ‘special’ blood from their, potential, non-human father.

But I don’t know, it’s all just a wild guess that I dearly hope we’ll all find out soon enough! Along with much, much more! (More about the… ah… four vampires would be good enough though…!!! ^.^ )

– I cannot, cannot wait for the release. I’m so excited to get over that damned cliffhanger!! And into the thick of it. It’s very belated, I know, but congratz, Seraphinite! You’ve done a wonderful job, that words cannot truly express! ^.^


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